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Content tagged with Infrastructure posted in December 2005
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IPTV: Another Fun Way To Waste Time At Work
News  |  12/30/2005  | 
At the risk of being cast as paranoid productivity cops, business managers may find it difficult to stop TV and video viewing from joining personal E-mail, instant messaging, and blogs as online productivity drains.
Small Victory In Battle Against Kiddie Porn
Commentary  |  12/30/2005  | 
When Dutch credit-card processor Vorotel cut ties with Bigfunhouse, the online payment site that provided access to Webcam pornography closed, a small victory was won in the war against Internet child porn.
Online Holiday Sales Soar By 25%
News  |  12/29/2005  | 
Though the busiest online shopping days were Dec. 12 and 13, the sales momentum continued till Christmas, ComScore Networks report.
MSN To Webcast New Year's Eve Countdown
News  |  12/29/2005  | 
This will be the second year that MSN broadcasts live from New York's Times Square. But unlike last year, viewers will have an option to choose the camera angles and the events they wish to view.
Moore's Law: 1965-2015, May It Rest In Peace
Commentary  |  12/29/2005  | 
The demise of Moore's Law is in sight. Well, maybe not Moore's Law itself, but the end of the ability of the silicon chip to double computing power about every two years--Moore's Law--is a decade away.
Rumor: TiVo To Announce DirecTV, Dish Partnership At CES
Commentary  |  12/28/2005  | 
A rumor is circulating online that TiVo will announce at the upcoming CES show next month in Las Vegas a partnership with DirecTV and Dish Network over mobile content. The idea is to unite on a standard for supporting content that can be viewed on portable devices.
Cell Phone Users Dissatisfied With Online Help: Report
News  |  12/28/2005  | 
Web access is extremely important according to 83% of cell phone users, yet only 29% are currently satisfied with using online help to resolve wireless data problems, according to a report by Detacon Inc.
Why IT Execs Should Turn A Blind Eye Toward TV Shows Streamed To Desktops
Commentary  |  12/27/2005  | 
Now that Yahoo has begun streaming whole, commercial-free CBS sitcoms, it's worth a moment to pause and consider the impact of the growing influx of video--not to mention podcasts and multimedia blogs--on the workplace. My guess is, there's a surprisingly large number of people who spend large chunks of their work days squeezing in every possible minute of entertainment they can. And that can mean only one th
'Intel Inside' Out
Commentary  |  12/27/2005  | 
India's The Economic Times reports that Intel's longstanding tag line "Intel Inside" will be dropped next month after 14 years of use, according to unnamed insiders. The company will roll out a new logo and possibly a new advertising campaign.
Nortel Acquires Router Maker Tasman
News  |  12/27/2005  | 
The deal, for $99.5 million, allows Nortel to provide routing and multicast services to the SMB market, among others.
'Cheapskate' Online Shoppers Rule The Holidays
News  |  12/23/2005  | 
Out of the 1,047 online buyers polled by Bizrate, 62% thought it was better to recycle an old gift rather than throw it away.
Rumor: Microsoft to Buy Opera
Commentary  |  12/23/2005  | 
Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to buy browser rival Opera - a Norway-based company that makes a small browser with a big cult following. Opera denies the rumor.
Motel 6's Jump Into Podcasting: The Light May Be On, But The Download Is Still Hard To Find
Commentary  |  12/22/2005  | 
One of the numerous attributes of podcasting is its accessibility. It's the rare example of a technology that everybody can understand--The News Show's hilarious report Wednesday about how few people on the street can tell you what podcasting is notwithstanding. That's one of the big reasons it's growing so fast. The media (InformationWeek being a clear example) has picked up on how easy it is to do, and how simple it is for users to make use of. And increasingly, non-media companies are testing
Blog Confession Leads To Jail Time For Teen
Commentary  |  12/21/2005  | 
How dumb can some bloggers be? That's a question 18-year-old Blake Ranking is pondering as he faces five years in prison and 10 years on probation for causing an accident that killed one friend and severely injured another. "It was me who caused it," Ranking confessed in a blog three days after the October 2004 accident.
IBM's $865 Million Micromuse Acquisition Aims To Take On Network Complexity
News  |  12/21/2005  | 
Micromuse's technology will be put in IBM's Tivoli platform
Report: 24% Of Enterprises Have Deployed Wireless Nets
News  |  12/21/2005  | 
Larger companies are leading the growth curve, according to a new study from Forrester Research.
Can Apple-Intel Live Up To Pre-MacWorld Hype?
Commentary  |  12/20/2005  | 
People just can't wait for the new year to see what is going to come to fruition in the much anticipated partnership between Apple Computer and Intel. An announcement of the first Intel-enabled Apple product is expected at MacWorld January 10. And while the rumor mill is buzzing, it could also be most inconsequential happening of the year in terms of impact on the commercial or enterprise market.
If You Use The Internet, Times' Child-Porn Story A Must Read
Commentary  |  12/20/2005  | 
The article by Kurt Eichenwald details a new side to the Internet's great shame of child pornography. It describes a 13-year-old boy who posted Web-cam pictures of himself online in an effort to meet friends, and found child predators instead. From a beginning where a man paid him $50 to sit with his shirt off in front of his Web cam, he moved to selling naked images of himself and worse.
U.S. Universities Loosen Grip On Tech Rights To Keep Vendor Grants From Going Overseas
News  |  12/20/2005  | 
An agreement between four IT vendors and seven major universities means intellectual property created by their collaboration will be made free to all.
A Rearview Mirror On Steroids
Commentary  |  12/20/2005  | 
A small California company called Crimestopper plans to unveil at the Consumer Electronics Show next month a rearview mirror called the NavPro NP3000 series mirror that features an embedded 4.5-inch LCD display and GPS electronics. In addition to providing GPS directions, the small screen will show live video from a camera in the bumper whenever the car is going in reverse. Pricing has not been announced.
IT University Researchers Opt For Hard Cash Vs. Winning The Lottery
News  |  12/19/2005  | 
Agreement between four IT vendors and seven research universities should make it easier for joint collaboration to develop open-source software.
Broadband-Over-Powerline Service Rides Into Texas
News  |  12/19/2005  | 
The service, called Smart Grid, will be offered next year to some 2 million homes and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and some other communities.
Rumor Patrol: High Cost Of Consumables?
Commentary  |  12/19/2005  | 
Last week I ran a review on this page of two color laser printers aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. The reviewer liked the low price and "commendable feature set" of the HP Color LaserJet 2600n (although he liked the Lexmark C522n a little better overall). A reader liked the look of the LaserJet, too, until he found a link to a rant about its consumables costs on the Web. He wrote a note that finally reached me, and I spran
Legit Firms Aid And Abet Teen-Run Porn Sites
Commentary  |  12/19/2005  | 
At age 13, Justin Berry began a five-year Net business selling images of his body for gifts and cash, at times fostered by some of the Internet's most respected and popular companies. Now, the Bakersfield, Calif., 19-year-old is working with the FBI to go after thousands of adults who encouraged him and other youngsters to perform sordid sexual acts in front of their Webcams and from behind their closed bedroom doors.
Music Downloads Take Over At Christmas
Commentary  |  12/19/2005  | 
The BBC and the Financial Times are reporting that music downloads, more than CD sales, will determine which artist will be named number one on the charts at Christmas by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Last year, the organization said, downloads
Wi-Fi Enhances Personal Relationships - Report
News  |  12/19/2005  | 
Wi-Fi enhances personal relationships as well as productivity, according to 46% of Americans polled for a recent Wi-Fi Alliance survey.
Half Of Telecom Revenues To Be Mobile Next Year: Study
News  |  12/19/2005  | 
Survey finds that wireless will lead the charge, growing to 55% of all telecom revenue by 2010.
How To Make A Gadget Gift Great
Commentary  |  12/18/2005  | 
I bravely waded into an Apple Store in a Houston, Texas, mall this week -- it was like entering a cage full of rabid badgers. Holiday shoppers were ransacking the joint for Apple goodies, accessories, software, and most of all, iPods. Not coincidentally, the "record store" next door was almost empty. This holiday appears to signal the inevitable music purchasing shift from disc to download.
Business Technology: Google Becomes An Irresistible Force
Commentary  |  12/16/2005  | 
Hot companies come and go -- it's Google's leadership in helping others imagine what could be that will measure its lasting impact, Bob Evans says.
SmartAdvice: A Checklist For Determining IT Spending
Commentary  |  12/16/2005  | 
The days of deciding IT spending as a percentage of overall revenue are gone, The Advisory Council says. Also, tips for managing processes after adopting RFID.
Linux Succeeding Everywhere But On The Desktop
Commentary  |  12/15/2005  | 
What ever happened to the "Linux is dead" talk that followed the SCO suit against IBM? In fact, what ever happened to the SCO suit? Linux appears to be not just alive, but living large. IBM has announced it will create a special sales force for its hardware that runs Linux products from partners Red Hat and Novell. A new industry group, Linux Phone Standards Forum, is devoting itself to speeding the adoption of
The Observer: Putting Common Sense Back Into The Equation
Commentary  |  12/15/2005  | 
The United States must invest in math and science education, Lou Bertin says -- and park its political baggage.
Citizens More Satisfied With Government Web Sites
News  |  12/15/2005  | 
Federal government Websites scored 2.6 points higher in citizen satisfaction than the government itself, the first time that ever has happened.
Explosive Growth Expected For VoIP Monitoring Tools
News  |  12/14/2005  | 
Vendors like Empirix, Agilent Technologies, Brix Networks, Qovia and OSiSoft make tools that solve problems or point to bottlenecks, sometimes before they cause poor phone communications.
Needed: A Stronger Commitment To Rebuilding New Orleans
Commentary  |  12/14/2005  | 
I don't want to trade places with Mike Centineo, the director of Safety and Permits in New Orleans. On the one hand, he must struggle to get his vital city department up and running after Katrina, conveying a lot of bad news to homeowners in the process. On the other, he goes home to a heavily damaged structure and faces the same challenges to rebuild as many of his fellow residents.
On-Demand Startup Looks To Simplify Business Travel Booking
News  |  12/14/2005  | 
Rearden Commerce hopes deal with WorldTravel is the first of many that will transform how employees purchase business services online
Spirent Sets Up IPv6 Test Center
News  |  12/14/2005  | 
The facility is geared to government agencies and their contractors to help the feds meet a 2008 deadline for transitioning their networks to IPv6.
Ho, Ho, Hold On A Minute!
Commentary  |  12/14/2005  | 
Don't look now, but the holidays are coming. That means it's time to get off your duff and get that gift shopping done. Naturally, we at Personal Tech Pipeline recommend gadgets for all your loved ones this year. By the way, you're not planning to do your shopping at the mall again, are you? We live in an era of incredible toys and life-enhancing products that are extremely affordable (thanks to Moore's Law and price-comparison Web sites) and will be delivered directly to you -- or to the gift
Obsolete Computers Are Piling Up And The EPA Should Act, GAO Says
News  |  12/13/2005  | 
More than 100 million computers, monitors, and TVs become obsolete each year, and congressional auditors say EPA should do more to find a cheaper solution to recycle electronics.
Cisco Leaps Into Network Management
News  |  12/13/2005  | 
With what it deems a more granular approach to network management, Cisco's Network Application Performance Analysis suite will compete with offerings from Network General, NetIQ, and others.
100 Million Mobile E-Mail Users In Four Years, Exec Predicts
News  |  12/13/2005  | 
The prediction, part of a discussion about mobile E-mail's role and growth, hinges on expanding BlackBerry-like devices to places such as the factory floor and the IT department.
Golly, Was I Too Cynical?
Commentary  |  12/12/2005  | 
Ten days ago I wrote about the state of Massachusetts' reversed its position on rejecting Microsoft Office in favor of the Open Document Format. I've lived in the state long enough to be extremely cynical about Massachusetts state politics -- although I prefer to think of it as "realistic." I am shocked by the latest development in the controversy. The good guys actually appear to have won one. Maybe I was TOO cynical?
iPod Tops Search List During Holiday Shopping Season
News  |  12/12/2005  | 
Consumers conducted some 6.6 million searches on the term iPod, comScore reports.
Managing Content In An Information Digital Overload Era
Commentary  |  12/11/2005  | 
Having the software tools to manage content across the enterprise, as well as connect with suppliers and customers is becoming more important. I recently caught up with Conleth O'Connell, chief technology officer at Vignette, to talk about how companies will manage and share digital content in 2006. Some emerging trends O'Connell identified were personalizing content management and digital rights management. But the most interesting topic is at the end of the interview. That's where he talks
Chambers Envisions Cisco's Next Billion-Dollar Business
News  |  12/9/2005  | 
Service-oriented networks promise to mimic functions found elsewhere
SmartAdvice: When Selecting Student Computers, Leave Room For Upgrades
Commentary  |  12/9/2005  | 
Buy the best computer your budget can afford, and don't skimp on drive capacity, The Advisory Council says. Also, integration servers ease pain of making hospital apps compatible.
Keystone State Consumers Fight Cell-Phone Taxes
News  |  12/9/2005  | 
Between federal, state, and local taxes, consumers in Pennsylvania pay an additional 20% on their cell phone bills, a situation a recent state House bill seeks to remedy and that others are watching.
Broadband Access Could Slash Healthcare Costs By Over $1 Trillion: Report
News  |  12/9/2005  | 
Lower medical costs, lower costs of institutionalized living, and additional output generated by seniors and the disabled are all benefits of broadband deployment, according to a leading U.S. economist.
Help Us Help Ourselves
Commentary  |  12/8/2005  | 
More proof that life extends indefinitely on the internet, is a letter I received out of the blue from a student the other day in reference to a column I had written in 2002. 2002? Lord, what had I written? (Apparently it was assigned reading for some class) Well, it was a lament about the dying throes of customer service and the need for "Trustworthy IT." Today I'd wager that many people, when asked about customer service, wouldn't hesitate to say, "It's dead - stick a fork in it already!" Cert
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How Enterprises Are Attacking the IT Security Enterprise
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