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Coming Soon: Servers With Embedded Virtualization

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Sep 12, 2007

Editor's Note

Are CIOs Disappearing (Part II)? If They Don't Master Business Value, The Answer Is 'Yes'

Readers offer various explanations to the question we first posed last week, but the central theme is that too many CIOs remain overly focused on IT arcana rather than revenue growth, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage.

Some say companies don't list their CIOs on their public web sites so as to thwart cold-callers from IT vendors. Yeah, maybe, but there sure are a heckuva lot of other execs listed, of just about any stripe you can think of---don't they buy anything that would have cold-callers pursuing them? That one doesn't hold water.

Some say it's because CEOs are greedy, blind, ignorant, or all of the above. That is no doubt a comforting rationale for IT professionals who feel they've gotten the wrong end of the stick, but again, I'm not buying it as a well-grounded explanation.

One reader said the CIO and CTO jobs are morphing into a new type of role centered on governance, which will lead to the emergence of a new role---chief governance officer---that displaces the CIO and CTO. Intriguing idea, but I'm not gonna bet on that one, either.

The answer that makes most sense to me is that many IT execs, while excelling within the technology side of their positions, have not aggressively mastered business issues, strategy issues, and customer issues.

As 'Jay in Baton Rouge' puts it: "As I look back in retrospect at my former position, I can see that I didn't have the skills and experience to do what my former directors needed -- translate the technology needs into business terms that they could understand....I think there needs to be more training -- and maybe it's already there in the Masters programs of the world, but I haven't seen evidence of it -- for technologists who need to be able to do this translation. That's where IT Managers' credibility will come from."

'Middle Man' says that the shift is coming from the other direction: mainstream businesspeople are becoming more technically savvy, thereby reducing the need for IT involvement in all things technical: "I think that this is happening because technology is getting more user friendly and business side users/management are becoming more technologicaly savy. I have seen at my company where business managers have programming staff report directly to them. They and their staff sometimes work with IT to come up with solutions that fit the business and sometimes work independent of IT on solutions depending on the systems needed in the solution. Going in this direction reduces the need for hierarchal management in IT perhaps this is the reason for the trend."

To read more about disappearing CIOs, and let us know what you think, visit the InformationWeek Blog.

Bob Evans

Quote of The Day

"I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it."-- Mark Twain

Top Stories

Coming Soon: Servers With Embedded Virtualization
VMware and XenSource announce thin versions of their hypervisor technology that can ship pre-installed on hardware.

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VMware's Diane Greene Sees Virtualization Embedded In Servers

VMware Acquires Virtual Machine Management Vendor Dunes

VMware User Group To Feature Management Tools

White Paper

Adobe, BEA Unite On Rich Web Apps For Business

As part of the partnership, BEA will bundle Adobe's Flex Builder, the development environment for Flash, with BEA's own Web app development tool, Workshop Studio.

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Fixes Only Four Bugs

In a small batch of patches, especially after last month's mega batch, Microsoft fixes vulnerabilities in Microsoft Agent, Visual Studio, and MSN Messenger.

Business Intelligence Goes Virtual

Business Objects joins the growing list of software companies offering virtual appliances compatible with the VMware infrastructure.

VMware Introduces Hypervisor For Server Hardware

A host of server vendors plan to ship product with the new hypervisor starting at the end of this year and through 2008.

'Iceman' Hacker Indicted For Running Identity Theft Scheme

A San Francisco man faces 40 years in prison and a fine of $1,500,000 for allegedly hacking into financial institutions to steal credit card information.

Microsoft Simplifies Volume Licensing

Changes include doing away with signature pages spread throughout the agreements and replacing them with a single page signature form that's all a customer needs to sign.

Microsoft, Citrix Adopt Common Virtualization Format For OSes, Apps

The two companies have agreed to standardize their technologies for delivering Windows desktops and applications to thin clients on Microsoft's Virtual Hard Disk format.

Customer Demand Improves Laptop Forecast

Consumers, enterprises, and emerging markets, like India and China are contributing to a revised 2007 forecast of 103 million units shipped, according to DisplaySearch.

Blog Search Engine Technorati Tries New Approach

The initial reaction in the blogosphere tends toward damning with faint praise or outright dismissal.

CIOs Looking To Hire Networking, Wireless Talent In 4Q, Says Survey

Around 14% of the CIOs surveyed by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology plan to hire more staff, while 2% anticipate cutbacks.

Virtual Iron Weighs In As Low-Priced Virtualization Alternative

Virtual Iron, which had early success with Internet-hosted service providers, is offering an upgraded version of its low-cost, hypervisor-based set of software to small and medium businesses.

Microsoft Gets Patent For Automated Privacy Updates

Online privacy is expected to become a bigger issue for computer users as more and more applications migrate from the desktop to the Web.

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Do Online Social Networks Lead To More Real Friendships?
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On The Eve Of Second Life's First Corporate Strike
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Slashing iPhone Price By 33% Equals 300% Jump In Daily Sales
According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, sales of the iPhone have climbed from 9,000 per day at the $600 price point to 27,000 per day at $400 a pop. But can the iPhone keep it up?

AMD Cuts Quad-Core Barcelona Prices To The Bone
The hidden story surrounding AMD's launch of Barcelona are the chips' incredibly low prices. I can't believe you can get a 1.7-GHz, quad-core server processor for $209! I'm already seeing downward pricing pressure on Intel's competing quad Xeons, and it's looking like we're going to have a major price war on our hands.

RIM Launches 'Built For BlackBerry' Web Site
RIM has aggregated a host of BlackBerry software on a new Web site. Everything from news to navigation is available for download in what looks like an attempt to remind people that they can do more with their BlackBerries than just check e-mail.

CIOs Better Check With Legal Before Touting This Tool
LexisNexis has a powerful new tool that IT execs can give their companies' researchers, letting them search some 65 million patent records from countries around the world. But in today's patent litigation minefield, some companies consider the best strategy is to keep researchers ignorant of what's been patented.

Why Apple Won't Bite on Spectrum Auction
According to BusinessWeek, sources say that "Steve Jobs & Co. have studied the implications of joining" the bidding in the upcoming FCC auction of valuable 700MHz spectrum. Well, I have "studied the implications" of becoming the head of the World Bank. Doesn't mean it's going to happen.

White Paper

Path to Profit: Transform your Underwriting Processes
Join Insurance & Technology Editorial Director Kathy Burger, Cindy De Armond, Partner, Insurance Industry Practice, IBM Global Business Services, and Mark B. Gorman, Strategic Research Advisor, Insurance, TowerGroup, to gain insights into how integrating analytics and operations can transform the underwriting process.

Help Your Hospital Avoid Collisions with Administrative, Operational, and Performance Hazards
Threats to daily hospital operations are looming, with new threats constantly appearing. Your ability to identify and acclimate to those threats is significantly diminished without the proper resources. The days of simply providing quality patient care are over. This paper explains how to arm yourself with the right tools to address these threats.

How Empowering Customer-facing Employees Through CRM Technology Leads to Extraordinary Results
In many customer situations, an empowered, engaged employee is a more productive and profitable one. This paper explains some of the research and thought leadership around the benefits to developing employee empowerment programs, as well as the importance of developing a technology solution to empower employees to increase customer value.

Making High Performance Data Protection a Reality for SMBs -- Sepaton
Protecting data is important for any business. Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) typically use tape, but faster, lower cost options are now available. In this paper, learn how to improve data protection using one of these technologies: physical tape, disk storage, and virtual tape libraries.

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