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Google Is Really, Really Serious About The Mobile Ad Market
Commentary  |  9/28/2007  | 
Google sees its future in mobile advertising. Period. You don't believe me? Have you been following the news?
Timely, Slick Centro Gives Palm A Shot In The Arm
Commentary  |  9/28/2007  | 
My colleague Eric Zeman already has written about the new Palm Centro, unveiled yesterday at the Digital Life show in NYC. I just want to add: this is a great idea on Palm's part, the smartest move the company has made since it finally bought a perpetual license to its own OS from its Japanese owner last year. Whether or not it's enough to save Palm I don't know but this $99 sorta-smartphone is a timely
A Truly Solid Innovation For The AirCard Crowd
Commentary  |  9/28/2007  | 
Sprint and Verizon Wireless each announced versions of the Novatel USB727 wireless modem. Normally AirCards aren't all that exciting (they just ain't sexy), but this one has a built-in microSD slot. Bingo! Instant sex appeal.
Verizon Wireless Doesn't Want To Play By The Rules
Commentary  |  9/28/2007  | 
Not only has Verizon Wireless been lobbying the FCC to change the open access rules agreed to for the upcoming 700 MHz auction, but it actually sued the FCC in the U.S. Court of Appeals and called the rules unconstitutional. This week, FCC Chairman
Intalio Opens Its BPM Suite To Business Managers
News  |  9/28/2007  | 
BPMS 5.0 has been upgraded with support for standards geared toward making it easier for businesspeople to model processes that can be deployed by IT departments.
Another MVNO Bites The Dust
Commentary  |  9/27/2007  | 
This time it's Disney's family-centric MVNO that's calling it quits. By the looks of things, it appears as if 2007 is the year of death for MVNOs. Is the MVNO a doomed business model?
Forrester: Why BI, BPM and Rules Technologies Will Converge
Commentary  |  9/27/2007  | 
I'm attended a panel discussion here at the Forrester Technology Leadership Forum on the convergence of the three B's - business intelligence, business process management and business rules - featuring Mike Gilpin (EA and application development), Boris Evelson (BI) and Colin Teubner (BPM)... Gilpin sees BI as driving effectiveness in businesses, and the combination of BPM and BR as driving efficiency...
Palm And Sprint Unveil The Centro For Consumers
Commentary  |  9/27/2007  | 
The most striking aspect of Palm's new gadget is that it is absolutely tiny. Palm CEO Ed Colligan's hand dwarfed it at today's press conference at the Digital Life show in NYC. Not only is it tiny, it is positively a consumer-focused device.
Call Quality Remains a VoIP Stumbling Block
Commentary  |  9/27/2007  | 
At some point, businesspersons decided that they would put up with the occasional static and dropped calls found on their cell phone lines because of their benefits. They have not yet reached that point with VoIP services.
Lessons From Demo
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
This show was largely about applying Web 2.0 technology to solve interesting problems. In many cases, the interesting problems have been solved in other ways, though.
Video Alerts Give Google The Upper Hand -- Again
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
The latest enhancement to the Google Alerts product -- to include news-oriented videos on topics that readers select -- is a compelling upgrade for information junkies, online videophiles, or those researching information on the Internet. It raises many questions on the future of information access, the future role of online video as an information source, and Google's strategic directions.
Simplifying The Leap To SaaS For Small Biz
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
Small businesses of 10 to 100 employees have a new option for CRM and sales force applications. LongJump offers a suite of software applications delivered via the Web.
IBM Adds 'Key Agility Indicators' to the BPM/SOA Mix
News  |  9/26/2007  | 
Announcements highlight business activity monitoring, vertical process content and assessment services.
Demo Day 2, Part 3: Personalized Media Delivery
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
This is an interesting group. Half are finding ways to overload you with information; the other half are providing ways to manage that overload.
Demo Day 2, Part 2: Software For Small Businesses
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
Interesting stuff here -- some of these small business tools are recreating existing tools.
Demo Day 2, Part 1: Collaboration Tools
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
Web meetings, document sharing, project management, you name it. But will you use it?
BPM Focus Turns to People in the Process
News  |  9/26/2007  | 
Message to SOA-centric IT groups: The next wave of optimization lies in empowering the individual.
Reach Out And Touch Something
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
If you're not already using a phone that has a touch screen, the chances are higher that you will be next year, when ABI predicts over 100 million touch screen-based phones will ship. That's about 1 of every 10 mobile phones.
Getting the IT Kids to Come -- and Stay
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
When did it get so hard to attract good IT employees? At some point in the last few years, luring top talent has become increasingly competitive for IT managers, and for the small and midsize business, it's an issue that speaks not only to their success but also to their very survival.
Forrester Says 'Design for People, Build for Change'
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
In her opening keynote at this week's Forrester Technology Leadership Forum, analyst Connie Moore laid out four principles that 1. Business processes adapt to changing business conditions. 2. Applications evolve continuously while preserving process integrity 3. Processes, tasks and associated information always maintain context 4. Systems are unitary, information-rich and reflect the social needs of the business...
Palm, Sprint To Announce New Smartphone Together
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
The two companies have invited journalists and analysts to a special press conference tomorrow a la Apple style to announce Palm's latest smartphone. Is Palm shooting itself in the foot or finally on a roll?
XO Blazes Trail for Cheaper Laptops
Commentary  |  9/26/2007  | 
News this week that the so-called $100-dollar laptop (the XO) will be available to the general public at the still-friendly price of about $200 came with a number of caveats. As I wrote the other day, you'd go nuts trying to run a business on these Romper Room clamshells.
Demo Day 1: Highlights
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
Wow, I'm not sure it was the brightest idea to try to blog on each demo here. There's a lot of them, and six minutes isn't enough time, at least for me, to form a meaningful opinion about most of these companies. Here's a little recap after some further investigation.
Demo Day 1, Part 5: Collaboration And Tools
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
The end of the day seems to be a little bit of a catchall, but there's some cool stuff in here. Most of the ideas seem solid enough; execution is another matter.
Too Much Of A Good Thing? Relief From RSS Overload
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
RSS readers can reduce information overload, but they also can become part of the problem as feeds add up. Startup mSpoke has an answer to RSS clutter with FeedHub, a new personalization tool that puts a content relevance knob at your finger tips.
Demo Day 1, Part 4: Infrastructure / Enabling Technology
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
OK, it's easy to start falling asleep in the session that follows lunch. If the list is getting boring for you, skip to the end. Very impressive stuff.
What Microsoft Could Do With Facebook
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
Microsoft's reportedly in talks to invest somewhere between $300 and $500 million for a stake in Facebook. Here's what Microsoft could do with it.
Demo Day 1, Part 3: Games
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
On to the games. It's hard to imagine they pay me for this.
Demo Day 1, Part 2: Social Networking
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
No time for coffee, we're jumping straight into social networking.
Google's Virtual World Could Be Business Answer To Second Life
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
As if Google isn't pervasive enough, it looks like the search-engine company is planning to launch its own virtual world, which will compete with Second Life, but could be much more valuable to business users in real-world applications.
Motorola Bows WiMax Chipset For Mobile Devices At WiMax World
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
The new wireless modem will help bridge 3G and 4G technologies and eventually find its way into electronics, including mobile phones.
Demo Day 1
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
Blogging from a live event is a new thing for me. What can I tell you during the event that couldn't possibly wait until the end of the day? Probably not much, but I've got a couple cups of coffee in me and I'm surrounded by people doing the same thing, so here goes...
Is Anyone Really Surprised That Apple Won't Support Hacked iPhones?
Commentary  |  9/25/2007  | 
I'm not. And I don't blame them, either. When you buy an iPhone, you implicitly agree to a legal contract in order to use it. Why should they support you if you decide to break the contract?
Open Text Ships Invoice Management Software For SAP
News  |  9/24/2007  | 
Vendor Invoice Management Version 5.1 is used to optimize vendor invoice processes. The product also includes built-in reporting and analytics.
Systems-Management Vendor Hyperic Incorporates JasperSoft Reporting Tools
News  |  9/24/2007  | 
The new Hyperic HQ Enterprise Reports, a part of Hyperic HQ 3.1, provides a graphical report designer and a Java reporting library that enables creation of complex layouts.
Greetings From Demo 2007 Fall
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
I'm in San Diego where the fall Demo conference kicks off tonight. Demo is a unique event in the industry. Over the course of the next two days, 69 startup exhibitors will demonstrate their cool new software, service, or hardware -- or all three, in some cases. They'll all do it on one stage in front of a crowd of a few hundred journalists, VCs, and other industry movers and shakers. So how do they manage to run 69 demonstrations in two days on one stage? It's all about the elevator pitch.
Is Vista Where You Want to Be?
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
When Vista was released last January, we were told that it was the next great place to be. Eventually, we were told, everyone would be doing Vista. We might as well switch our operating system now or we would be way behind the eight ball.
No Bundled Windows PCs? No Way
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
The Globalisation Institute, a European think tank, wants all computers to be sold without operating systems. Here's why that's a bad idea.
DEMO Show Targets Smaller Companies
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
The DEMO show is a great place to learn about brand new companies working on new brand new technologies. And this fall a significant number of the announcements are aimed at small and midsize companies.
Google Poses Biggest Threat To MS Office, Readers Say
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
Readers have a lot to say about free/alternative office suites (as in, alternatives to Microsoft's dominant Office product). Presented with a growing list of alternatives, they conclude that Google Docs is a viable threat to Microsoft.
Employers Foiled, News Corp. To Offer Free Mobile MySpace
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
Whether you think MySpace is a time waster or a truly innovative social networking platform, it is now going to be available from mobile devices for free.
Blyk Mobile Finally Gets Off The Ground
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
The ad-supported "free" mobile service in the U.K. is officially launching today after a long ramp-up period. Blyk is taking the MVNO in a new direction with its free services, but is this business model feasible?
Analyst's Take: Actuate Targets Developer Interest in Open Source BI
News  |  9/24/2007  | 
Business application developers seek inexpensive, embeddable BI and reporting.
Laptops for Kids, Not for Biz
Commentary  |  9/24/2007  | 
Would you be interested in a rugged laptop that comes with a camera, built-in wireless, flash memory, an open source operating system from Red Hat, a web browser, a word processor, and more, all for about $200?
Will Brits Buy Sprint?
Commentary  |  9/21/2007  | 
Sprint Nextel shares closed up almost 4% today, fueled by rumors that the No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier could be acquired by U.K. fixed-line operator BT Group. Normally, such Internet rumors are worth the paper they're printed on - and Sprint has been the subject of takeover rumors fo
Tracking The Office Alternatives - From Lotus Symphony To Google Office
Commentary  |  9/21/2007  | 
Microsoft Office ain't cheap, but most companies have viewed it as necessary expense for just about every office worker. Lower cost and even free alternatives haven't made much of a dent in Office's dominance. But IBM's new Lotus Symphony may change all that -- for some companies.
New Order For Cellphone Charger Chaos?
Commentary  |  9/21/2007  | 
If your company supports multiple models of cellphones and smartphones, you probably have to support an equal number of chargers. But the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) promises an end to that annoying expense.
Let Your Employees Go! (To Their Home Offices)
Commentary  |  9/21/2007  | 
According to a USA Today article, increasingly long commutes and heavier traffic on the roads are compelling more and more workers to start their days earlier and earlier. What is wrong with this picture?
Threaded SMS Comes To Symbian S60
Commentary  |  9/21/2007  | 
If you've ever used a Palm Treo or iPhone, you might agree that one of the best features is threaded SMS. Long missing from Nokia devices, S60 developers have finally kicked out a threaded SMS program called Conversations. The beta is free to download starting today.
IT Titans Take Manhattan
News  |  9/21/2007  | 
IBM, SAP and Microsoft choose the Big Apple for three big-time, industry-altering announcements.
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