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Apple's Latest Switchers: Malware Writers
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
The Trojan, OSX.RSPlug.A, represents one of the relatively few Mac exploits to be spotted in the wild.
'Village Phone' Initiative Aims To Improve Access In Developing Countries
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
The Grameen Foundation and ITU are working to provide affordable telecom rates to users, while giving owners income to repay loans and earn profits.
Sprint's Technology Chief: Full Speed Ahead For WiMax
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
Ali Tabassi says the company is continuing its rollout without interruption in spite of the fact that Sprint recently lost its chief executive.
Flirting With Verizon, Google Drops 'Don't Be Evil' Pretense
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
The word "evil" is vastly overused these days. Here's a link to the "Top 10 Evil People in History," if you've got an afternoon to blow -- and I would never call a major U.S. wireless carrier "evil." Oligopolistic, predatory, bureaucratic, yes -- evil, no. So the idea of Google shacking up with Verizon Wireless doesn't exactly qualify as "Doing e
Business Users Want GPS In Their Smartphones
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
According to the latest J.D. Power and Associates survey of smartphone users, GPS tops the list of features that users want most in their smartphones. Looks like location is going to be one of the big wireless must-have features for mobile business in 2008.
What Is Google Talking To The Carriers About?
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
Late yesterday it came to light that Google is in talks with Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile USA regarding its big mobile plans. Are they talking about the gPhone, or something else?
Silicon Valley Crash Course: 14 Startups In 28 Hours
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
I just returned from a trip to earthquake land where I had one-on-one meetings with 14 tech startups in just over a day. Their products included a project-management app, e-mail marketing tool, widget maker, and PC database. The big unanswered question: Who needs them?
Happy Halloween From The iPhone
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
Still can't decide what to wear as your Halloween costume this year? Why not dress up as an iPhone?
Alcatel-Lucent Revamps Management, Will Cut 4,000 More Jobs
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
A seven-person management committee reporting to chief executive Patricia Russo has replaced a cumbersome 21-person committee.
The Zune Universe Expands, Where's The Bling?
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
If Microsoft wants to even catch a sliver of iPod's market share, it's going to have to build up its base of third-party accessories for its Zune music player... Oh, wait. That's just what they did this week.
Google Squares Off Against Facebook With OpenSocial
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
Google's upcoming APIs are expected to help build social applications that will work across social networking and other Web sites.
Pantech Duo Offers Windows Mobile In A Fun Form Factor
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
I spent the last two days with the Pantech Duo, a new 3G Windows Mobile 6 smartphone available from AT&T for $199 (with a two-year contract). Do you need a Helio Ocean-like smartphone that's ready for business?
How To Get Gmail's IMAP, Leopard, And The iPhone Working Together
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
When I heard last week that Gmail is getting IMAP support, I was excited. My life was going to get a little easier. And how hard could it be to set up? Change a couple of settings in Apple Mail and I'd be good to go, right?

Garmin's Bid For Tele Atlas Sets Stage For Bidding War With TomTom
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
The pending battle between the two rivals has been triggered by consolidation in the industry, which went into high gear in July.
Open Access Proponents Unite in Face of Google-Verizon Hook-Up
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
A group of startups, including Txtbl, Buglabs, and ZVUE, are announcing a new coalition to promote open wireless networks and devices.
Is The Web Headed For Meltdown 2.0?
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
In recent months I've seen a lot of anxiety in the tech marketplace. Bloggers, pundits, and industry insiders all seem to suggest that Web 2.0 is headed for Correction 2.0. Are we in the middle of another bubble?
IBM Launches Virtualization Tools For Small Business
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
The company's revised Consolidation Discovery and Analysis Tool is designed for businesses with less than 50 servers.
Cisco Shoots And Scores With NBA Deal
News  |  10/31/2007  | 
The NBA will use Cisco's networking technology to deliver the league's communications and content to fans, customers, employees, and the media.
Is Apple's Leopard Worth the Leap?
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
Apple is making headway in the enterprise environment. But is Leopard, the sixth major release of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, worth an IT manager's consideration?
Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map (And Please Entertain My Takeover Bid)
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
It's a good time to be a mapmaker. As the digital mapping industry undergoes some serious consolidation with mergers and acquisitions, today Garmin threw a wrench into TomTom's bid for Tele Atlas by offering 15% more. A sign that GPS, LBS, and navigation apps are on the verge of exploding?
Good Rules Can Eliminate 65% of Activities
Commentary  |  10/31/2007  | 
There's a long list of verbs - adjust, approve, expedite, inspect, verify and many others - that tend to indicate that activities are non value-added and should be considered for elimination. Many of these exist because something wasn't done right the first time, and a lot of the the non-value-added activities can be cut if there are ways to reduce the error rates in the real-value-added and business-value-added activities.
California Fire Watchers Tap Wi-Fi For Blaze Control
News  |  10/30/2007  | 
The Laguna coastal "Fire Watch" system eventually will have five strategically located cameras hooked into the city's Wi-Fi network.
Google Phone (Legend) Lives
Commentary  |  10/30/2007  | 
What has become the Loch Ness Monster of the mobile phone world, the Google Phone, is once again purported to exist.
Personal Home Robot Wins iRobot's Create Challenge
News  |  10/30/2007  | 
The winner can water plants, remind owners to take their medication, turn lights on and off, and control appliances.
Cisco And Satyam To Create Health Services Network In India
News  |  10/30/2007  | 
Cisco also announced that it was providing an additional $100 million in its Indian innovation program, bringing its total there to $1.1 billion.
U.S. Health Department Will Offer Some Doctors Cash To Use E-Health Records
News  |  10/30/2007  | 
The pilot program aims to entice more doctors, especially those in small- to medium-sized practices, to use digitized health records.
Eye-Fi Stuffs Wi-Fi Radio Into An SD Card, Enables Wireless Storage
Commentary  |  10/30/2007  | 
You might be scratching your head wondering why on earth you want an SD card with a Wi-Fi radio, but just think of the wonderful uses. Now you can beam your pictures straight to your favorite photo sharing site without editing them first!
Google Begins 'Gmail 2.0' Rollout
News  |  10/30/2007  | 
The new look has been made available to about 1% of all Gmail users and is being rolled out to the rest on an ongoing basis.
Google Announces That It Is Going To Make An Announcement Regarding Its Mobile Plans
Commentary  |  10/30/2007  | 
Announcements about announcements crack me up. The only reason this one is worth paying attention to is because it is Google, and the subject of the announcement will be its future mobile plans. Specifically, products and services it hopes to have in the market by mid 2008.
Woops, Says Microsoft, Sorry for That Unauthorized Install
Commentary  |  10/30/2007  | 
IT managers who subscribe to Microsoft Windows Server Update Services program but didn't choose the automatic updates setting must have thought the desktops on their networks had taken a page from HAL.
Shovels As A Service In The Social Networking Gold Rush
Commentary  |  10/30/2007  | 
For this week's feature on Web 2.0 in the enterprise, we counted 17 startups that offer social networking platforms. I don't mean social networking sites (there are thousands of those), but companies touting technology for the FaceBook and MySpace wannabes.

No Cash Please, We're Apple
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
Believe it or not, Apple has decided not to accept cash from people buying an iPhone. That's right, your money's no good at an Apple store.
Platinum Equity Adds Covad To Its Growing List of Telecom Acquisitions
News  |  10/29/2007  | 
Platinum Equity will pay $1.02 a share in cash, a 59% premium over the closing price of Covad's shares last Friday.
Why Run Leopard On A PC? A Hacker Explains
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
In writing an article about how hackers had gotten Apple's new Leopard operating system to run on PCs, I corresponded with the individual responsible for posting a how-to-guide for creating a "hackintosh." The person who posted the how-to-guide goes by the forum name BrazilMAC and since he responded to my query at length, it seemed appropriate t
Expect The Worst With Your Leopard Upgrade
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
When upgrading your operating system, expect the worst. Expect that your system won't boot. Expect your favorite applications won't run. Expect that your essential documents will be deleted or inaccessible. Also, your dog will get pregnant, the milk in your fridge will go sour, and you'll wake up with a big zit on your nose and run into your high-school sweetheart later that day.

Apple's Leopard Hacked To Run On A PC
News  |  10/29/2007  | 
Hackers also have been busy opening the locks Apple closed with its most recent iPhone patch.
Startup Makes Bold Spam-Fighting Claims
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
Abaca, a startup that launched at last week's Interop NY show, claims to have developed a new approach to spam filtering that guarantees a minimum of 99 percent accuracy.
Microsoft Says Sorry (Again) For Unauthorized Installs
News  |  10/29/2007  | 
The glitch occurred when Microsoft updated the Windows Desktop Search tool for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP 1+.
T-Mobile Wants You To Jump At Its Shadow
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
T-Mobile's latest Windows Mobile smartphone bucks the utilitarian integument of other devices and dons some sharper duds. It's about the size of a BlackBerry Pearl, and should tempt enterprise and consumer users alike.
Skypephone Unveiled; No PC Needed To Make Calls
News  |  10/29/2007  | 
The 3 Skypephone will cost about $100 and be available in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Macau, Sweden, and the U.K.
Microsoft Wants to Stick XP on XOs
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
Like an uninvited birthday party guest who shows up on the wrong date with an unwanted gift, Microsoft is "working to adapt a basic version of Windows XP so it is compatible with the non-profit One Laptop per Child Foundation's small green- and-white XO laptop."
Is Facebook One Social Network Or An Aggregator Of Social Networks?
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
Last week The Economist took Facebook and other social networks to task, questioning their real value and their potential to scale. Is Facebook headed for a brick wall?
Should You Replace Microsoft Office with an Online App?
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
What feels like the sudden arrival of a multitude of online app options -- like Google or Zoho -- has allowed IT managers to ponder a move they would never have even considered just a short while ago: Replace Microsoft Office with an online office suite.
Want To Use That New Gift Card To Buy An iPhone? Apple Won't Let You Do That, Either
Commentary  |  10/29/2007  | 
Wow, Apple must really be trying to alienate its customers. Not only can people no longer pay cash for iPhones, but you can't even bring in a stack of Apple gift cards to pay for an iPhone -- even if those gift cards were paid for by credit cards.
Mobile Broadband Is A Mix-and-Match Affair
Commentary  |  10/28/2007  | 
"The Future of Wireless Broadband" was the first session I attended at last week's Mobile Business Expo at Interop in New York And the first thing I learned was that the adoption of wireless broadband isn't going to be a simple matter of clear winners and losers.
Want To Pay Cash For An iPhone? Apple Won't Let You
Commentary  |  10/27/2007  | 
In an apparent effort to curb the reselling of unlocked iPhones, Apple has instituted a new policy that forbids customers from paying cash--you know, the stuff that says "legal tender for all debts public and private"--for iPhones. And it has dropped the limit to two per person.
Liveblogging The Leopard Upgrade
Commentary  |  10/27/2007  | 
My wife and I just got back from geek date night: A visit to the local Apple retailer to pick up a copy of Leopard, along with some other schwag, followed by dinner at Souplantation. We like to live large, my wife and I. I'm about to jump in to upgrading this system to Leopard. Bookmark this page for the thrilling play-by-play.

Facebook Is Only Warming Up
Commentary  |  10/26/2007  | 
This was Facebook's week. The golden child of Web 2.0 scored a $240 investment deal from Microsoft, launched a new mobile application for the BlackBerry, and was even rumored to hav
Predicting The Future Of Communications In Boston
News  |  10/26/2007  | 
Perennial reports of the phantom 'AppleBerry' from Research In Motion and a Google phone aren't likely to come to fruition at next week's VON show.
AT&T Punts MediaFLO Proving Mobile TV Still Isn't Ready For Primetime
Commentary  |  10/26/2007  | 
It looks like AT&T Mobility has delayed the launch of its MediaFLO mobile TV service until sometime in "early 2008." Will mobile TV ever really take off?
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