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In This Issue:

  • 6 Critical Trends In Data Centers: They're hot, crowded, and more strategic than ever. Growing demands, flat budgets, and emerging technologies have IT pros sweating the details to make data centers run more efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Networks Get Smarter: Vendors are investing in technology that enables the network to morph into an intelligent, application-aware hub. If they have their way, the network of the future will control and manage the entire application stack.
  • 10 Steps To Acing A FISMA Audit: Anyone working with a federal agency will face a Federal Information Security Management Act assessment sooner or later. The best way to sail through is to know what auditors are looking for.
  • What's IT Worth: Northwestern Mutual Life CIO explains how his team puts a dollar value on IT, as an investment asset and not an expense.
  • IBM Cloud Goes Live: It's focused on doing online application development, which is often the first time companies experiment with cloud computing.
  • Bob Evans: One CIO gets a firsthand look at how her CEO views cloud computing, starting with the name.
  • Art Wittmann: When it comes to cloud computing, being an early adopter is OK, as long as companies take a pragmatic approach.
  • Rob Preston: The most strategic IT vendors--our second list, this time with numbers 11 to 20.

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