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Twitter Management Stood Me Up
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
I was all excited to do an interview with the Twitter management team this afternoon, but the appointed time came and went and they didn't show up when they said they would. They were unavailable. This is ironic because one of the points of the interview was going to be Twitter's unreliability and unavailability over the past few weeks.
Why Does Carl Icahn Think He Should Play A Role In Shaping The Future Of Tech Giants?
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
I am sorry, but is this guy the biggest egomaniac ever? The activist investor cum corporate raider not only fiddled with the fate of Motorola, but now he is seeking the removal of Yahoo's CEO, Jerry Yang. Will Icahn ever stop?
Information Builders Elbows In With Predictive Analytics
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
I attended the Information Builders annual conference this week... where they announced and demonstrated a predictive analytics tool called RStat, which is built on top of the R open source project. The movement to provide deeper analytics has been evolving over the last decade, and this year we have already seen new industry partnerships focused on predictive analytics...
Does IBM Think Smaller Businesses Are Lotus Eaters?
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
It has all the buzzwords that smaller businesses love: plug-and-play, turnkey, 30-minute installation, self-healing, built-in management, downloadable, $149 per user. And then there's that other magic word: free! But is that enough to lure smaller business to Lotus?
Goosh: A Command Shell For Google, By Gosh
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
At first I thought this was a nerdy joke, but I played with it a couple of minutes and by gosh it looks useful: Goosh is a Unix-like command line for Google. Type in any of about 20 commands, and Goosh returns the output from Google. Type web microsoft and Goosh returns search results on the Web for Microsoft, ordered by number -- enter any number to go to the corresponding Web page. wiki microsoft returns a Wikipedia search, video
Supreme Court Backs Online Fantasy Leagues
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
Striking a blow for fantasy-league owners everywhere, the Supreme Court on Monday declined to intervene in a suit involving Major League Baseball and a Web-based fantasy-league operator.
ProStor Boosts RDX To 500 GB
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
Taking advantage of the new 500-GB, 2.5-inch laptop drives recently released by Hitachi, Samsung, and Fujitsu, ProStor Systems is boosting the maximum capacity of its RDX removable disk cartridges, making them an even more viable alternative to tape for SMB backup and archival storage.
BI Innovation From the Inside Out
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
Some of the most interesting BI innovation of recent days has come from a, well, likely source: insiders itching for another go at BI, a chance to (re-)do it right. Ward Yaternick is a case in point. Ward led Cognos development teams, with lead responsibility for the PowerPlay OLAP engine. He created OLAP@Work, an Excel add-in to access Microsoft OLAP Services that he subsequently sold to Business Objects. Ward has been building a new company/product, nextanalytics, that unquestionably repre
Meet Me In Boston On June 9 For A Free 'Evening In The Cloud'
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
While there's no shortage of events that you can attend to find out more about the various Internet-based substitutes for the solutions you might normally run on your own servers or in your own data centers, there's no event where the question "Can you run all of your IT in the cloud?" is being asked. That's the public conversation that I and other CIOs and IT pros will be having with Amazon, Google, and at this coming Monday's free tech meetup in Boston. I'm calling it an
Computer Science 101: Gates And Google
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
A corner of Carnegie Mellon University's normally quiet campus is a noisy mess these days, due to construction of the new Gates Center for Computer Science, a steel-framed building perched high atop concrete columns. The site is only a hundred yards from CMU's Collaborative Innovation Center, home to none other than Google.
Nokia: Video Calling Uptake Slow Because People Are Vain
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
This is rich. Video calling services that send live video feeds to/from mobile phones use really interesting technology that has many potential uses. The problem is, most people have decided that the view of themselves captured by mobile phones "isn't very flattering."
A Quick Look At Facebook's Open Source
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
The other week, when representatives from Facebook mentioned that they'd be open-sourcing significant portions of their platform, I hazarded a guess that they would be providing at most a set of APIs. Now that Facebook's actually released some code under the aegis of the Facebook Open Platform, I had a look-see. To my
OmniUpdate Upgrades Its Flagship CMS
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
As the school year comes to a close and students and faculty start to thin out, it's a good opportunity for campus IT departments to look at making the upgrades and system changes they've been delaying until they have minimal user impact. For schools looking at upgrading or evaluating a content management system, OmniUpdate's latest revision to OU Campus, its flagship CMS, comes at the right time.
Clickability Wins Award As Best CMS
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
The Clickability On-Demand Web Content Management Platform recently won the 2008 CODiE Award for Best Content Management Solution. While some awards don't carry too much weight, the CODiE award submissions are judged by industry peers and members of the SIIA, which means there's no monkey business with the ballot box. This win for Clickability is a nice feather in its cap.
Blogosphere Eyes Hillary Clinton's Last Stand
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
As the last two Democratic nominating contests approach, Sen. Hillary Clinton's online presence hasn't diminished.
Cloud Computing vs. Green ECM
Commentary  |  6/3/2008  | 
If there is a buzz around Web 2.0 in the Content Technology community, then there is a roar in the wider IT community around Cloud Computing. It's a great term, "Cloud Computing," as it conjures up visions of an invisible Internet... it sounds fluffy, it sounds cool, it sounds limitless, it sounds like the future.
Sensationalism: The Established Media's Only Answer To The Long Tail?
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
In response to my last post (the one on why both the NY Times and were off-base about the connection between blogging and heart failure), several readers wrote to offer an opinion about the direction that the NY Times' coverage is taking. Have you noticed the dramatic background music being played on your favorite local or national news program? The river of graphic headlin
Windows 7 Will Be A Lightly Tweaked Windows Vista
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Last week, Microsoft gave a teeny, tiny bit of information about the successor to Windows Vista, currently named Windows 7. There wasn't a lot of real meaty data in its disclosures, but it said enough to reset any expectations you might have that Windows 7 would be a radical departure from Windows Vista.
Mars Probe Uses Twitter To Communicate With Earthlings
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
NASA is using Twitter to communicate with its closest friends on Earth. The Phoenix Mars Lander account on Twitter is, and it started posting to twitter May 7 from interplanetary space. In that short time, it's accumulated about 15,000 followers, making it the 14th most popular Twitter in the galaxy, according to Twitterholic.
Twitter Struggles With Downtime, While Fending Off Irked A-List Bloggers
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Twitter is coming off a rough couple of weeks. The service seemed to be down more often than up, and had to switch off services like SMS and instant messaging in order to throttle demand on its servers. If that wasn't enough, the Twitter team has had to fend off sniping from A-list bloggers like Robert Scoble -- who got the idea that Twitter was blaming him, personally, for the outage -- and TechCrunch.
Untangle: Aptly Named
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Scarcely a week goes by when I don't hear about yet another new (or relatively new) open source project that stands in for a proprietary solution. Consider Untangle, a network gateway appliance that runs on any commodity hardware and handles spam, firewalling, Web filtering and protocol controls, VPN, and tons more. They'll even
Juggling Workloads And The Beach
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Summer is almost here. Do you know where your employees are? When colleagues are on vacation, those back in the office are often left scrambling to make up the work that's left behind, especially when there's a project deadline approaching. But project resource planning tools can help.
Neil Young's Big Green Electric Hybrid Machine
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Neil Young is making tech headlines again, following his appearance last month at the JavaOne conference. This time the legendary Canadian rocker is getting attention for his collaboration with Johnathan Goodwin of H-Line Conversions to transform a 1959 Lincoln Continental into a hybrid electric vehicle.
Google's 'GPhone' Delayed Until 2009
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Before you get all bent out of shape, it's worth pointing out that the GPhone and Android (Google's Linux-based smartphone operating system) are two entirely separate things. Was anyone waiting for the actual GPhone, anyway?
Learn From Other's Mistakes - Encrypt Your Tapes
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
In the most recent of what seems to be an endless litany of mistakes by people who should know better Bank of New York Mellon has used a third party carrier to transport data tapes from one of their sites to another and as Gomer Pyle would say "surprise, surprise" the courier lost the package. Twice. On February 27th they lost a box of tapes with data on over 4 million customers, on April 29 they lost another tape. In addition to responding with the usual, patently untrue, platitude "Protectin
New iPhone Likely Not To Be Subsidized
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
A couple of weeks ago, AT&T's CFO Rick Lindner made some comments that raised the idea of subsidies for the 3G iPhone. Some think the price of the new hardware might be as low as $200. Analysts say no way, Jose. Is AT&T's 3G network playing a role?
Texting For Dollars
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Marketing is often where smaller businesses fall way short of their larger sized competitors. But there are ways for resourceful and creative smaller businesses to compensate: For instance, have you tried texting your customers? It's cheap and easy and it can get you the targeted attention your business craves.
North Oaks, Minn., To Google: Get Lost
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Google's Street Views has caused a fair amount of controversy since its debut in 2007. Many have claimed that it violates basic privacy of everyday citizens going about their business who happen to be photographed by Google's crew. This time, an entire town has demanded that Google remove imagery of it from Google Street Views.
Spreadmarts and the Ideology of BI
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
Excel is the devil and BI tools are the savoir. Spreadsheets are a satanic element we're trying to drive from unrepentant departments. This is because centralized data is good and distributed data is bad. Ideologies exist to simplify the world by trying to separate everything into two buckets: good and evil... Ever try to add a quick formula to a Web-delivered report?
Facebook and Open Source
Commentary  |  6/2/2008  | 
From time to time, Bob Bickel, founder of Ringside Networks , shares some some really interesting thoughts. Here's his latest on Facebook, Open Source, and Social Networking.

SlickEdit 2008 Review
Commentary  |  6/1/2008  | 
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