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Alaska Air Taps Oracle To Build Customer Loyalty
News  |  12/31/2008  | 
The airline implements Siebel loyalty-program software designed to shift the focus away from revenue-draining free miles and more toward personalized service.
Quality Issues (Still) Plague People Search
Commentary  |  12/31/2008  | 
"If you want to keep your job, use Spoke," advise the folks behind "the fastest growing and most up-to-date business network in the U.S." Sounds like something to look into; social/people networks are one of the most important BI assets to have emerged in recent years. Grading according to accuracy, completeness, quality, usefulness, and usability, I'd give Spoke a low C. Here's why.
LG Adds CinemaNow, YouTube Access To Blu-Ray Player
News  |  12/31/2008  | 
The new services will be available on Network Blu-ray Disc Players shipping in the first half of next year.
AIIM Adds Resources For Content Management Neophytes
Commentary  |  12/31/2008  | 
AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management, has long been a useful resource for established content management industry professionals as well as organizations just getting started with piecing together a content strategy.
Beating Swords Into Data Centers
Commentary  |  12/30/2008  | 
Since my previous post about Canadian startup Bastionhost's hosting plan for an underground bunker in Nova Scotia, I've been investigating a number of former nuclear fallout shelters that have been converted into data centers.
Yes, Trust In The PKI Is Broken
Commentary  |  12/30/2008  | 
The trust in digital certificates relies on the fact that the authority issuing the certificate has validated the identity of the person or company making the request and that the digital certificate can't be forged. New research presented at the 25th Chaos Computer Congress shows that forging digital certificates is possible and practical. Trust in the SSL i
NMAP Network Scanning: A Must-Have Addition To Your Library
Commentary  |  12/29/2008  | 
NMAP, the open source network mapping tool, should be in any network or security administrator's toolbox. It's a feature-rich network scanner that goes far beyond port scanning such as service and OS detection, stealth and evasion modes, and sports an internal scripting engine. NMAP Network Scanning, a reference guide written by Gordon Lyon, a.k.a. Fyodor, is a must-have book to get the most out of NMAP.
Intelligent Enterprise Top-Ten Blog Posts of 2008
Commentary  |  12/29/2008  | 
What did you, the readers of Intelligent Enterprise, like most on this site in 2008? When it comes to our blogosphere, the three keys to popularity are controversy, controversy, controversy. Before we ring in the new, here's a list of our top-ten blog posts of 2008...
Intelligent Enterprise Top-Ten Stories of 2008.
News  |  12/29/2008  | 
How-to articles trump news and trend pieces yet again.
Living With Parallels On Desktop, Server And iPhone
Commentary  |  12/26/2008  | 
I spend 80% of my work life in a 100% Mac shop. I've used VM solutions from Sun, VMware, and Parallels on Apple hardware for InformationWeek. We've been a Parallels shop at my day job 'cause, frankly, it was first out with desktop and server solutions. We're much happier with the latest rev of Desktop.
Who Loves the Incumbent Vendor?
Commentary  |  12/26/2008  | 
Imagine you have been using a particular vendor's technology for the past five or ten years... Now it's time for an upgrade, or even a replacement of that technology. The product did what it was supposed to do at the time, but now technology has moved on and it's time for a refresh... Make sure you consider both sides of the double-edged sword of incumbency.
Facebook, MySpace Could Boost Location-Based Services
News  |  12/24/2008  | 
Integrating LBS and tapping into its anticipated $13 billion market is expected to generate a healthy revenue stream for the social networks.
Looking Into The Content Management Crystal Ball
Commentary  |  12/23/2008  | 
I've never been one to make grand predictions about the future of technology, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy hearing what others have to say. As 2008 comes to a close, a handful of prognosticators are stepping forward to offer up their vision for the future of content management. Here are some of the more interesting lists ...
Plane Crash Survivor Twitters Eyewitness Account
News  |  12/23/2008  | 
Twitter also was instrumental in getting the news out about the April 2007 Virginia Tech shootings and the October 2007 Southern California wildfires.
Cloud Maturity Models Don't Make Sense
Commentary  |  12/23/2008  | 
An issue that's been roiling the cloud computing blogosphere the past few months is the notion of a maturity model for cloud computing, which I oppose. Multiple maturity models (say that three times fast!) already have been defined for a variety of IT subjects, including business processes and at least five or six different ones for SOA, alone.
Multiple Android Phones Expected In 2009
News  |  12/22/2008  | 
Handsets with various form factors will hit the market in 2009, and the emergence of Android could be especially bad for Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian.
How to Buy an Analytic DBMS
Commentary  |  12/22/2008  | 
I went to London for a couple of days recently, at the behest of Kognitio. The main driver for the trip was a seminar at which I was the featured speaker... I delivered practical advice on the subject of how to buy an analytic DBMS, starting with this seven-part self assessment...
Print Media Giants Evolve Into Online-Only Models
Commentary  |  12/19/2008  | 
As more household names from print make the migration to the Web, it will be more critical than ever for them to focus on certain principles that lay the foundation for a successful site. From my point of view, there are three basic things they need to get right: the content itself, the design, and the content management tools.
YouTube Gets More HD Video
News  |  12/19/2008  | 
In a move likely to pique the interest of video news organizations, YouTube also added three new video landing pages.
Computer History Museum Tour in Pictures
News  |  12/19/2008  | 
Our favorite event venue of 2008? Hands down it was the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Take the tour in pictures.
'Wayne Gretzky' Twitter Page A Fake, NHL Says
News  |  12/19/2008  | 
League spokesman says posts on the microblogging service not really from The Great One.
Oracle Reports Growth In Tough Q2
News  |  12/18/2008  | 
While still having gains, Oracle showed that a slowing economy is having an impact on the acquisition-minded juggernaut.
Security Threats Aren't Mitigated By Details
Commentary  |  12/18/2008  | 
Good security programs start with asking the right questions. All too often, security and network engineers sweat the details of some security technology or other and don't examine the most likely sources of attack. I recently overhead the question "How long should I set an IPSec VPN rekey time interval?" Answer the question by asking how worried you are about an attacker breaking into your VPN and how that might be accomplished.
Will IBM Add Analytics to its Toolbelt?
Commentary  |  12/18/2008  | 
The gist of Ambuj Goyal's message in this week's Q&A interview is that predictive and statistical modeling - key offerings for the likes of SAS and SPSS - are overrated... I'm fine with challenging conventional wisdom and seeking simplest-possible solutions... but I won't be surprised if and when IBM acquires an analytics vendor.
PBwiki Leads The Hosted Wiki Pack
Commentary  |  12/18/2008  | 
Few tools are as effective as a wiki when an organization needs to quickly post and collaborate on content. Dozens of free and paid options for creating a wiki exist, but when it comes to quickly and easily creating a wiki with minimal technical headaches, I keep coming back to PBwiki.
IT Jobs Will Be Hot With Obama In The White House
Commentary  |  12/17/2008  | 
There's a little more than a month before President-elect Barack Obama gets sworn in. Based on the hints he's provided so far about his economic stimulus plans and other programs, some pundits are predicting that demand for IT jobs will take off, especially in key sectors.
Dr. Strangelovian Data Center In Nova Scotia
Commentary  |  12/17/2008  | 
Canadian startup Bastionhost this week announced plans to build a secure campus of data centers that will be headquartered in an underground nuclear fallout shelter on the outskirts of Truro, Nova Scotia.
EMC's Decho Gets CEO
Commentary  |  12/17/2008  | 
Harel Kodesh gets to pull double duty as Decho CEO and president of EMC's cloud business.
Critical Internet Explorer Patch Available
Commentary  |  12/17/2008  | 
In an unusual move, Microsoft has issued a patch for all versions of Internet Explorer from v5.5 onward and for all versions of the Windows operating system. Time to roll out that out-of-band patch before your users get infected. Reports of users being exploited are rising.
The Lighter Side of Being CIO
Commentary  |  12/17/2008  | 
I recently came across an article on succession planning for CIO's... and I thought, are you kidding? The savvy CIO knows much better than to foolishly throw it all away through succession planning or any other such nonsense. Here are a few tips for the savvy CIO to stay indispensable...
Who Am I Now? Matching Your Persona To The Medium
Commentary  |  12/16/2008  | 
The rules of social networking get hazy when your business and personal lives intersect online. Taps Text Analytics
Commentary  |  12/16/2008  | 
Spock is a people-search engine, currently in beta release. The company uses "a combination of search-engine technologies and user edits to aggregate the world's people information and make it searchable." Andrew Borthwick, Principal Scientist at Spock Networks, kindly fielded a number of questions about Spock's use of text analytics and Spock's data-quality efforts.
Making The Web - And Your Content - More Accessible
Commentary  |  12/15/2008  | 
Last week, after a long process of drafting and refining the documents, W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative released the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). It's been nine years since the guidelines have been updated, and while the technology behind Web sites has vastly changed, the basic need for accessibility hasn't.
Yahoo Opens Mail, Toolbar To Social Networks
News  |  12/15/2008  | 
Based on the company's development software -- Y!OS -- the revamp represents an attempt to reinvent itself as a social network.
U.S. Adults Choosing Internet Over Sex
News  |  12/15/2008  | 
Nearly half of the women aged 18 to 44 surveyed, or 46%, said they would rather go without sex for two weeks than give up the Internet for the same amount of time.
The True End User Experience for BI
Commentary  |  12/15/2008  | 
This video will help you understand the essence of the end-user experience for business intelligence, and the message is delivered in ten seconds. Keep it in mind as you deploy BI more broadly...
Workday Updates SaaS Offerings
News  |  12/15/2008  | 
The updated human resources software as a service includes features for helping managers track the total cost of employees.
SugarCRM Taps The Web For Lead Info, Other CRM Data
News  |  12/15/2008  | 
The Cloud Connectors draw data from service providers' sites using Web services technology.
In-Database Analytics: A Passing Lane for Complex Analysis
News  |  12/15/2008  | 
What once took one company three to four weeks now takes four to eight hours thanks to in-database computation. Here's what Netezza, Teradata, Greenplum and Aster Data Systems are doing to make it happen.
Q&A: Ambuj Goyal on IBM's Path to Prediction and Optimization
News  |  12/15/2008  | 
Touting new industry- and domain-specific alternatives, Big Blue's Information Management GM says predictive and statistical modeling are being used as "a hammer" for many business problems for which they are not the right tool.
Oracle Customers: Want More Detail on the Oracle Database Machine?
Commentary  |  12/15/2008  | 
Oracle made a lot of tantalizing claims when it introduced the HP Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server at October's Oracle OpenWorld. Still, there were plenty of questions in the wake of the launch. What are the configurations? What are the costs? When does it make sense to switch from conventional warehousing?... Here's a must-attend Webinar for any Oracle customer contemplating a data warehouse upgrade.
Solid-State Drives In The Data Center
Commentary  |  12/12/2008  | 
It's no secret that data centers are power-hungry beasts. Here are some widely acknowledged facts about the current energy consumption of data centers:
Greek Riots, Teen Tribute Flood Messaging, Video Sites
News  |  12/12/2008  | 
Internet discussions and videos about the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Athens have drawn thousands of viewers and included discussions urging more demonstrations.
What Makes a Good Business Analyst?
Commentary  |  12/12/2008  | 
What's needed to excel as a business analyst and to get projects started on a good footing? Forrester Research, for example, has published a spreadsheet (called the Business Analyst Assessment Workbook) that lists more than 150 attributes of a good business analyst... Here are 10 items from the Forrester list that I found particularly interesting and beyond the obvious...
Problems Reported Between Obama Transition Team And NASA's Griffin
Commentary  |  12/12/2008  | 
President-elect Barack Obama's transition team is rumored to be having some trouble with NASA.
Alfresco And Joomla Launch Industry's First CMIS Implementation
Commentary  |  12/11/2008  | 
Alfresco continues to blaze the trail when it comes to real-world implementations of the proposed Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard. Its latest step forward was the release this week of a module that allows integration between Alfresco and Joomla systems.
Jaspersoft Gets $12.5 Million, Red Hat An Investor
News  |  12/11/2008  | 
The venture funding follows news that Red Hat is embedding Jaspersoft's Business Intelligence Suite for the satellite version of Red Hat Network.
Surround the Warehouse: Prediction for 2009
Commentary  |  12/11/2008  | 
The data warehouse has been positioned as the sole source of analytical data in organizations, but that is changing. Rather than trying to remodel the data warehouse to accommodate fresher and more detailed data (operational systems, process logs, etc.), these data sources will operate in parallel as complementary feeds to analytics. It takes too long and is too expensive to expand the data warehouse concept to do this.
EMC Opens Business Intelligence Competency Center
News  |  12/11/2008  | 
The center would offer potential customers 'one-stop shopping' by delivering joint technology from EMC and partners Greenplum, IBM, Microsoft, Netezza, Oracle, ParAccel, Sybase, Teradata and Vertica.
Tech Companies Outline White House Steps For Safer Internet
Commentary  |  12/11/2008  | 
Several technology giants have backed a plan to increase cybersafety. A group, whose membership includes AOL, AT&T, Cisco, Google, and MySpace, to name a few, has released a list of online safety recommendations for President-elect Barack Obama's administration.
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How Enterprises Are Attacking the IT Security Enterprise
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