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Hyper-Inflated Tech Stats Grow 217% Crazier
Commentary  |  7/31/2013  | 
The tech industry is rife with over-the-top, groundless predictions and estimates. Try these on for size.
7 Top Career Paths After IT
Commentary  |  7/31/2013  | 
IT professionals looking to transition to new careers have skills that particularly suit certain roles. Consider this expert advice.
Can Microsoft Rebound From Surface Flop?
Commentary  |  7/31/2013  | 
Clearly, Microsoft's Surface tablets have bombed. Now what will the company do about it, and what does it mean for customers?
Michael J. Fox Foundation Points Big Data At Parkinson's
Commentary  |  7/31/2013  | 
Kaggle Challenge winner Lionsolver proves that passive data collection can improve patient care and medical research.
Google Glass: Autocorrect For Your Life?
Commentary  |  7/31/2013  | 
To offer the right assistance at the right moment, Google Glass will need workflow tech.
6 Ways To Build Trust In Big Data
Commentary  |  7/30/2013  | 
Many business leaders may not believe what big data says, even when it shows increased revenue or efficiency. Big data has to earn their trust.
How To Master The Enterprise Mobile App Lifecycle
Commentary  |  7/29/2013  | 
Enterprises are eager to develop mobile apps, but lack skills and cohesive deployment plans. It's time to take a full life-cycle approach.
Time For Plan B At Intel
Commentary  |  7/29/2013  | 
Windows 8's poor reception has opened a wider door for competitive platforms. Microsoft's partner in the Wintel hegemony should invest in an alternative.
Nexus 7 Reveals Android's Ongoing Flaws
Commentary  |  7/29/2013  | 
Google's new tablet looks sharp, but software incompatibilities and system crashes plagued this test drive.
Udacity: Creating A More Engaging MOOC
Commentary  |  7/26/2013  | 
Udacity cofounder and online education pioneer David Evans sees powerful potential in platform's unique project-based approach.
Why You Need To Rethink Your IT Job
Commentary  |  7/26/2013  | 
As new technologies change behavior, IT pros must attain new skills or risk being ignored.
IBM Mainframes Nipped, Tucked For Cloud Age
Commentary  |  7/25/2013  | 
IBM revived the mainframe a decade ago by embracing Linux. Now it's promoting big data analytics and OpenStack cloud support on System Z.
Brave Tales From The SysAdmin Trenches
Commentary  |  7/25/2013  | 
Comedy. Tragedy. PEBCAK. Systems administrators know them all -- as evidenced by these tales from IT pros recognized on National SysAdmin Day.
Take An Email Sabbatical: 5 Steps
Commentary  |  7/25/2013  | 
Most of us can't simply turn off email during a vacation, but there's a practical way to get away from it while trying to unwind.
Mobile Strategy In Emerging Markets: 10 Tips
Commentary  |  7/25/2013  | 
Building and establishing a mobile strategy in a developing economy presents unique challenges. Here's how to tackle them.
The Death And Life Of Companies
Commentary  |  7/25/2013  | 
Why the aging effects of Big should compel companies to have kids.
Some Higher Ed CIOs Remain Big Data Skeptics
Commentary  |  7/24/2013  | 
Readers had plenty to say when we called for university CIOs to bear down on using and teaching big data. Can you learn from the example of Bill Gates' high school teacher?
3 Disruptive Technologies Gaining Speed
Commentary  |  7/24/2013  | 
Former chief strategist of Netscape says IT leaders should brace themselves now for three big movements: smart cities, car tech and big data analysis.
5 Ways To Tick Off Your IT Recruiter
Commentary  |  7/24/2013  | 
Executive recruiters can help you land your dream IT job -- but are you a dream candidate? These five common mistakes can tarnish your relationship with your recruiter.
5 Things CFOs Hate About IT
Commentary  |  7/23/2013  | 
Technologists love to grouse about how "the bean counters" stand in the way of awesomeness. But guess what? That street goes both ways.
Creative Tests For Your Business Continuity Plan
Commentary  |  7/23/2013  | 
Shake up your continuity training with these challenging exercises that force employees out of their comfort zone.
Social Tools Shouldn't Threaten Corporate Training
Commentary  |  7/23/2013  | 
Social technologies capture value and allow learning to occur in real time and at scale, in ways traditional training tools can't. Social tools pose an opportunity for corporate learning leaders.
Social Business Needs Culture Of Open Leadership
Commentary  |  7/23/2013  | 
Social is less about the technology and more about people making the right connections with one another. Are you making this happen for your company?
SAP Does The Cloud Revenue Shuffle
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
SAP's Vishal Sikka is stepping up, Jim Hagemann Snabe is stepping away. But is SAP changing its business fast enough?
OpenStack Grows Up And China Notices
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
In three years, OpenStack has taken the lead in open source for the enterprise cloud. Fall summit scheduled to take place in Hong Kong.
7 Elements Of A Successful Social Business
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
Social software and tools have made cross-functional collaboration easier than ever before, but beware cultural and philosophical barriers.
Online Programs Target Adults Without Degrees
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
Still a few classes shy of your college degree? You now have more options, as institutions target adult learners with online programs and simplify the process.
2 Concrete Steps Toward Mastering Innovation Management
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
Stop talking about innovation and start doing. Here's how.
Big Data: Know What You Want
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
InformationWeek research shows a lack of confidence in big data analytics. You can push past the fear, but remember presenting the data is as important as finding it.
Microsoft Windows 8 Has No Time To Waste
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
Following disappointing Q4 earnings, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said the company's reinvention will take time. But Microsoft lacks that luxury.
Don't Give Up On The PC
Commentary  |  7/22/2013  | 
The factors hurting the PC market now may not be Intel's fault, but they are Intel's problem. Fix them and we'll talk.
Social Businesses Must Act Like Media Companies
Commentary  |  7/19/2013  | 
A social business strategy should stand the test of time and enable a better content strategy.
Can Big Data Help Save Cycling From Dopers?
Commentary  |  7/19/2013  | 
Current Tour de France leader Chris Froome released data about his physical performance to fight doping rumors. Cycling should think bigger about its data. Gets Updated: A Closer Look
Commentary  |  7/19/2013  | 
Version 2.0 of government's data portal relies heavily on open-source platforms, but finding usable data can still be like looking for buried treasure.
AT&T, Verizon's Upgrade Plans: Insane Choices
Commentary  |  7/19/2013  | 
AT&T and Verizon debuted early device upgrade plans this week. Avoid them if you value your hard-earned dollars.
DISA Mobile Decision Sends Potent Signal
Commentary  |  7/18/2013  | 
Defense Information System Agency's commitment to off-the-shelf mobile tech is likely to ripple across the government as well as health, financial and other security-sensitive industries.
IBM's Future Growth: Details Shrouded
Commentary  |  7/18/2013  | 
IBM second-quarter earnings rise but revenues slide, raising questions about where IBM will find next waves of growth. Some cloud, big data and Watson numbers stay hidden.
Windows 8 Tablets' Big Flaw: Hardware Compromise
Commentary  |  7/17/2013  | 
Windows 8 tablets, available in a variety of shapes and sizes and at a range of prices, aren't selling briskly. Why? Hardware that doesn't strike the right balance.
5 Habits Of Highly Effective Government IT Leaders
Commentary  |  7/17/2013  | 
Former Department of Transportation CIO Nitin Pradhan offers lessons for up-and-coming and incoming government IT execs.
Mobile Developers Must Focus On Tasks, Not Apps
Commentary  |  7/17/2013  | 
We need more brevity in mobile app development. Develop for user needs -- and capture the user's task on a cocktail napkin, not a 50-page requirements document.
Big Data Career Switch: 4 Key Points
Commentary  |  7/17/2013  | 
Looking to retool your skillset to land a job in data science? Beware these issues as you consider university programs.
Mashup Analytics: The Future Of Big Data
Commentary  |  7/16/2013  | 
Mashup IT reflects human behavior, in real-time and on location, and it tracks people changing their behaviors.
Love Your Work, Or Sing The Dinosaur Blues
Commentary  |  7/16/2013  | 
Back from this year's World Domination Summit, I ponder why finding work happiness -- a prerequisite for innovation -- is so dang hard.
Stop Crippling Telemedicine
Commentary  |  7/16/2013  | 
Remote patient monitoring is ready to reinvent routine healthcare tasks. So what are we waiting for?
Big Data's Holy Grail: Better, Faster Decisions
Commentary  |  7/16/2013  | 
Smart companies are cashing into early opportunities to improve decision-making -- increasing the speed at which diverse information sets can be analyzed to derive critical insights.
Cloud Oligarchy? Not Even Close
Commentary  |  7/15/2013  | 
The cloud community is busy debating how Amazon and a few other large vendors will dominate cloud economics. But it's far too soon to count out the newcomers.
How To Beat Online Community Summer Doldrums
Commentary  |  7/15/2013  | 
Summertime is usually down time for user communities. Here's what you can do to re-energize your participants.
Quit Dithering On Digital Business Strategy
Commentary  |  7/15/2013  | 
Digital is the future of business, and the movement needs leaders. You in, CIOs?
Social Collaboration's Big Payoff: Increased Sales
Commentary  |  7/12/2013  | 
OpenTable example shows success with sales collaboration requires focus and discipline.
5 Reasons Your Employees Don't Care About Business Continuity
Commentary  |  7/11/2013  | 
You’ve built a great BC/DR plan, but you missed one critical fail point -- users. Before disaster strikes, address these five reasons that disaster recovery schemes fall flat.
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