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Defense Tech Agency Picks Vendors For $12.2 Billion Systems Upgrade
News  |  1/31/2007  | 
EDS, Lockheed Martin, CACI, Booz Allen Hamilton, Science Applications International and SRA International will share a slice of improving the Encore II program.
Roadkill at the Corner of Search and BI
Commentary  |  1/31/2007  | 
A client who regularly generates large numbers of reports that "sit within a data warehouse system, run off Business Objects/Cognos against one source or another." The client envisions "something like the Amazon site that allows search, and when someone selects a report, it lists other reports, noting 'people who looked at this report also looked at... '"
JasperSoft Adds ETL Tool To BI Suite
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
JasperSoft, a maker of open-source business intelligence tools, unveils software for extracting data from multiple sources and loading it into a BI data warehouse
Hyperion Integrates BI Tools With Ketera On-Demand Spend Management
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Hyperion says customers who subscribe to Ketera 's hosted spend management system can receive its analytics through Hyperion's business intelligence dashboard.
Information Builders Shows A Smarter BI Tool
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
The tool is just one example of how business intelligence vendors are increasingly offering more ways to make company data available to more people throughout an organization.
Gartner Insight on BI Platforms Revealed
Commentary  |  1/30/2007  | 
Whenever Gartner cranks out another of its famous Magic Quadrants, we inevitably see the vendors in that prized top-right quartile cranking out press releases announcing their success. Sometimes they even purchase reprint rights to the Quadrant itself, which gives us all a peek at the outcome.
Microsoft Researcher Missing At Sea
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Blog: Noted database researcher Jim Gray set out Sunday morning to do something that I have done twice, sail from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge across 27 miles of ocean to the Farallon Islands. He hasn't returned.
Real ID Act Gets 'No' Vote In Maine
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
State Legislature demands a repeal of the 2005 law, citing identity theft vulnerabilities for citizens and an unfair financial burden on states.
The BS in Business Intelligence
Commentary  |  1/30/2007  | 
In the last year, corporate management seems to have gained a better understanding of what business intelligence (BI) means to organizations. Executives finally are realizing that information about performance and the metrics that measure it are keys to improving their bottom line. Yet even so, they have invested far less in efforts to support BI than in other areas of information technology.
Analysis: Information Builders, FAST Advance the Search/BI Combo
News  |  1/30/2007  | 
Two vendors make headway in applying easy-to-use search technology to structured information and reports.
Modeling Software For The Biofuel Industry
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
Pavilion Technologies urges a combination of consumer education and retail help to reduce the need for foreign oil.
Avoiding Failure: The Better Part of IT Valor?
Commentary  |  1/29/2007  | 
It felt confessional to explain to a friend the other day that typically my greatest value as a consultant comes from helping enterprises avoid making a big mistake. Usually the looming mistake is selecting the wrong software for their needs. That just doesn't sound as triumphant as "restored them to profitability," or "instituted a fabulously successful publishing regimen."
Three New BI-Style Tools for Investment Managers
Commentary  |  1/29/2007  | 
The business intelligence movement rolls on and one of its benefactors is Wall Street. It's a good fit -- after all, what asset manager wouldn't want the most insightful views of the right data? I was recently briefed on three new or updated data analysis tools: one for analyzing the blogosphere for stock tips, one for analyzing SEC data, and one for portfolio backtesting. Here's what I found interesting.
Fast Challenges Data Warehouses By Combining Search And Real-Time BI
News  |  1/29/2007  | 
Fast says the new software will let users build in days reports that previously took weeks to create from traditional data warehouse and BI technologies.
Sybase Closes Books On Record Year; Mobile Offerings Expanded
News  |  1/26/2007  | 
New license revenue hit $327 million thanks to an increase in sales of the company's Adaptive Server Enterprise.
Kana Beefs Up Hosted Call-Center Apps
News  |  1/25/2007  | 
Kana Software has added a knowledge-management module to its hosted call-center applications.
Linking Insight to Action: The Next Big Goal
Commentary  |  1/25/2007  | 
I've had a number of conversations in recent days around the theme of linking analysis to action. There's lots of frustration out there, understandably, because managers and executives increasingly have plenty of tools that spot problems -- reports, alerts, dashboards, KPIs, scorecards, etc. -- but they're not connected to levers that enable them to take action.
Enterprise Search Is Not Dead
Commentary  |  1/24/2007  | 
Someone tell the vendors. Two fine blog entries point out that search vendors miss the point when they reposition themselves as business intelligence or business processing suppliers. Gilbane's Lynda Moulton finds vendors attempting to "stave off their own boredom" with enterprise search. MarkLogic CEO Dave Kellogg sees search vendors as "distracted with a strategic vision."
Hyperion Agrees To Buy Decisioneering
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
The business intelligence vendor plans to integrate Decisioneering's predictive analytics software with the System 9 suite.
Microstrategy Previews Web 2.0-Style Dashboards
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
To bring BI insight to the masses in an engaging way, Dynamic Enterprise Dashboard tap the power of Flash and Ajax.
GeoCommons Promises Free Data for Map Mashups
News  |  1/23/2007  | 
A new social network looks to tap into auto-generated maps to allow for various analyses.
OpenPages Unveils Governance Platform
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
OpenPages launches a major upgrade of its software platform for governance, risk and compliance management.
In-Focus: Keep Sales and Operations Planning Simple
News  |  1/22/2007  | 
Top-performing companies practice sales and operations planning with the same consistency and simplicity, setting long-term goals and meeting each month to review progress and assign action items.
Mind the Gaps in Decision-Making Data, Processes
Commentary  |  1/22/2007  | 
A new study shows that at least 40 percent of execs aren't happy with their companies' decision-making abilities. The DecisionROI Institute launched the "Business Traction From Better Decision Action" initiative in Q2 2006 to explore the state of decision-making and come up with suggestions for best practices. Based on interviews with more than 300 executives, the institute's "Business Traction" report found that...
HP Christens Russian Research Lab
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
HP booked about $1.4 billion in sales in Russia last year, about 10% of Russia's total market for IT products. HP's sales there are growing nearly 24% a year.
Pennsylvania Police Use Database As Crime-Fighting Tool
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
More than half of the municipalities in one Pennsylvania county are sharing criminal and investigative information on a shared database.
TSA To Clean Up "No Fly List"
News  |  1/19/2007  | 
The Senate reviews the agency's plans to cut the list in half by February and avoid misidentifying citizens as terrorists.
Cognos Acquires Celequest: A Smart Move!
Commentary  |  1/19/2007  | 
Dashboards are the face of BI for a very important user constituency: managers and executives. Given the importance of this aspect of a total BI solution, it came as little surprise to me that Cognos nabbed Celequest, a small player with a powerful dashboard solution. Until now, Cognos' own dashboard solution has been limited to that of a single Report Studio document. While Cognos 8 brought some improved visualizations embedded in Report Studio documents, it misses the mark for one essential d
FullTilt Upgrades Product Information Management Suite
News  |  1/18/2007  | 
FullTilt releases an upgrade of its product information management suite for business-to-business commerce.
A Long-Term View on the Cognos/Celequest Deal
Commentary  |  1/18/2007  | 
Everyone agrees that Cognos' purchase of Celequest, announced yesterday, will broaden the BI vendor's footprint. Celequest gives Cognos a real-time, operational BI/performance management play it lacked. That will bring Cognos into settings in which insight is only of value if it's immediate. But the true value of the deal will hinge on how transferable and how integrated Celequest's real-time technology and hybrid appliance/SaaS model will be with the Cognos 8 BI platform.
IBM Reports Strong Fourth Quarter Results
News  |  1/18/2007  | 
For the full year, IBM said revenue in 2006 was $91.4 billion, a 4% year-over-year increase.
Earnings Preview: IBM Unlikely To Report Big Gains For 2006
News  |  1/18/2007  | 
The bright spot for IBM could be the company's enterprise software business with offerings like Websphere and Tivoli, along with security and SOA products.
Cognos Buys Dashboard Specialist Celequest
News  |  1/17/2007  | 
Cognos acquires dashboard software specialist Celequest, which also brings to the business intelligence vendor a BI appliance and a software-as-a-service platform. Financial terms were not disclosed.
Terrorists Tap Info On Google Earth
News  |  1/17/2007  | 
British Army intelligence sources suspect the mapping software is being used in some rogue attacks.
HP Forms New Software Unit For BI, Info Management
News  |  1/17/2007  | 
The company extends its consulting services but lets its partners customize the dashboards, analytics, and reports.
Top Ten Reasons Your ECM System Runs Slowly
Commentary  |  1/17/2007  | 
1. The average size of electronic documents has grown to a point where current network bandwidth is insufficient to deliver documents to the user in a sensible time frame 2. You are running your ECM system on old hardware and operating systems that need upgrading 3. You are delivering native format files to end users rather than making use of rendering functionality 4. You have allowed your users to dump content into your repository without concern for process, rules or structure, and now it's
Supreme Court Lets Stand Key IBM Legal Victories
News  |  1/17/2007  | 
The lawsuits, if they had been reinstated, could have cost the computing company a total of more than $1 billion in damages and penalties.
Cognos Offers Business Intelligence For
News  |  1/16/2007  | 
Cognos is offering its namesake business intelligence tools to customers of through the latter company's third-party application marketplace.
Microsoft Partners With Teradata In Business Intelligence
News  |  1/16/2007  | 
The two companies are working to integrate Teradata's Enterprise Data Warehouse with Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Services.
EnterpriseDB's Open (Source) Deception
Commentary  |  1/15/2007  | 
Andy Astor, CEO of EnterpriseDB, stated in November, "Our offering is unique among open source databases." That's blatant, open deception; a cynical attempt to exploit the open-source label. How does EnterpriseDB see it? CEO Astor, in an April 2006 interview, said that "the extensions that we've done [to the open source PostgreSQL that EnterpriseDB is based on]... is code that we share with customers who subscribe to our service." That's open source?!
Will Your SaaS Provider be a Survivor?
Commentary  |  1/12/2007  | 
In the heady, pre-dot-bomb buzz of early 2000, I edited a feature on "21 ASPs and What They Can Do For You." They were called "Application Service Providers" back then, but that term was displaced, first by "hosted," then by "on-demand" and most recently by "Software as a Service" (SaaS). I was surprised when a quick Web tour turned up only about a third of these vendors still very visibly in the hosted/on-demand business. That should give you pause -- and reason to do thorough due diligence --
On-Demand Twist: SaaS as Stepping Stone to Software
News  |  1/12/2007  | 
The CTO at University of North Carolina Charlotte hopes an on-demand pilot project will lead to an enterprisewide rollout behind the firewall.
Teoco Discovers the Good, the Hidden Costs and the Challenges of Data Warehouse Appliances
Commentary  |  1/12/2007  | 
What are the pros and cons of using a data warehouse appliance versus a more traditional data warehouse? We asked John Devolites, general manager, communications and entertainment solutions at Teoco, to share with us his experiences with three data warehouse appliances. The bottom line: he's very happy with the price and his new, fast query rates, but don't call these appliances -- they're a far cry from the simple, plug-and-play boxes that the word "appliance" conjures up.
Oracle Upgrades Free SQL Developer Tool
News  |  1/11/2007  | 
SQL Developer can now import and export data from spreadsheets and other sources, saving tedious re-entry of data.
Tibco Rolls Out Support For BPEL In BusinessWorks
News  |  1/11/2007  | 
Tibco launches a BusinessWorks upgrade that implements the Web Services Business Process Execution Language specification to provide better orchestration of services within a service-oriented architecture.
Pegasystems Improves User Interface OF BPM Suite
News  |  1/11/2007  | 
Pegasystems has improved the user interface of the SmartBPM Suite, adding richer graphics and other visual metrics to make the business process management system less daunting to non-developers and business analysts.
Pilot Scores One for Supply Chain
News  |  1/10/2007  | 
Pilot Software and the Performance Measurement Group partner in providing SCOR Metrics for supply chain performance management.
Humans and Avatars: The Ghost in the Machine
Commentary  |  1/10/2007  | 
The January 10 New York Times ran an intriguing article, "Computers Join Actors in Hybrids On Screen." It describes a new James Cameron film, "Avatar," in which the movie's alien characters will be designed by computer but played by human actors "filmed using the latest evolution of motion-capture technology -- markers placed on the actor and tracked by a camera." This description says as much about the limits of high-performance computing as it does about HPC's leading-edge capabilities.
Paramount Replaces Cognos With MicroStrategy
News  |  1/10/2007  | 
Paramount Pictures has decided to replace Cognos's business intelligence and reporting software with products from rival MicroStrategy.
JasperSoft, Central Desktop Join's AppExchange
News  |  1/10/2007  | 
BI vendor JasperSoft and business collaboration service provider Central Desktop have integrated their products with and are offering them through the on-demand software company's AppExchange.
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