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Content tagged with Infrastructure posted in December 2006
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CES: Digital Content Roils Media Landscape
News  |  12/29/2006  | 
"The proliferation of formats and the desire to interconnect everything ends up creating a mad scramble," says Analog Devices' Bill Bucklen.
Giving Tech A Sporting Chance
Commentary  |  12/28/2006  | 
Not being much of a sports fan -- sorry, guys -- I've always been a bit bemused by the lengths to which players will go in order to win for their fans, their teams, and (probably most importantly) their prize money or huge salaries. It seems to have gone from such traditionally accepted means as fixing games (as immortalized in countless boxing films) to taking unpleasant medications that will both increase your muscle mass and shorten your life span -- and now, to using technology to gain an ad
Are You A 'User'?
Commentary  |  12/28/2006  | 
OK, so you don't have any vacation time left, and you're working today (or maybe you're not working and you love InformationWeek so much that you can't keep away). Regardless, I need your help. I want to know about your experiences with user groups: what you think of them, if you belong to any, and how much of an impact they ultimately have on the technology you purchase, use, and manage every day. But first, let me tell you about my experiences with user groups ...
Why Bloggers Will Never Replace Reporters
Commentary  |  12/28/2006  | 
What do you get when you fly in 14 celebrity bloggers to interview Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (and give them a free Zune as a party favor)? Pretty much a group kiss-up, apparently.
Asian Net Access Improves Slightly After Quake
News  |  12/27/2006  | 
According to the Internet Traffic Report Web site, Asia's average connectivity index climbed to 51 by midday Wednesday, up from 43 earlier.
'I Was Quoted Out Of Context' = 'The Journalist Published What I Said'
Commentary  |  12/22/2006  | 
In an interview with a journalist a short time back, Seagate CEO Bill Watkins made a joke about his company's mission: "Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap--and watch porn." Seagate employees were offended, and so Watkins did the manly thing--
Cable Industry-vs.-Telco-Giants Is An Astroturf War
Commentary  |  12/22/2006  | 
While I'm against tilting the playing field in favor of AT&T, which appears to be what Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin was trying to do in this week's FCC ruling on local franchise applications, I'm not against real competition in local broadband. But as you might expect given the players, it gets unreal pretty quickly. One example: "Astroturf" local support.
Symantec: Another Surge In Worm Scanning For Unpatched Antivirus Software
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Sensors monitored by Symantec's DeepSight threat management service have reported a significant spike in traffic related to TCP port 2967, which Symantec has traced to scans generated by the "Sagevo" worm.
Residential VoIP Users Number More Than 9 Million
News  |  12/22/2006  | 
Subscribers using facilities-based VoIP have created a horse race between Vonage and Time Warner Cable users, with Vonage reporting 1.7 million users to Time Warner's 1.6 million.
Malicious Coders
Commentary  |  12/22/2006  | 
Over the course of my rather long and varied journalistic career, I've been laid off five times (usually because the magazine in question was shut down) and have survived two or three others, so I'm not unfamiliar with the anger and angst that can accompany that process. However, that doesn't mean I've got any sympathy whatsoever with the fool who reportedly planted a logic bomb in Medco Health Solutions' com
Principle Rears Its Ugly Head At The FCC
Commentary  |  12/21/2006  | 
The Federal Communications Commission under Republican Chairman Kevin Martin has been a government regulatory agency driven by principle -- the principle most often being, "whatever Big Business wants, Big Business gets." Unfortunately for Chairman Martin, he was prevented yesterday from giving AT&T what it wants most -- approval of its extremely dubious merger with BellSouth.
Vonage To Fight Baltimore's Effort To Tax Its Internet Phone Service
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
Vonage won a court battle more than three years ago in which a federal judge ruled that Vonage's service was an information service, not a telecommunications service.
Motorola Plans To Boost IPTV Set-Top Boxes With Tut Acquisition
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
Tut sells digital video encoding, processing, and distribution products that support local ad insertion, real-time conditioning of video and audio, and compression of video.
German Net Scammers Sentenced To Four Years
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The two men were part of an Internet auto-dialing scam that netted them more than 12 million euros, or $15.8 million.
FCC Looks To Free Up Additional Spectrum For Public Safety Providers
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The FCC is seeking comments on a proposal to reallocate 12 megahertz of the 700 MHz public safety spectrum from wideband to broadband use.
Apple Customers Want Apple To Make A Phone. Will They?
Commentary  |  12/21/2006  | 
Rumors of an Apple phone have been popping up across the Internet for a couple of weeks. Some parties mentioned in various instances of these rumors have denied the whole thing, while others have remained somewhat silent. Is Apple releasing a phone or not? Who knows. What I do know, however, is that with this level of interest, they probably ought to do so.
Opera Lands Samsung Licensing Deal
News  |  12/21/2006  | 
The South Korean electronics maker will use Opera Mobile in as-yet-unspecified advanced cell and/or smartphones.
Victory In Hand, Visto Plans To Defend Its Wireless E-Mail Patents
News  |  12/20/2006  | 
The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas ordered Seven Networks to pay Visto $7.7 million in damages.
Former HP Board Member Signs Book Deal
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
According to Gotham Books, Tom Perkins -- who blew the lid off the HP spy scandal -- also is set to write about his marriage to author Danielle Steele, his trial for manslaughter in a backwater French town, and the creation of Genetech.
Skype 'Worm' Overrated, Says Websense
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
Websense has reclassified the threat as a Trojan horse and says its impact is declining.
AT&T-BellSouth Stalemate Continues; McDowell Won't Vote
News  |  12/19/2006  | 
The decision by Commissioner McDowell to refrain from voting means the commission will have to consider whether to impose conditions on the deal, including net neutrality requirements.
Sony's mylo, Like Youth, Is Wasted On The Young
Commentary  |  12/18/2006  | 
Sony's mylo is a big helping of gotta-have-it rolled up in a very small package: WiFi phone, email-IM-text-messaging-Web-browsing with a full keyboard, and even an MP3 player. Sony is marketing the mylo to the youth market, which leaves the impression that the mylo is just a toy. It's not. It's got some serious mobility features for grown-ups, too.
FCC Preparing To Smooth The Way For TV Services By Phone Companies
News  |  12/18/2006  | 
AT&T and Verizon have spent billions to deploy fiber optic cable in their service areas to compete with cable TV companies.
This Is Not The iPhone You Were Waiting For
Commentary  |  12/18/2006  | 
Looks like Gizmodo was half-right. We did get an iPhone today, just not from Apple.

Person Of The Year: Hey, It's The Digital You!
Commentary  |  12/18/2006  | 
No sooner are blogs declared passé, and big business trains its guns on social networking sites, then along comes You, Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2006. Yes, you baby! Or rather we, us, them--the masses as it were, but not just any old masses. For its annual accolade, Time specifically singled ou
Cingular Signs Exclusive MySpace Deal
News  |  12/18/2006  | 
A set of tools will let Cingular subscribers edit their MySpace profiles, view and add friends' profiles, post photos and blogs, and send and receive messages.
Verizon Joins Asian Consortium Building $500 Million U.S.-China Network
News  |  12/18/2006  | 
The new cable will be able to support 62 million simultaneous phone calls, which is 60 times more than the capacity of the existing cable linking the two nations.
What Does 2007 Promise?
Commentary  |  12/15/2006  | 
Earlier this week, futurist and technology guru Mark Anderson hosted his annual SNS New York dinner, a high-level gathering of VCs, investment bankers, journalists, technology entrepreneurs, and others, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
NYC Cabs Getting Text Messaging, Locator Technology, Passenger Screens
News  |  12/15/2006  | 
All New York City cabs will have information monitors, credit card readers, and satellite maps by next year.
Former IT Contractor Sentenced To Two Years For Network Attack
News  |  12/15/2006  | 
Ryan Fisher pled guilty to launching an attack that shut down Wi-Fi service to the customers of SBT Internet and UT1 Internet, which both provide service in and around Vernal, Utah.
BitTorrent User Goes To Jail
News  |  12/15/2006  | 
A Hong Kong court has upheld a three-month jail sentence for a 38-year-old man who the Motion Picture Association claims is the first to be charged for using BitTorrent file sharing.
Apple iPhone Due Monday?
Commentary  |  12/15/2006  | 
Gizmodo says Apple's iPhone will be announced Monday: "I guarantee it. It isn't what I expected at all. And I've already said too much." Gadgetell has some more rumors.

FCC Vote On AT&T-BellSouth Merger Stays On 'Hold'
News  |  12/15/2006  | 
However, Chairman Kevin Martin told reporters he is "anxious" to resolve the issue that has been stalemated for several weeks.
Reckoning On Robots
Commentary  |  12/14/2006  | 
Robots have always fascinated me: From Robby the Robot (who starred in the classic science fiction film Forbidden Planet), to the inhuman but highly effective mechanisms that build our automobiles, to the current crop of scientific toys that are available for hobbyists and experimenters. In fact, I actually wrote a book about robots back in 1982 titled Robots: Reel to R
Jaxtr Brings Free Calls To Blogs And Social Networking Sites
News  |  12/13/2006  | 
The service lets users of social networking sites connect with a phone call initiated from a Web page. It will leave messages, too.
Navy Chooses Struggling BearingPoint For Network Transition
News  |  12/13/2006  | 
Under the one-year, $5.9 million deal, BearingPoint will move the Navy's Network Warfare Command and U.S. Fleet Forces Command on to the Navy Marine Corp Intranet.
Skype's North American Calling Plan Is Now $30 A Year
News  |  12/13/2006  | 
Users of SkypeOut are charged a usage fee of about 2.1 cents a minute; the new unlimited calling plan offers unlimited calls within the U.S. and Canada for $30 a year.
The InformationWeek Weblog Community Sounds Off
Commentary  |  12/12/2006  | 
The InformationWeek Weblog community discusses the IT job outlook, ultra-light notebooks and notebook replacements, and Linux vs. Microsoft Vista.

Ban The Analysts! Or Not?
Commentary  |  12/12/2006  | 
It looks like the sometimes raging debate over whether journalists should quote industry analysts - be they technology or financial specialists - has flared up again, this time in an interesting story on a U.K.-based IT publication. Check it out - they are talking about whether to quote the same analysts that U.S. publications talk to. The article notes the New York Times has banned quoting analysts, and then violated
Unboxing Videos: The Latest Internet Trend That I'm Behind On
Commentary  |  12/12/2006  | 
James Kendrick, of the mobile computing blog jkOnTheRun just asked me if we were interested in an article on "unboxing videos." I'm happy to say I immediately responded with my usual alertness: "Huh? Whutza 'unboxing video'?"

Have Blogs Peaked?
Commentary  |  12/12/2006  | 
Micro Persuasion has some interesting stats to indicate that blogging has peaked. The numbers of new blogs being created, rate that people are writing new posts, and searches on the word "blog" are flattening. However, he hastens to add, these numbers are preliminary, and don't necessarily reflect diminishment in the influence of blogs. (Thanks,
RIM Sues To Stop Sales Of Samsung's BlackJack Smartphone
News  |  12/12/2006  | 
RIM claims Samsung infringed on its trademark by giving its smartphone -- the BlackJack -- a name that can be closely associated with RIM's BlackBerry devices.
Microsoft's Office Communications Server Targets Business VoIP Users
News  |  12/12/2006  | 
The software company unveiled plans to conduct an ambitious beta test centered on its Office Communications Server with links to its 2007 Microsoft Office applications.
Wi-Fi Chipset Sales Up 25%
News  |  12/12/2006  | 
Wi-Fi chipset sales are expected to exceed 200 million units in 2006, according to a report released by the Wi-Fi Alliance and In-Stat.
Washington Watch: IT On The Docket
Commentary  |  12/11/2006  | 
This winter, you will want to be on the look out for a number of IT-oriented issues going bump in the dark corridors of Washington and, separately, in discussions with in industry consortiums. Several groups are agitating for changes that will affect IT - some for the better, and some for worse, but one way or another, all will require action on your part.
Torture Video Puts Pressure On Egyptian Police
Commentary  |  12/11/2006  | 
Privacy goes two ways. While the Internet and other information technology enable unprecedented levels of surveillance of private citizens, tech also permits the people to shine a light on government. For example, in Egypt, an Internet video, is causing citizens to question the prevalence of torture by police.

FCC Continues Its Deliberations On The AT&T-BellSouth Merger
News  |  12/11/2006  | 
The FCC has been deadlocked 2-2 along party lines with the swing vote likely to be in the hands of Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell, who was cleared to vote on the merger by the FCC's general counsel late last week.
IT Job Market Best In Five Years, Survey Finds
News  |  12/11/2006  | 
In greatest demand are IT specialists with Windows administration expertise, followed by workers with network administration experience.
Senate Passes Pretexting, Phone Record Privacy Bill
News  |  12/11/2006  | 
The legislation aims to stop individuals and companies from lying, impersonating, or breaking into computerized accounts to obtain the information, which is normally only available to customers, carriers, and law enforcement officers.
Trimble Acquires @Road For $496 Million
News  |  12/11/2006  | 
GPS maker said it was attracted to @Road's strength in several markets, including those in transportation, distribution, telecommunications, cable, field service, utilities, facilities management, and public works.
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