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Five Rules For Bringing Your Real-Life Business Into Second Life

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Aug 22, 2007

Editor's Note

Back At Louderback: Why I'm Sticking With Windows Vista

Outgoing PC Magazine editor Jim Louderback has caused quite a stir with his column slamming Vista . Me, I'm sticking with Microsoft's glitzy, though resource-hogging, operating system.

Louderback's criticism centers on what he sees as big problems with Vista's sleep mode and with the way it handles network connectivity. Here's his money quote:

"The upshot is that even after nine months, Vista just ain't cutting it. I definitely gave Microsoft too much of a free pass on this operating system: I expected it to get the kinks worked out more quickly. Boy, was I fooled! If Microsoft can't get Vista working, I might just do the unthinkable: I might move to Linux."

Of course, the Slashdot crowd is in a tizzy. Some posters have even gone so far as to suggest that it's easy for Louderback to slam Microsoft now that he's moving on to a new Web 2.0 job. (He's leaving PC Magazine to become CEO of online video site Revision3.) Louderback replies on Slashdot (here), saying that he "didn't leave because I was sick of pandering to Windows , or any of those other suggestions. PCMag has always been, and will continue to be, independent. The editors there make the best decisions about products based on their voluminous knowledge and experience, not because of advertisers. Witness the strong Mac-based reviews recently, for example."

OK, so we'll stipulate that editors don't pull their punches. Still, it's interesting to note that the conversational imperative of the Web makes for more of these from-the-gut columns than we had in the old days of the monolithic media.

As for me, I respectfully disagree with Louderback. Here are five big reasons I'm sticking with Vista:

Read the rest of Alex's thoughts in the Wolfe's Den.

Alex Wolfe

Quote of The Day

"Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining." -- Jef Raskin, interviewed in Doctor Dobb's Journal

Top Stories

Five Rules For Bringing Your Real-Life Business Into Second Life
If you're thinking about establishing yourself in Second Life -- or are wondering whether you should -- we've got five rules that will help your new venture be a success.

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White Paper

Microsoft Readies Its Unified Communications Platform

The upcoming October 16 release will solidify Microsoft's push to sell telecom managers communication services that business application developers can incorporate.

Adobe Flash Player Goes High-Def

The Flash Player upgrade, now in beta testing, will support higher quality audio and video via standard H.264 video and High Efficiency AAC audio.

Microsoft Sets Launch Date For Voice And Video Software

Bill Gates and Jeff Raikes will help introduce Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Office Communicator 2007, and Microsoft Live Meeting.

Vermont Volunteers For Secure ID

Under a DHS initiative, the enhanced driver's license will be slightly more expensive than a state driver's license and will require proof of citizenship, identity, and residence.

Phony Job Ad Nets More Stolen Identities

The data appears to be being stolen and stock piled by one hacker group using the latest variance of the Prg Trojan.

Do You Need A Personal Achievement Device?

The NXTlynk PAD comes with light-pulsing glasses that are said to stimulate and relax optical nerves and content dealing with wellness topics and mastery of various skills.

A Power Tool Approach To Unified Communications

Black & Decker is planning on expanding its Avaya IP telephony infrastructure overseas after success in migrating its communications infrastructure.

Cell Phones Don't Cause Car Crashes, New Research Suggests

The study conflicts with the conclusions of more than 125 earlier studies, which generally found that cell phone usage tended to increase the incidence of accidents.

MTV, Verizon Wireless, And Real Networks Challenge Apple's iTunes

The companies announced a joint venture to deliver music for PCs, portable devices and mobile phones.

Half Of Companies Blocking Workers' Access To Facebook

Two out of three people said they are worried about information co-workers are sharing on social networking Web sites.

Infineon To Buy LSI's Mobility Group To Boost GSM Capability

About 700 LSI employees are slated to join Infineon's Communications Solutions business group.

Corporate Social Networking Startups Attract VC Funding

The latest to get funded is SelectMinds, which offers business controls not found on Facebook

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Future Of 4G Finally Firming Up?
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The Future Of Virtualization And What That Means For CIOs
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Cell Phone Customer Fakes Death To Avoid Cancellation Fees
That's right. A Verizon Wireless subscriber was so desperate to avoid paying the $175 contract cancellation fee that he had a friend fax a faked death certificate to Verizon. Too bad being dead didn't work.

Back At Louderback: Why I'm Sticking With Windows Vista
Outgoing PC Magazine editor Jim Louderback has caused quite a stir with his column slamming Vista. Me, I'm sticking with Microsoft's glitzy, though resource-hogging, operating system.

Readers Respond: What Does Your E-Mail Signature Say About You?
Who would have thought signing e-mail was such an interesting subject? We heard from quite a few people with their own observations, following our recent blog about what people's e-mail signatures say about them.

SaaS Startup Offers ERP via the Web
SaaS vendor Workday has announced a beta version of Workday Financials, an ERP solution.

Red Shift: Lame Buzzword Or Deep Insight?
Here's a sentence that didn't make it into the final draft of my "Red Shift" feature, which leads off this week's print issue: "Also gaining currency among a wide swathe of CIOs faced with insatiable computing demands, the red shift concept promises (or threatens, depending on our point of view) to join 'tipping point' and 'long tail' in the business-buzzword pantheon." So is the red shift just a deft bit of Sun propaganda, or a deep insight into the future of computing demand?

White Paper

Path to Profit: Transform your Underwriting Processes
Join Insurance & Technology Editorial Director Kathy Burger, Cindy De Armond, Partner, Insurance Industry Practice, IBM Global Business Services, and Mark B. Gorman, Strategic Research Advisor, Insurance, TowerGroup, to gain insights into how integrating analytics and operations can transform the underwriting process.

CGS Email Management & Archiving Solution Proves Successful for NYC Department of Health
Users at The New York Department of Health maintained large email mailboxes and required direct 24 x 7 access. CGS’ Unlimited Mailbox allowed the archiving of all GroupWise emails, prior to the migration to Exchange. The Unlimited Mailbox solution for Exchange was then implemented to ensure email management during the Exchange platform transition.

How to Succeed with Offshore Software Testing When Almost Everyone Else Fails
Offshore software testing projects fail at a greater rate than most other types of offshore projects. Most of the research into this problem points to very generic reasons. This paper identifies why offshore software testing projects fail, quantifies the impact of a failure and gives a list of actions that can prevent failure from happening.

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