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In This Issue:

  • 4 Ways To Get Doctors To Go Digital: Small healthcare providers must move fast to adopt electronic health records or they and the hospitals they work with will miss out on government funding. Learn how four hospitals used different approaches to get doctors on board.
  • EHRs Under Lock And Key: Finding the technology to lock down personal data is easy. Understanding the requirements is hard. Here's what you need to know.
  • Thumbs Up For Meaningful Use: Final rules on the "meaningful use" of e-health records look reasonable to many healthcare providers.
  • Good Broadband Means Good Care: FCC considers changes to rural healthcare program to make broadband available to more providers.
  • Interview With Dr. David Blumenthal: National health IT coordinator discusses risks for physicians who consider skipping EHRs and other concerns.
  • Dr. John D. Halamka: Decision support, event-driven alerts, voice recognition, social networks--the EHR of the future should have it all, says Beth Israel Deaconess CIO.
  • John Glaser: Partners HealthCare CIO lays out four steps we must take to speed EHR adoption.

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