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Fight For Your Entertainment Rights
Commentary  |  6/30/2006  | 
If you own an iPod or MP3 player; yearn for a music-enabled phone; download, share, or mix songs and video; or even if you just want to listen to your music or watch your videos in relative peace, take heed. Pending legislation could make the simplest exercise in legal home media use more cumbersome than you could ever imagine.
(Almost) Everything You Want To Know About PC Power Supplies
Commentary  |  6/30/2006  | 
"Power Supplies 101: A Comprehensive Guide" is a great little primer for understanding the power supplies that are in all your systems. Want to know how wattage really applies to amps for PCs? Curious about the different kinds of loads and what "Active PFC" really means? All is revealed in this guide.
System Aims To Thwart Bootlegged Videos Of Movies
News  |  6/29/2006  | 
Georgia Tech researchers' prototype of a digital camera neutralizing system could help the movie industry save billions of dollars from counterfeiters.
Defense Fails To Rattle Computer Forensics Expert In UBS Trial
News  |  6/29/2006  | 
The prosecution's forensics expert and star witness sparred with the defense Wednesday, taking on often heated questions about hackers and the validity of his analysis.
Keybored? Here's Two New Ways To Enter Data
Commentary  |  6/28/2006  | 
The most basic piece of PC technology has been around for more than a hundred years -- the keyboard. It came over from mechanical typewriters virtually intact. You'd think the "standard" 101-key keyboard would be the end of the discussion, but people just will not quit fiddling with it. And here are two more -- one that adds a key, and one that drops a whole bunch.
Go Ahead. Kill Your Scanner!
Commentary  |  6/28/2006  | 
Our recent review of the Casio EX-Z1000 revealed interesting new features: The camera has 37 presets, among them a preset for photographing business cards, and another for taking pictures of pictures. Old pictures, to be precise (the preset "Old Photo" brings faded colors back to life). That's when it hit me: Why not use MY digital camera as a scanner?
BellSouth Plans Significant WiMax Test With Alcatel
News  |  6/27/2006  | 
BellSouth is looking to provide fixed WiMax in cities and rural areas where it doesn't offer DSL services. But this could test the feasibility of mobile WiMax equipment and standards.
IBM Bets Big On Chinese Startups
News  |  6/27/2006  | 
One Chinese company in the location-based services market has been able to grow its customer base by 30% and increase revenue by about five times with help from IBM.
Chinese Hotspots Set To Boom: Report
News  |  6/27/2006  | 
A new study commissioned by the Wi-Fi Alliance predicts that the Chinese enterprise Wi-Fi market will balloon fourfold at an annual growth rate of 45% over the next three years.
The Top Ten List Of Top Ten Lists
Commentary  |  6/26/2006  | 
Bloggers discovered quickly -- and lately have been abusing -- something we journalists have long known: Shoehorning your content into a list, and putting the number in the headline, is a cheap-and-easy way to generate more interest. And ten is the perfect number for items in your list. Even David Letterman knows that.
Tom Evslin: A Blogger Blooks
Commentary  |  6/26/2006  | 
Tom Evslin and I have crossed paths in just about every one of his careers, although we've never met in person. This morning's crossing was a press release from the PR person for his murder mystery,, which he published first as a "blook," a blogged book, in installments on the Web, and has now issued in hardback. I haven't read it, but if it's as well written as his blog, Fractals of Change, it must
IM: Why Businesses Aren't Yet Convinced It's For Them
News  |  6/23/2006  | 
Security is the biggest worry. But many also haven't had great demand from employees.
Cisco Considers Unbundling Hardware And Software Prices
News  |  6/23/2006  | 
But any changes are years down the road, CEO Chambers says.
TransMedia Plans Online Word Processor, Calendar For Its Glide Service
News  |  6/23/2006  | 
The New York company is adding Glide Write and Glide Calendar to the 13 online environments in its Glide Effortless service.
Microsoft Is Thinking Way Inside The Box
Commentary  |  6/23/2006  | 
Bill Hilf can be forgiven for knowing exactly which side his paycheck is buttered on, but his self-satisfied quotes on why Linux will never oust Microsoft from the desktop are emblematic of the problems Microsoft has created for itself and for PC users. Hilf told CRN reporter Paula Rooney that Linux will never gain momentum on the desktop because of the complexity involved in delivering a tightly integrated an
Forensics Expert Attempts To Link UBS Attack And Defendant
News  |  6/22/2006  | 
In the ongoing UBS computer sabotage trial, the government's forensics expert testified that he connected defendant Roger Duronio's username and home computer directly to the logic bomb that took down the company network.
Supreme Court Sidesteps Deciding Key Patent Case
News  |  6/22/2006  | 
Three justices hint that they might have invalidated business-method patents.
Thousands Of H-1B Workers Are Underpaid, GAO Says
News  |  6/22/2006  | 
But the 3,229 petitions cited represent a miniscule percentage of all H-1B applications.
Op-Ed: U.S. AG Gonzales Outlines 'Aggressive' Actions On Intellectual Property
News  |  6/22/2006  | 
The Bush Administration recognizes the importance of intellectual property protections to the strength of the nation's economy and competitive stance, says U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. In this op-ed piece, he details the steps taken so far by the DOJ and other agencies to help combat and prosecute this growing crime.
Novell Announces New CEO--But Can He Save A Sinking Ship?
News  |  6/22/2006  | 
Ronald Hovsepian has been a rising star within Novell since he joined the company three years ago. But with a dropping stock price, declining sales of NetWare, and stiff competition in the Linux market, it's going to take more than star power.
To See Ourselves As Others See Us
Commentary  |  6/21/2006  | 
Holy cow! This is me she's talking about here:

A few weeks ago Jon and I gave an interview to an IT magazine for an article about accidental entrepreneurship. They wanted to know how this website now pays our mortgage...

Read on for more about what it's like to be interviewed by me for an article, and then visited by an InformationWeek photographer. Note that the blo
Is Central IT The Web 2.0 Villain?
Commentary  |  6/21/2006  | 
The Boing Boing blog offers tips to get around Web filters. It offers such advice in case you're subjected to a Web filter by "your employer or corrupt, undemocratic, dictator-based government." So that's what it's come to--central IT and Kim Jong Il are seen as tech compadres.
Can Gates Keep Departure On Schedule?
Commentary  |  6/21/2006  | 
Bill Gates has announced he's leaving his day-to-day involvement with Microsoft in 2008. Kezia Jauron sends me an e-mail wondering if this is a Vista-like timetable: "If Microsoft says this will happen in July 2008, can we expect to see it sometime in the spring of 2009?"
Microsoft And Yahoo Get Instant Messaging Ready To Carry Heavier Freight
News  |  6/20/2006  | 
Microsoft and Yahoo's upgraded IM apps include calling, video, and easier file sharing. It could make them even more tempting for business use.
MOG's Music Blogging Service
Commentary  |  6/20/2006  | 
MOG, a new social networking site aimed at music fans, launched today. The question is: Does the world need another social networking service? President and CEO David Hyman, formerly the CEO of music data service Gracenote, says the site is for people who are passionate about music. "When you're 18 to 24 years old, people really find each other through music," he says.
Putting Tuition Money Where Your Mouth Is
Commentary  |  6/20/2006  | 
Teenagers never listen to their parents, right? But when it comes to not pursuing tech careers, kids seem to be tuning in. I've been hearing a lot lately from IT pros who say they're telling their own kids not to go into technology careers. That's the same advice many nontechie parents have been giving their kids since the dot-com bust. With so many companies purportedly offshoring, outsourcing, and hiring
Linux To Drive Innovation In Mobile Market
News  |  6/20/2006  | 
A new consortium to develop a mobile Linux faces several challenges, including governance and sharing intellectual property rights.
The Exciting And Dangerous World Of USB Memory Drives
Commentary  |  6/19/2006  | 
In the world of gadgets and technology, you would think that the dullest possible category would be USB flash memory drives -- those ubiquitous pocketable diskette-replacements that generally do nothing but store data. But you'd be wrong.
Spoofing Defense Dissed By Security Experts
News  |  6/19/2006  | 
The defense in an ongoing computer sabotage trial is suggesting that a hacker used IP spoofing to impersonate his client and plant the malicious code that took down part of the UBS PaineWebber network four years ago. Security pros say that's nearly impossible to do.
Ex-Commerce Official Replaces Harris Miller As IT Industry's Top Lobbyist
News  |  6/19/2006  | 
Phillip Bond is named CEO of the Information Technology Association of America.
Computer Sabotage Plot Tied To A Bid For Financial Gain
News  |  6/16/2006  | 
This past week, the government laid out its case for how the defendant allegedly planned to profit from taking down UBS PaineWebber's network. Prosecutors say his "risky" investments would have only paid off if the stock dropped. The defense argues he simply had an aggressive investment strategy.
Credit Suisse Disruptive Technology Portfolio Mover Of The Week: McAfee
News  |  6/16/2006  | 
An index of companies shaking up traditional business models.
Brief: Company Sues, Claims Patent On Video-On-Demand
News  |  6/16/2006  | 
USA Video Technology is suing Time Warner, Comcast, and other cable companies for alleged patent infringement.
Are You Seriously Considering Switching To A Mac?
Commentary  |  6/15/2006  | 
I've been using Windows since the Dark Ages, and never in a million years did I think I'd ever switch to a Mac. Oh sure, I admired the sleek lines and solid construction of Apple hardware, not to mention the cutting-edge look and features of OS X. But we live in a Windows world that depends on Windows apps, and for most of us it simply hasn't been practical to consider owning a Mac as our sole computer.
Goal! Soccer Robots Test Their Metal At RoboCup
News  |  6/15/2006  | 
They may guzzle 10W-30 instead of beer, but the robots who take the field in this international soccer competition are as serious about winning as are flesh-and-blood humans.
Brownie Troop Field Trip Into The Privacy Jungle
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
My grade-school-age daughter came home with a permission slip needing a signature in advance of her Brownie troop's field trip to a local tutoring center. But I bristled when I saw the information required. The center, a commercial business, wanted to know her name, address, age, grade level, school, favorite subject, and academic proficiency in math, reading, and spelling.
Homeland Security Chief Devises His Own Spam Solution
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff no longer has a problem with spam. Not wanting to be deluged with lots of garbage, Chertoff no longer uses e-mail.
Blade Servers Are Hip, But Do They Meet Customer Needs
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
For what is now in many ways a niche technology segment, blades servers are getting a lot attention, effort, and investment from the major server vendors. Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday announced a complete revamp of its blade server architecture, IBM recently revealed that a venture capital
Mr. Spreadsheet, Dan Bricklin, Teaches A Master Class
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
Google got all the press last week with its Google Spreadsheets with Web-based collaborative features. But at the same time the man who invented the spreadsheet, Dan Bricklin, unveiled wikiCalc, his own version of a Web-based collaborative spreadsheet. Bricklin has historically been one of the most interesting minds at work in our business, and wikiCalc is a master class in the importance of getting the details right.
Is This The Future iPod Phone?
Commentary  |  6/14/2006  | 
A Mac enthusiast Web site has pointed out and detailed a recent patent that appears to be a "stealth" patent by Apple for an iPod video smartphone that does it all: cell phone calls, wireless videoconferencing, wireless P2P networking, video playing, picture taking and much more. It even sports the famous round Apple Click Wheel on the front.
Empirix Rolls Out Call-Center Testing Tool
News  |  6/14/2006  | 
Empirix has released a new version of its Hammer CallMaster contact-center and computer-telephony integration testing and monitoring application designed to validate voice and data integrity to an agent's desktop.
IPTV And WiMax To Have Huge Economic Impact, Panelists Predict
News  |  6/13/2006  | 
By 2009, expect IPTV content from companies like GM and Wal-Mart, along with WiMax-ready laptops and mobile devices, panelists say.
Brightest Cell Phone Innovation Ever
Commentary  |  6/13/2006  | 
Cell phones are the "black hole" of gadgets. Other stand-alone gadgets get sucked into phones, their functionality duplicated in phones, and replaced -- PDAs, wristwatches, calculators and, in the future, MP3 players, TV remote control units and more. But the best feature you could possibly put into a cell phone -- or any other gadget for that matter -- is technology that would enable it to charge itself without being plugged in.
Forget Paper Trails: The Internet Has A Longer Memory
Commentary  |  6/12/2006  | 
Should employers be entitled to look up their prospective hires' profiles on and other social networking sites? Or has an important line been crossed--both ethically and legally? A career counselor at New York University, who routinely deals with recruiters from major corporations, said dozens of companies were checking out social networks and personal Web sites before deciding who to hire, according to a
MacBook Owners See Red After Laptops Turn Yellow
Commentary  |  6/12/2006  | 
I blogged May 17 that less than 24 hours after Apple unveiled its new MacBook laptop, some users started reporting that the black matte finish on the notebooks was peeling off. Now it turns out that users of the white version say the white finish is turning yellow on the top. One person
Skyhook Woos Developers With Wi-Fi-Based Alternative To GPS
News  |  6/9/2006  | 
The three-year-old wireless company will offer developers free access to its metro-area positioning system, which relies on Wi-Fi signals rather than GPS signals to compute a user's location.
Network Neutrality Suffers Another Defeat
News  |  6/9/2006  | 
The House rejects an amendment to the telecom bill on net neutrality.
Teen-Only Ringtone -- Can You Hear Me Now?
Commentary  |  6/9/2006  | 
This is a story about the use of technology used by both sides in the ancient and ongoing battle between teenagers and adults. It starts with a clever bit of entrepreneurship. A company called Compound Security Systems developed what amounts to a "teenager repellant" designed to drive kids away from malls, stores and other places where teens congregate and annoy paying customers. Called the Mosquito, the electronic box produces an ultra-sonic to
Cisco Gobbles Up Two Communications Software Development Companies
News  |  6/9/2006  | 
Their products will be integrated into a common application development platform so customers and partners can build customized communications apps that will work with Cisco's Unified Communications platform.
Wristwatch Is Peripheral Device For Your Phone
Commentary  |  6/8/2006  | 
Citizen announced a new wristwatch this week called the Citizen VIRT W700. The watch stays in contact with your cell phone via Bluetooth. If you get a call, the watch vibrates, flashes a light and displays Caller ID info. Best of all, if you leave your phone somewhere, the watch alerts you immediately.
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