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In This Digital Issue:

  • The State Of Databases: New database options, as well as concerns about licensing and security, could shake the status quo, our exclusive research finds.
  • What's So Great About NoSQL? It's faster and cheaper than conventional databases for some tasks, and the foundation for Web 2.0 pioneers. Yet many IT pros don't know enough about NoSQL.
  • How To Protect Unstructured Data: It's one of the fastest-growing content types, and protecting it takes a new approach.
  • Why Eli Lilly Loves The Cloud: CIO Michael Heim explains how cloud services help scientists launch first-stage research faster, without IT's help.
  • FBI Reins In Runaway Project: The FBI will bring a troubled case management project in-house, demoting contractor Lockheed Martin to a support role, in hopes of avoiding delays and cost overruns.
  • Bob Evans: Hewlett-Packard has lagged Oracle and IBM in purpose-built machines. HP says it is ready to answer.
  • Art Wittmann: Three business leaders demonstrate how IT needs to set the agenda, not just serve it.

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