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In This Issue:

  • Virtual Trouble Ahead: IT teams are in for problems if they don't manage their virtual environments better, especially as virtualization moves beyond servers.
  • Beyond Smartphones: They go by a variety of names--netbooks, smartbooks, mobile Internet devices, and booklets. Here's what to consider as you evaluate these next-gen mobile platforms.
  • 9 Cloud Computing Questions: A well-crafted service-level agreement and exit strategy are essential as you engage with cloud computing providers. Here are nine important areas to focus on.
  • SAP's Reorg: In the wake of CEO Leo Apotheker's sudden resignation, co-founder Hasso Plattner vows that a new management style will drive innovation.
  • Federal CTO Job In Jeopardy? The description of the nation's chief technology officer's position is so fuzzy, it could jeopardize the role's existence, Congressional report warns.
  • Bob Evans: Steve Jobs torpedoes another stale business model. What you can learn from the Apple CEO and his new iPad as they revolutionize the book business and pick a big fight with
  • Rob Preston: What keeps companies on top.

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