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Application Tips

Tips for Completing the Innovation Essay

  • The Innovation Essay should highlight your company’s single most innovative business technology initiative completed in the last year.
  • This initiative can be either internal or customer-facing and should emphasize the business value (e.g., improving customer intimacy, improving supply chain efficiency, ensuring customer privacy, improving employee collaboration, improving employee productivity, increasing revenue, etc.). The essay can highlight a homegrown solution; however, if your company is in the IT industry, we ask that you don't use the essay to tout your company’s own commercially available technology products.The essay should be about 750 words in length and include:
  • What about the initiative truly makes it innovative
  • What business problem or opportunity was behind the initiative
  • Which specific technology or technologies were brought to bear
  • Examples of ways the initiative succeeded
  • Business value derived from the initiative.  For example, revenue generation, measureable productivity gains, cost savings, and/or improved customer satisfaction (e.g., “initiative resulted in $500,000 in additional revenue”).

Tips for Completing the Strategy & Tactics Section

  • Take time to fully evaluate each question and the available options.
  • If necessary, consult others within your organization to help you answer the questions.
  • Answer each question as accurately as possible; don’t check off every option just because you think it will make your organization look more innovative.  In this instance, more does not equal better.
  • The question regarding your organization’s IT budget plans is not required, but it does help in establishing industry averages.
  • We are aware of Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and we are not asking you to project revenue.
  • Company-specific IT budgetary information is never disclosed.


Contact Information

  • The person completing the application is asked to provide all requested contact information – this will make it easier for us to locate your application and help with any questions you may have.  Additionally, if your organization makes the list, you will receive the primary notification.
  • List the organization name as it should appear in the 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100 digital issue.
  • Provide the name and title of your company’s highest-ranking IT officer as it should appear in the 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100 digital issue.  This ensures the correct person and title is listed should your organization make the 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100.
  • If your organization has an internal or external (i.e., agency) PR/marketing contact, please provide their contact information.  If your organization makes the list, they will be sent information on logos, press release templates, etc.  In the absence of a PR contact, this information will be sent to the person completing the application.

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