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About The Informationweek Conference

The InformationWeek Conference, hosted alongside Interop Las Vegas, is two days of education and knowledge-sharing on the pain points and innovations in evolving a digital business. The conference, which features sessions led by world-class CIOs, thought leaders and experts, offers the opportunity to network with 250 of your C-Level Executive and Senior IT peers. The final day of the event culminates with the prestigious Elite 100 Awards Ceremony and Gala.

Who Should Attend

The InformationWeek Conference is open to C-Level and Senior IT Executives. If you have any questions about the qualification process, please contact .

*Are you an IT Manager or Director interested in sessions that will help you find actionable solutions to your current IT issues and plan for future developments? Interop Las Vegas is for you!

Informationweek Elite 100 Awards Ceremony And Gala

Following conference sessions and workshops, InformationWeek will honor the nation's leading digital businesses at the InformationWeek Elite 100 Awards Ceremony. Previously the InformationWeek 500 awards, the shift to the more selective Elite 100 Awards marks the 26th year of InformationWeek’s annual ranking.

2014 Agenda

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Location: South Seas Foyer North

Start the morning off right with a continental breakfast provided by the InformationWeek Conference


Location: South Seas D

Speaker: Rob Preston, VP and Editor In Chief, InformationWeek


Location: South Seas D

The NFL not only is the country's most successful professional sports organization and one of its most iconic brands, it's also a cutting-edge digital business, whether it's rolling out Wi-Fi-enabled services to improve the fan experience at games or data analytics software to help teams evaluate player performance and talent. But like her peers in a range of industries, NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle understands that the digital revolution can be as much a challenge as an opportunity, as HDTV and other innovations potentially lure fans away from the stadium. In this keynote presentation, McKenna-Doyle will discuss the NFL's aggressive digital strategy in a range of on-the-field and off-the-field areas, from the evolving game to the Internet of things. Which digital technologies stand to make the biggest difference for teams, coaches, players, and fans?

Speaker: Michelle McKenna-Doyle, Senior VP and CIO, NFL


Location: South Seas D

In this session, the dynamic CIOs of three very different enterprises reveal in rapid-fire (15-minute) vignettes how they're building closer ties with customers by using the latest digital technologies in unconventional ways. These interactive presentations will explore the hard lessons they learned as well as the results they achieved.

Presenters: Loretta Early, CIO, University of Oklahoma
Mike Meadows, CTO, Eli Lilly
Rudy Wolfs, Senior VP, Card IT, Capital One
Moderator: Chris Murphy, Editor, InformationWeek


Informative sessions led by our conference sponsors

Location: Banyan C

The one and only way CIOs can unlock the funding necessary to pursue those snazzier and unquestionably vital new initiatives like Cloud, Social, Mobile is to make a bold decision and take an entirely new approach to IT spending. Far too many companies today find they need to devote 70% or even 80% of their IT budget just to run and maintain what they've already got, leaving as little as 20% for innovation. CIOs need to determine which vendors are exacerbating this problem, and which ones offer modern alternatives that are better, faster, and cheaper.

CIOs willing to tackle this issue will not only earn recognition but also will unlock increased value for their companies.

Speakers: Sebastian Grady, President & COO, Rimini Street
Amy Amerson, Business Unit CIO, Entergy Corp

Location: Banyan B

Vanson Bourne recently surveyed 1,300 IT leaders to understand their use of DevOps strategies and processes, including awareness and adoption, the key drivers and obstacles, the investments they are making, and the real benefits they are experiencing.

The results are revealing and provide valuable insight for any organization who may be considering a DevOps approach, or who may want to expand their current use of DevOps methodologies. What Smart Businesses Know About DevOps will guide you through the research as well as case studies from customers that have significantly sped up their application delivery processes.

Speaker: Andi Mann, VP, Strategic Solutions, CA Technologies


Location: South Seas D

UPMC, a $10 billion a year healthcare provider and insurer, has an explicit goal to drive revenue with its IT innovations. The IT organization's top priority is to improve patient care and lower healthcare costs, but UPMC (formerly University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) also partners with tech vendors and invests in tech startups to create new products to sell to other healthcare providers. At its Technology Development Center, more than 100 people work full time to develop technologies to serve UPMC clinicians, patients and other operations -- and then market what they develop as commercial products. This Q&A session will explore the practical realities of how to drive IT innovations and when it's worth trying to commercialize them.

Speakers: Dan Drawbaugh, Senior VP and CIO, UPMC;
Rebecca Kaul, President, UPMC Technology Development Center

Interviewer: Chris Murphy, Editor, InformationWeek


Location: Palm Foyer

Share ideas from the day as you enjoy a hot lunch with attendees and speakers


Location: South Seas D

Every new wave of technology creates rumors of the CIO's and IT organization's imminent demise. Digital business is no exception. The CIO and IT organization aren't going anywhere, but their roles are changing. In this session, the leader of Accenture's digital business practice will focus on the future of the CIO and IT organization in a digital enterprise, using case examples from a range of industries and geographies. How do the IT organization's role and contribution change? Where does IT play and create value in a world of BYOD, cloud services, data analytics and social networking? Why should companies increase their investments in IT for this digital world?

Speaker: Mark McDonald, Managing Director, Accenture
Dave Bent, Senior VP, Global Information Solutions, Avnet


Location: South Seas D

Sometimes "big data" is a big misnomer. Not every organization will amass petabytes of information, but that doesn't mean they can't take advantage of the latest big data technologies. But there are also cases where large scale is best handled by a conventional database. How can you tell which tool is right for the task at hand? In this panel session, executives on the front lines of data-driven decision-making will discuss their breakthrough applications and the technologies that make them tick, as well as the cases when conventional data technologies do just fine.

Moderator: Doug Henschen, Executive Editor, InformationWeek
Panelists: Bryson Koehler, Executive VP and CIO, The Weather Company
George Llado, VP of Information Technology, Merck & Co.
Andrew Robbins, CEO, Paytronix


Location: South Seas D

This fast-paced, interactive Q&A session brings together three very different startup CEOs and a longtime tech industry investor to challenge the IT status quo—and get some sparks flying. Are CIOs and IT organizations ready for today's digital innovations and speed of business? Is the CIO becoming less relevant? Can the cloud handle ERP and other core applications? These are the kind of rapid-fire questions the CIOs and IT leaders in the audience will discuss and debate.

Moderator: MR Rangaswami, co-founder, Sand Hill Group
Panelists: Sandra Kurtzig, founder and CEO, Kenandy, and founder and former CEO, ASK Group
Frederic Laluyaux, CEO and President, Anaplan
Gaurav Dhillon, CEO, SnapLogic


Location: Palm Foyer

Join your peers in taking a moment to reflect on the day over drinks and hors d'oeuvres


2014 Speakers

Speaker Photo
CIO & Senior VP, General Motors
Speaker Photo
President, Oracle
Speaker Photo
Co-Founder and CEO, Box
Speaker Photo
Battery Ventures Technology Fellow, and Former Netflix Cloud Architect
Speaker Photo
Speaker Photo
CIO, University of Oklahoma
Speaker Photo
CIO, Power & Water, GE
Speaker Photo
Executive VP and CIO, The Weather Company
Speaker Photo
CTO, Eli Lilly
Speaker Photo
Founder and CEO, Kenandy
Speaker Photo
VP and CIO, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
Speaker Photo
President, UPMC Technology Development Center
Speaker Photo
CEO, SnapLogic
Speaker Photo
Business Unit CIO, Entergy Corp
Speaker Photo
Principal Security Consultant, Neohapsis
Speaker Photo
Senior VP, Global Information Solutions, Avnet
Speaker Photo
CTO, CounterTack
Speaker Photo
VP of IT Application Development and Testing, Dish Network
Speaker Photo
President & COO, Rimini Street
Speaker Photo
President, Yeoman Technology Group
Speaker Photo
Executive Editor, InformationWeek
Speaker Photo
CEO and President of Anaplan
Speaker Photo
VP of Information Technology, Merck & Co.
Speaker Photo
VP, Strategic Solutions, CA Technologies
Speaker Photo
Managing Director, Accenture
Speaker Photo
Editor In Chief,
Speaker Photo
Editor, InformationWeek
Speaker Photo
VP and Editor In Chief, InformationWeek
Speaker Photo
Co-Founder, Sand Hill Group
Speaker Photo
Chief Executive Officer, Rimini Street, Inc.
*Commentary Desk Panelist
Speaker Photo
CEO, Paytronix
Speaker Photo
Senior Security Analyst, InGuardians
Speaker Photo
Senior VP, Card IT, Capital One


Hotel Photo

Mandalay Bay Resort, LV

Mandalay Bay South Convention Center, Level 3
South Seas D Ballroom

The InformationWeek Conference and Elite100 Awards takes place during Interop Las Vegas. This year it will be held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. All InformationWeek Conference attendees are welcome to attend Interop keynotes and visit the exhibit floor.


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