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InformationWeek's August SMB digital supplement provides IT leaders at small and midsize businesses with actionable advice on business continuity and disaster recovery technologies. Access is free, but you must be a registered member of the InformationWeek Business Technology Network. (Membership is free and takes only a few minutes.) Please register below, and click the "Go To Digital Issue" button at bottom of page. Or log in above if you're already a member.

In This Issue: SMB Data Protection

  • Backup 911: SMBs face a huge range of BC/DR options. We profile some IT pros who've cut through the hype and adopted integrated approaches.
  • Back In Business: Think you can't afford tight recovery points? If you're virtualizing servers, you already have what it takes to get back up and running fast.
  • Test Drive A Hybrid: A hybrid backup system, that is. You don't have just one type of data, so why use a single protection method?

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