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Google Revenue Rises, Social Networking Ads Fall Short
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
CEO Eric Schmidt notes that more than half of the company's search traffic is now outside the United States.
VMware Offers Desktop Virtualization As Next Step
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
Industry analyst firm IDC predicts desktop virtualization will be a fresh wave of implementing virtualization technology in the enterprise, amounting to a $2 billion market by 2011.
ELT vs. ETL: Much Ado about Something
Commentary  |  1/31/2008  | 
There's no doubt that ELT - yes, that's extract-load-transform (also called "pushdown") not conventional extract-transform-load (ETL) - is now a mainstream capability. Informatica's inclusion of pushdown optimization in the recently released PowerCenter version 8.5 brings ELT the legitimacy it deserves... I fully expect pushdown will be come a new frontier in the battle for ETL supremacy.
Microsoft Rolls Out Dynamics CRM 4.0 Worldwide
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
The business software was built as a Web-based application, though it can also be used in a traditional client-server architecture.
Microsoft To Provide Automaker Renault With Novell Linux
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
The deal includes the controversial "IP Assurance" clause under which Microsoft pledges not to sue open source users.
Domino's Pizza Tracker Mixes High-Tech With Super Bowl XLII
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
As the restaurant chain plans delivery of 1.2 million pies, the new service lets customers find out whether the pie is being prepared, baked, boxed, or en route.
Hoover's Launches Business Social Network 'Connect'
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
The company markets its Visible Path acquisition as a non-intrusive way to make targeted contacts with key business people through contacts subscribers already have.
IBM Bows Multi-Domain Master Data Management Server
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
Pre-build data models address data quality and consistency problems related to customers, products, accounts, suppliers and more.
Western Digital Drops Price of 320 GB Pocket-Size USB Drive
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
The software that ships with personal drives enable consumers to synchronize content on their desktop with files they take with them.
Feeling Lucky? Don't Tell Google
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
Search engine spammers have ramped up their efforts to ensnare the unwary using a fake link constructed from the search engine's direct results feature.
Put A Brick In It
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
"IT managers continue to place a premium on system reliability as they grapple with storage capacity concerns," started a press release in this morning's inbox. This was the key (and altogether unsurprising) data point of a vendor survey. Why do vendors bother with these blazing insights into the glaringly obvious?
Where's Your Credit Card Data?
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
PCI regulations require companies to protect credit card numbers. But first you have to know where they are. Here's what I've learned from retailers and PCI auditors about step one of PCI compliance.
Are Enterprises Finally Waking Up To RSS?
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
It seems like yesterday I was downloading Newsgator's Outlook-friendly tool to quench my thirst for all the RSS subscriptions I could find.
HyperOffice Links Business Software To iPhone
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
The company's collaboration tools are meant to serve as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, which the iPhone doesn't support at the moment.
Silobreaker advances social-network visualization
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
I'm a fan of network visualizations, by which I mean display of interconnectedness mined from disparate sources. The subject matter could be just about anything: witness the collection of projects at Manuel Lima's VisualComplexity site. Social networks inferred from on-line media prove particularly interesting, the sort of stuff you'll find in static form at Jeffrey Heer's and Danah Boyd's vizster site and dynamically in Linkinfluence's Map of the Political Blogosphere, which I wrote about las
EMC Reports Strong Growth Across All Business Segments
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
The company reported double-digit revenue growth across the board, even in its mature business of information storage and content management and archiving.
Liautaud Takes the Money and Runs
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
Business Objects announced today that its founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Bernard Liautaud, has resigned from those roles and will join SAP's supervisory board in June. With the acquisition of Business Objects by SAP all but complete and the BI agenda being set, at best, by committee, Liautaud is heading for the exit (a well-trod path by executives in his shoes), free to enjoy the well-earned spoils of his success.
Debunking the 'Web 2.0' Myth
Commentary  |  1/30/2008  | 
My thanks to our friend James Robertson for pointing to an important UK study that debunks many of the "Web 2.0" and "Google Generation" myths that currently abound. I have bit of a reputation as a cynic, but the Google Generation is something of which I have simply seen no real evidence, despite vendors and fellow analysts arguing loudly about its importance in today's workplace.
When Superstars Falter
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
If tennis ace Roger Federer were a tech company right now, he might be VMware. Long the dominant player in his sport, he got a nasty dose of reality at last week's Australian Open. Hang on and let me torture this sports metaphor just a little longer -- likewise, VMware got knocked off its do-no-wrong perch
Yahoo Profits Fall 23%, Cuts 1,000 Jobs
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Ari Balogh was named to the post of chief technology officer as the companys for a "realignment" of employees.
Full Nelson: Recommind's Enterprise Search On TechWebTV
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
Groupware. Portals. Enterprise search. I'm not saying they're irrelevant, I just sort of forgot about them. Like tricycles, ER, and Oasis; the use of the word "bashful." But they're all relevant in some way (except probably Oasis), especially enterprise search: Witness -- speaking of bashful -- Microsoft's recent purchase of Fast (see video below for a fun perspective from Steve Ballmer at Web 2.0 on Microsoft and search).
Firefox Gains Share In Europe
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Still, the upstart browser remained a distant second to Microsoft Internet Explorer, which ended the year with 66% of the market, according to Web metrics firm XiTi Monitor.
Sex Offender E-Mail Registry Proposed To Protect Minors Online
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Facebook and MySpace have committed to using the E-STOP registry as soon as it is operational.
Engineering Content Management For A Web 2.0 World
Commentary  |  1/29/2008  | 
If you think we're entering a recession, you wouldn't know it from talking to Alfresco's CEO John Powell.
Analyst's Take: Teradata 12.0 Counters the Appliances
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
More efficient processing, workload management and master data management help handle mixed workloads.
Perplexing Nexus
Commentary  |  1/28/2008  | 
If I were an IT vendor like Cisco and competing with Juniper (telecom) and Brocade (storage), a new Nexus platform and accompanying OS might make a lot of sense, splitting the difference as they do between these two backbone switching markets, each so hungry for terabyte and petabyte capacities. But if I were a storage buyer, I'd probably yawn.
Google Adds Experimental Views Of Search Results
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
The search engine's Labs group tests three possible alternatives to the conventional format of a vertical list.
Blist Social Database Offers Relational-Style Strengths
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
At the Demo 08 show in Palm Desert this week, the company sets out to popularize its version of an online "to-do" binary list.
Skyfire Unveils Mobile Browser At DEMO
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
The software serves up Web pages created using dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, and Java on cell phones, so users can interact with the pages the same way they would on a desktop
CME Group Confirms $11 Billion Offer For NYMEX Futures Exchange
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Officials report discussions are in the "early stages" but the exchanges share common trading technology, which could ease integration.
Marriott E-Health Record System Spots Medical Mishaps
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
The Web-based personal health record system combines medical and personal data in an effort to lower medical costs and reduce errors, and get patients to take more responsibility for their health.
Put-to-the-Test: Embarcadero EA/Studio 1.5
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Process modeling tool highlights include BPMN support, low cost and integration with ER/Studio data modeling environment.
Startup Tackles E-Mail E-Discovery
Commentary  |  1/28/2008  | 
Fortiva has launched an archiving service to address e-discovery for e-mail. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) demand that enterprises involved in litigation be able to produce relevant e-mails within prescribed time limits.
Kalido Brings Visual Modeling to Data Warehousing
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Design tool helps business owners and IT gather requirements, understand information needs and quickly implement production systems and ongoing changes.
Open Source Funding Signals CMS Shakeup
Commentary  |  1/28/2008  | 
The last few years have seen a ton of movement in the open source software market. And the recent string of acquisitions are sure to shake up the business of content management.
Operational BI: Getting 'Real Time' About Performance
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Operational business intelligence is about delivering information to people when and how they need it in the context of business need. Explore the five best practices best-in-class companies are using to drive faster, better decision making and higher customer satisfaction.
Study Finds Most Companies Believe They Underutilize BI Tools
News  |  1/27/2008  | 
In addition, the research done on behalf of business intelligence vendor Noetix found that if companies could do better ROI studies, then it would be easier to get BI projects approved.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release Postponed
News  |  1/25/2008  | 
The company insists the later date still keeps it on track to ship the database software within the original goal of 24 to 36 months after SQL Server 2005.
Google Takes Aim At Domain Tasting Profiteers
News  |  1/25/2008  | 
In January 2007, the top ten registrars engaged in domain tasting accounted for 95% of all deleted .com and .net domain names, according to VeriSign.
Wikipedia To Learn More About Its Volunteers
News  |  1/25/2008  | 
Early findings of the user and contributor survey are scheduled for release at the Wikmedia Foundation's annual conference in July.
EMC Flash Move Catches Industry Offguard
Commentary  |  1/25/2008  | 
Cisco executives have often said they don't need to be first to market with any technology. And we've heard EMC downplay the first-to-market advantage. Still, it's remarkably clear that EMC caught everyone flatfooted with its decision to be the first major storage vendor to add solid-state disk technology to its products.
Cognos 8.3: The Good, the Bad, the Reality
Commentary  |  1/25/2008  | 
Last week Cognos announced the release of Cognos 8.3, its flagship business intelligence platform. The latest release includes a number of improvements both for end users and administrators. Although it is a point release, I'd venture to say it's the biggest since Cognos 8 first shipped in November 2005. Here's my take on highlights and gaps…
The Grim Realities of Content Security
Commentary  |  1/25/2008  | 
My colleague Jarrod forwarded a link to a news story of how one person deliberately destroyed seven years' worth of corporate content/data with ease. Meanwhile, I had another tab open regarding the White House's inability/refusal to archive email messages and had just finished reading about the loss of a laptop containing personal details on 600,000 people - quite a busy day for data destruction.
HP Airs Open Source Governance Tools And Services
News  |  1/24/2008  | 
The company's resource sites and software are designed to prevent IT managers from being blindsided when open source code comes in the door.
What's an HBX Analytics Customer to Do?
Commentary  |  1/24/2008  | 
Omniture completed its acquisition of Visual Sciences last week. So where does that leave HBX customers? For the party line, you can check out the HBX migration FAQ. After reading through it, my guess is that you'll have a bunch of questions. Well, here are some of the questions I'd ask if I were in your position...
IBM Hints At FileNet 2.0
Commentary  |  1/24/2008  | 
Is it just a marketing veneer or is IBM really getting serious about integrating the social Web into its enterprise content management stack?
Renaming the Next Generation Internet
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
Prof. David Farber has issued an interesting challenge: "Endlessly people talk about the Next Generation Internet... I need a name for the Internet-like network we will need when we are faced with end to end optical communications at hundreds of gigabits; multi-core computers (large number) and other now-research technologies." While we shouldn't confuse names with substance,... we understand the power of names to describe and even to inspire, including in the IT world.
I Have A Bad Feeling About This
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
And unfortunately, it's a feeling I've learned to trust: Humor and IT do not make for the best match. Ditto sex and IT, though catch me sometime late at a tradeshow and I might be persuaded to recount the one about the desktop support guy fired by a local government entity for using up more than a quarter of the agency's server capacity with porn he'd stored.
MPAA Overstated Students' Role In Losses Due To Piracy
News  |  1/23/2008  | 
The MPAA now says that college students account for about 15% of illegal downloads. The group attributed the higher figure to human error.
The Money Is On Appliances, CEP, MDM
Commentary  |  1/23/2008  | 
Despite this country's credit crisis, it appears there are still plenty of big-money bets being placed on emerging technologies. This morning alone I've seen three pretty hefty sums put into data warehouse appliances, complex event processing (CEP) and master data management (MDM). Knowing a thing or two about each market, I'd say they are far from subprime investments.
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