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In This Issue:

  • Outsourcing: Why Aren't We Better At This? With cloud computing, outsourcing management is more important than ever, yet many IT shops still aren't doing it well. Get insight from our 2010 outsourcing survey.
  • Better E-Discovery: Backup tapes can kill an e-discovery effort with costs and complications. Fight back with smart policies and the right tools.
  • Massachusetts' Data Security Law: New law is a sign of scary times ahead for data holders everywhere.
  • Sentiment Analysis: SAS service tracks and analyzes social media and other customer chatter.
  • IBM Bulks Up Cloud E-Mail: Vendor boosts hosted e-mail service with integration of, Skype, Silanis e-signature services, and UPS shipping data.
  • Bob Evans: Microsoft pushes BI for the 500 million knowledge workers who could benefit from its capabilities.
  • Art Wittmann: Cloud computing won't cure the common cold, even if someone somewhere claims it will.
  • Rob Preston: As we emerge from the recession, it's time to reassess priorities, make structural changes, and not just play catch-up with the spending we put off.

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