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In This Digital Issue:

  • State Of Storage: Our latest storage survey shows the pain caused by double-digit data growth rates. Kurt Marko's analysis includes a six-step plan to keep your storage network up to speed.
  • Virtual Machine Backups: Best practices to protect your virtual machine disk files from system failure.
  • Bob Evans On SAP: Five reasons the world's biggest software company is ready for a breakthrough year.
  • Fritz Nelson On Google's Honeycomb: Is anyone else tired of hearing about gee-whiz tablet technology that's not available?
  • Healthways CIO: "Confidence is the only metric of consequence" when it comes to measuring IT effectiveness.
  • Java Under Oracle: IBM and Apple are standing behind Java, but unity has a price.
  • Microsoft-SAP Duet, Act II: The first try at integrating SAP with Microsoft front-end interfaces flopped, but this one looks more promising.

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