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Growth Slows For Online Holiday Spending

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InformationWeek Daily - Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007

Editor's Note

The Corporate Vista Slow-Down

Last October, a Gartner survey found that 64% of companies planned to begin moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista by the winter of 2008. One year later, that number stands at a measly 9%. Vista may be down, but don't count it out.

Up-front disclaimer time: Vista still has plenty to prove. Its reputation has been damaged by early problems, and Microsoft may need to step up to the plate to bring customers back to the feeding trough earlier than 2009.

Vista has had a fair share of problems, from application incompatibility to sluggish performance. My old Dell loads and runs Windows Vista slower than grandma accelerating from a stoplight. Yet these are expected kinks. Previous versions of Windows have had them to some degree and Microsoft and its hardware and software partners have gotten many of the Vista-related incompatibilities fixed.

Then there are annoyances that Microsoft doesn't seem intent on fixing or can't fix. Windows Vista is just different enough from Windows XP to require some employees be re-trained. Don't want to cough up those extra bucks? The easy out is not to install Vista, and if you do, do what Continental Airlines is doing with some of its Vista PCs and tweak the configuration so it looks, smells, and acts similar to XP. I can only imagine the headaches suffered moving employees from DOS to Windows.

One of Microsoft's main value propositions is Vista's security, but the User Account Control authorization dialog boxes are among the most annoying features of the operating system, even sparking an Apple ad in parody. Still, it can be tweaked or generally even turned off so that it's less grating.

Some would argue the damage has been done. That 64% deployment barrier now isn't expected to be reached until early 2009, just around the time Microsoft stops making Windows XP Professional available to white box PC vendors. And Windows "7," the version after Vista, is due either late 2009 or some time in 2010, depending on who you ask and what tea leaves you read.

To read more about the corporate Vista slow-down, and leave a comment, visit the InformationWeek Blog.

Nick Hoover

Quote of The Day

"A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures." -- Daniel Webster.

Top Stories

Growth Slows For Online Holiday Spending
Spending growth for the first part of the holiday season was 18.4%, down from 26% a year ago, ComScore said.

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White Paper

Cognos' Mobile BI Product Extended To Nokia And Microsoft Smartphones

Cognos 8 Go! Mobile BI enables users to get their decision-support information either over the Internet or over selected devices.

IBM Partners With ACI On SOA-Based Payments System

Joint sales and technical teams are part of the deal, which combines ACI's money transfer system with IBM's mainframe hardware.

SAS Turned Down 'Numerous' Acquisition Inquiries This Year, Says CEO

CEO Jim Goodnight criticizes Oracle's acquisition strategy as resulting in too many job losses for the sake of profitability.

U.S. Adults Too Busy Googling Each Other to Worry Much About Privacy

The Pew survey found that 60% of Internet users say they are not worried about how much information about them is available online.

Ribbit Seeks To Merge Telephony And The Web

Developers can tie voice from any Flash-enabled browser to the public switched telephone network and voice-over-IP networks, according to Ribbit.

Toshiba To Ship First Laptop With Rewritable HD DVD Drive

The PCs, which come standard with a TV tuner, can function as a small all-in-one TV, DVR, and computer.

OpenOffice Online Now Available For Beta Testing

The trial version of the software can be launched from within Ulteo's Online Desktop package, which is itself currently in beta testing.

AT&T Offers Free Directory Assistance Coast To Coast

The service, available on all U.S. wireless and landline phones, is supported by advertising.

Growth Slows For Online Holiday Spending

Spending growth for the first part of the holiday season was 18.4%, down from 26% a year ago, ComScore said.

StarTrek.Com Future In Question After Staff Laid Off

StarTrek.com houses news, features, images and video related to the original Star Trek series and the numerous movies, sequels and prequels it generated.

Qualcomm Buys SoftMax To Reduce Noise On Mobile Phones

SoftMax makes voice algorithms for signal separation, echo cancellation, and signal processing for mobile devices.

Alltel Offers Voicemail-To-Text Service For Mobile Phones

Alltel is the first of the Big Five U.S. wireless service providers to offer the service to its subscribers.

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United States of America v. Apple iPhone, Model number MA712
It's not every day that the U.S. government files a lawsuit against an Apple iPhone. I noticed the lawsuit over the weekend and started looking into it, thinking at first that the government might be taking action against Apple's decision to offer the iPhone exclusively through AT&T.

Verizon's $399 Price Tag Of The Palm 755p Is Out Of Touch With Reality
Has Verizon Wireless looked at the competition lately? Almost every smartphone in its own roster of devices is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the newly launched 755p. Sprint sells the same phone for $249. Why on earth does Verizon think people will be dumb enough to pay $399 for a tired device like the 755p?

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Report: Mobile Phones To Be Primary Means Of Accessing The Internet In 2008
M/C Ventures is predicting that 2008 will see more people access the Internet via their mobile phones than via desktops or laptops. That's globally. In the developed world, PCs will still be the primary means of access. But in developing regions, most Internet use will come from mobile phones, helping to bridge the digital divide.

Will Today Be The Busiest Day In FedEx's History?
Think you're swamped? FedEx is handling a weekend's worth of e-commerce shopping today, leading the company to project that this will be the busiest day in the company's history. Tomorrow, you can join us for a Webinar with the head of e-commerce applications, and hear how things went.

iPhone Beats Windows Mobile In Browsing Use
Market statistician Net Applications says on its Web site that Apple iPhones currently account for .09% of Web browsing, while all Windows Mobile devices put together account for only .06%. That's pretty astonishing, given the relative numbers of handheld devices running each OS in the marketplace.

Consumer Reports Rating Of iPhone Over Blackberry Is Out Of Sync
Both in naming its winner for best cell phone service provider (Verizon) and best smartphone (Apple's iPhone), Consumer Reports' "Best & worst cell phone deals," in its January issue, is stunningly out of sync with the anecdotal evidence on the street. Most glaring is its generally tepid assessment of RIM's BlackBerrys, which should be at the top of the heap because, to apply the Apple mantra, "they just work."

A CIO Makes A Case For Common Sense
Getting IT projects right isn't rocket science, says Dave Bent, CIO of United Stationers. It's a matter of Project Planning 101.

A Hack Turns iPhone's Still Camera Into Camcorder
Many mobile phones currently on the market come with both a built-in camera and camcorder. I haven't been able to figure out why the iPhone doesn't. But reportedly there's a new hack that allows the iPhone's camera to capture video. Perhaps it's a preview of things to come?

Apple Officially Lets You Create Your Own iPhone Ringtones For Free
Finally! Apple has added the capability to allow users to create their own ringtones in GarageBand and export them to the iPhone. You need to have the latest 4.1.1 version of GarageBand 8 running. It takes about 5 minutes from start to finish, and you can even use songs from your iTunes library.

One In Seven Have Been Dumped By A Text Message Or E-Mail
"I Don't Wanna Go Out W/U N E Mor." If you haven't seen a text message like this yet, you may soon. According to a new survey, roughly one in seven say they've been dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend via text message or e-mail. I guess Kevin Federline isn't alone.

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ROI Case Study: ADP Enterprise Etime
This analyst report provides an ROI analysis of ADP’s enterprise Etime solution, outlining the various challenges, costs, and benefits that were realized throughout the ADP implementation.

B2B Collaboration: Assessing the ROI of Process Integration
Business and IT leaders are under increasing pressure to improve B2B collaboration and the electronic communication capabilities of their organizations. This report looks at the key drivers for B2B collaboration in both the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash areas and provides an ROI framework to help companies assess their areas of opportunity.

A Leading Power Utility Reaches for Transactional Efficiency
A leading power utilities company had a substantial amount of money being paid out in duplicate payments and auditor's fees. The company’s director of accounting services considered this a serious problem. The Oversight project originated with and was driven by finance professionals.

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