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Google Shows Off Android App Winners
News  |  8/29/2008  | 
All of the 10 teams that won the Android Developer Challenge top prize of $275,000 utilize GPS in some manner.
Busy Week For E-Discovery
Commentary  |  8/29/2008  | 
Three new product releases aimed at the electronic discovery market close out the last week of summer.
Content Management Help For Law Firms
Commentary  |  8/29/2008  | 
Lawyers need a little love from content management systems, too, and the recent product and partnership announcements from Open Text and Interwoven should fit the bill nicely.
Start-Ups Bring Google's Parallel Processing To Data Warehousing
News  |  8/29/2008  | 
Aster and Greenplum have made Google's MapReduce compatible with SQL for use in the parallel data warehousing systems based on open source PostgreSQL.
Zi Renews Nokia Contract
News  |  8/29/2008  | 
The multiyear contract to provide its text products to Nokia calls for a 100% increase in first year revenue over the existing contract, the company says.
Learning about Text Analytics
Commentary  |  8/29/2008  | 
I spend a lot of time on teaching materials on text analytics: articles, presentations, and courses. I've gotten positive feedback about my introductory materials, which I designed for practitioners (like myself) rather than for academics or researchers. There are great resources out there — technical papers and white papers, case studies, software, etc. — but you have to get the basics down first...
MapReduce: And You Were There
Commentary  |  8/29/2008  | 
There's been a lot of buzz lately about Google's MapReduce framework for speeding up the processing of large datasets. It makes you wonder, did Google just dream this up in last couple years while all of the database vendors were sleeping? Or, paraphrasing Isaac Newton, were they standing on the shoulders of giants? The answer is, both.
Acquia Expands Its Commercial Drupal Private Beta
Commentary  |  8/28/2008  | 
It appears that Acquia, the startup focused on releasing a commercial version of open source content management system Drupal, is moving briskly toward a full launch. Its private beta program has kicked into high gear this week with a new batch of invitations being given out at both Drupalcon Szeged and by TechCrunch. Going forward, Acquia plans to dole out about 100 new invi
IBM Expands Its Information On Demand Strategy
News  |  8/28/2008  | 
The updated software tools help position the company as a provider of all of a business' data management needs, including content management, data cleansing, and data integration.
No Blueprint Yet For Private Clouds
Commentary  |  8/28/2008  | 
Many people don't like the concept of "private clouds," including my colleague John Foley and Sam Johnston ("The case against 'private clouds' "), since by definition cloud computing involves letting people plug into shared IT services in data centers that aren't their own. As oxymorons go, though, private cloud computing doesn't st
FBI Arrests Blogger Over Online Music Sharing
News  |  8/28/2008  | 
Los Angeles music blogger Kevin Cogill is accused of posting Guns N' Roses songs online before their commercial release.
Why MapReduce Matters to SQL Data Warehousing
Commentary  |  8/28/2008  | 
Greenplum and Aster Data have both just announced the integration of MapReduce into their SQL MPP data warehouse products. So why do I think this could be a big deal? The short answer is "Because MapReduce offers dramatic performance gains in analytic application areas that still need great performance speed-up." The long answer goes something like this...
Biden's Record Is Inconsistent On Cyber-Rights Issues
Commentary  |  8/28/2008  | 
Joe Biden has a mixed record on privacy and Internet civil liberties issues. He often votes with the FBI and media companies against consumers and citizens. He sponsored legislation designed to make it illegal to circumvent copy-protection -- even on content and devices you legally own. He also sought to weaken encryption, and introduce a bill like the controversial PATRIOT Act long before 9/11. But in other areas he's defended privacy and cyber-rights.
Micosoft's SQL Strategy For Massive Data Sets
Commentary  |  8/27/2008  | 
Cloud computing service providers like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are all hard at work on a new generation of parallel data processing tools that will make it easier for each company to store and analyze enormous data sets such as search logs and click streams.
Using A Wiki In Your Enterprise
Commentary  |  8/27/2008  | 
Although it seems that they've have gained more traction and attention over the past few years, growing a successful wiki in most organizations is still often a grassroots effort, driven by dedicated technologists and content providers.
MIT Model Helps Computers Think Like Humans
News  |  8/27/2008  | 
The researchers' algorithm lets computers use multiple approaches to examine data, much like the way humans size up the world.
Dell Explains Cloud-Computing Trademark Attempt
News  |  8/27/2008  | 
The computer maker can appeal the Patent Office's rejection of its trademark application for the commonly used term.
hi5 Offers Mobile Social Networking In 26 Languages
News  |  8/27/2008  | 
The social networking site's hi5 Mobile service is aimed at smartphone and PDA users worldwide.
TDWI Roundup: BI Bake Off on the Beach?
Commentary  |  8/27/2008  | 
Back from sunny San Diego, place of TDWI's annual world conference. I kicked off my week with a birds-of-a-feather networking event. The most popular table? The business-IT partnership, which also happens to be one of the top barriers/enablers to BI success. The different perspectives - and just how polar opposites they could be - bordered on amusing.
Finding Out If SharePoint Is Right For Your Organization
Commentary  |  8/26/2008  | 
With a quickly growing market share and a broad set of functionality, SharePoint has become one of Microsoft's most recent success stories. For almost any organization considering an investment in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, SharePoint is probably somewhere on the short list. But like anything else, one size does not fit all, and SharePoint isn't a silver bullet to meet every organization's needs. So how do you find out if it will meet yours?
Amazon Buys Social Network For Book Lovers
News  |  8/26/2008  | 
Shelfari is a nearly 2-year-old social networking Web site in which users build virtual bookshelves of the book titles they've owned or read.
Mozilla's 'Ubiquity,' A Command Line For Web 2.0
News  |  8/26/2008  | 
The goal is to make it easier to combine data in the Web browser and allow users to define their own commands, like macros than span applications.
Obama's VP Text Reached 2.9 Million
News  |  8/26/2008  | 
With the success of the announcement, advertisers may take a closer look at SMS as a marketing tool, Nielsen Mobile said.
REST Vs. SOAP, Round 2
Commentary  |  8/26/2008  | 
Damien Katz, who created the innovative document-oriented database CouchDB, recently stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy among RESTful software enthusiasts with his post entitled "REST, I just don't get it."
Disney Exec Wins Award Named For 'Last Lecture' Author Pausch
News  |  8/26/2008  | 
Ed Catmull is the first winner of the award, which will be given annually by Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center.
Any Extra Change Jingling In Your Pocket Lately?
Commentary  |  8/26/2008  | 
Tech salaries inched up recently after slumping earlier this year, according to a new wage report from an IT services and staffing firm. Could this the beginning of an upward trend or just a blip?
6 Video Cameras For YouTubers
News  |  8/26/2008  | 
We look at compact digital video cameras that make shooting and uploading video clips to YouTube a snap: The Flip Mino, Creative's Vado, RCA's Small Wonder Traveler, DXG's 567VTo, Kodak's Zi6 and JVC's GZ-MS100U.
Facebook Blocks Scrabulous Worldwide
News  |  8/26/2008  | 
The social networking site's ban on the word game follows a legal dispute between the game's creators and Hasbro.
Nedstat Bows 'Live Segmentation'
Commentary  |  8/26/2008  | 
Last week, European Web analytics vendor Nedstat announced a new feature called "Live Segmentation," which enables you to develop customized behavioral analysis across unaggregated Web data. This missing capability was a downside for an offering that competes in Europe with the likes of Omniture, and WebTrends - two vendors already providing a data-warehouse-like features that enable deeper and more customizable analysis.
Zoho Share Simplifies Document Sharing
Commentary  |  8/25/2008  | 
Zoho, a provider of hosted productivity applications, last week introduced Zoho Share. Zoho Share addresses a long-standing user community pet peeve by bringing the documents and files created across Zoho's online applications into one interface which can be shared with other users, and, longer-term, within an organization.
Getting A Perspective On Man In Middle Attacks
Commentary  |  8/25/2008  | 
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have proposed a system whereby you can ensure that when you attach to a server that uses SSH or a self-signed digital certificate and you haven't verified the authenticity of the host identity beforehand, you aren't subject to a man in the middle attack.
iPod Nano To Get Makeover, Digg Founder Reveals
News  |  8/25/2008  | 
Apple's iPod lineup is set for an overhaul, including a thinner Nano with a larger widescreen display, according to Kevin Rose's predictions.
Elfiq Networks A Good Option For SMEs Needing WAN Link Management
Commentary  |  8/25/2008  | 
Ever heard of Elfiq Networks? If you're in the market for a WAN load-balancing device, you might want to add the LB line of products to your shortlist. The LB line is moving big-ticket capabilities down to fit into the budgets of many SMEs.
Yahoo Plans "A New Generation of Search"
Commentary  |  8/25/2008  | 
Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo Research, says that Yahoo "will be launching a new generation of search in two to three months... Search is going to move in a completely new direction." The initiative, per a Financial Express interview, will build on Yahoo's BOSS (build your own search software) platform, which implements a "self-service Web services model for developers and start-ups."
David Raab Offers Kudos for QlikView
Commentary  |  8/25/2008  | 
David Raab is a great fan and former reseller of QlikTech's QlikView. His recent lengthy post about the product is positive enough to have been recommended by the company itself. But of course, no technology is perfect... In particular, the idea that QlikView automagically gives you access to all your information, without any prior work, is refuted...
Old Media Gets The Scoop On Obama's VP Pick
Commentary  |  8/25/2008  | 
When I woke up Saturday morning, I found a text message waiting on my iPhone from the Barack Obama campaign, informing me that the candidate named Joe Biden as running mate. But I already knew that, because I'd already gotten the news the night before -- from newspapers. Old-fashioned journalism -- wordslingers working contacts inside the Obama campaign -- leaked the story in advance of your new-fangled text messaging. Score one for the old school.
Seven Steps to Successful BI Competency Centers
News  |  8/24/2008  | 
From setting a strategic vision and gaining C-level support to promoting successes and responding to emergencies, follow these seven suggestions for developing BICCs that boost business performance.
Coral8 Upgrades CEP Engine
News  |  8/24/2008  | 
Coral8 Engine Release 5.4 includes greater configuration flexibility and enhancements to the vendor's Continuous Computation Language.
Content Management Acronym Soup
Commentary  |  8/22/2008  | 
I was recently (justly) taken to task for assuming that readers of this blog would know what the acronyms in the content management space mean. Not just what the three- and four-letter acronyms we throw around stand for, but also what technologies and processes they actually represent. The funny thing is that even within the content management community, there isn't always agreement. So here's an attempt to try to demystify things a bit.
Cross the BI-Web Analytics Divide
Commentary  |  8/22/2008  | 
At the TDWI Summit this week, I had the opportunity to talk about Web Analytics with enterprise business intelligence (BI) execs. I came away concluding that the worlds of enterprise data and Web metrics still remain far apart... The separation is partly technical and partly cultural.
Untrusted SSL Certificates Indicate A Failure
Commentary  |  8/22/2008  | 
An unknown certificate is a failure in SSL/TLS, and that's how it should be. Ever since Firefox 3 came out, the way it presents SSL-enabled Web sites with self-signed certificates has been called scary and hurtful. Untrusted self-signed certificates should be scary because untrusted self-signed certificates are a failure in SSL/TLS, and a failure in your authen
Xerox Works To Bring Document Management To The Masses
Commentary  |  8/21/2008  | 
Xerox this week announced a new addition to its DocuShare family of content and document management products. With DocuShare Express, small to medium-sized businesses can get a solid, reasonably priced system to manage information and content, all while integrating easily with existing Xerox hardware using the new Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) connector.
Chinese Police Arrest Bloggers Covering Olympics Protest, Reports Say
News  |  8/21/2008  | 
Five American bloggers have been arrested in China while reportedly covering pro-Tibet demonstration.
When to Use Modern DBMS Alternatives
Commentary  |  8/21/2008  | 
If there's one central theme in my blog, it's that modern DBMS alternatives should in many cases be used instead of the traditional market leaders... Here's a summary, reproduced from my most recent white paper, on what kinds of database management system you should use in which circumstances.
Please, Not The 'Mother's Basement' Joke Again
Commentary  |  8/21/2008  | 
After reading how a John McCain staff blogger insulted Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts with a reference to living in their mothers' basements, I'd like to make a plea to mainstream America. This is on behalf of nerds everywhere: Will you please get some new jokes about us?
SharePoint Adds Improved Faceted Search And SQL 2008 Support
Commentary  |  8/20/2008  | 
The past week or so has seen the release of a few enhancements and tools of interest to the SharePoint community -- improvements to faceted search, support for SQL 2008, and a third-party tool to help calculate SharePoint's total cost of ownership.
Peek-A-Boo Look At Intel's Atom Processor
Commentary  |  8/20/2008  | 
In an Intel Developer Forum session titled "Splitting The Atom: A Peek Into The Intel Atom Processor" on Wednesday in San Francisco, Intel Fellow Dr. Shreekant (Ticky) Thakkar and Belliappa Kuttanna, the chief architect of Intel's Atom processor, discussed the technological hurdles Intel overcame in the Atom.
Intel Nehalem Processors--The Next Generation
Commentary  |  8/20/2008  | 
Before a standing-room-only session at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday in San Francisco, soft-spoken Intel Fellow Rajesh Kumar did a high-level walk-through of Intel's next-generation core microarchitecture (Nehalem) processors in a presentation titled "Screaming Performance, Efficient Power."
SaaS Company Replaces Microsoft SQL Server With Oracle
News  |  8/20/2008  | 
Oracle, which has been relatively quiet about cloud computing, is touting a deal to support CaseCentral's software-as-a-service business.
Yahoo Buzz Drops Source Restrictions
News  |  8/20/2008  | 
The news aggregator will now accept submissions from any Web site, not just those handpicked by Yahoo.
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