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In This Issue:

  • Open Government Mandate: Federal agencies must increase transparency and engage the public in new ways. Here's how they're doing it.
  • Top Fed Leadership Priorities: Cross-agency collaboration, hiring and retaining top talent, and automating processes are some of the biggest challenges, according to our Technology Leadership In Government Survey.
  • Obama's Budget For Tech: 2011 budget proposal would cut IT spending while steps to cut costs get implemented.
  • Q&A With Defense CIO: Defense Department Deputy CIO David Wennergren talks with J. Nicholas Hoover about what it takes to oversee the largest IT budget and organization anywhere.
  • Q&A With Postal Service CIO: CIO Ross Philo talks with John Foley about innovation and automation at the Postal Service.
  • John Foley: Stop dancing around open government as if it's some sort of skunk works and evaluate it based on hard returns.

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