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Google Keeps What Ask.com Erases

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Editor's Note

Resisting Smartphones Is Futile

Mobility is changing everything. Not only will sales of smartphones surpass laptops in a few years, but 1 in 8 U.S. households has cut their wireline telephone services in favor of wireless. Will enterprises ever cut the cord?

Smartphones are on fire. Sales of the productivity-enhancing products are surging at a 30% compound annual growth rate, and will outpace sales of laptops in just five years. In fact, In-Stat analyst Bill Hughes likens them to the Borg: Resisting smartphone adoption is futile, if you want to be as productive as your coworkers or competitors, you will assimilate and get one.

In response to a question about a recent In-Stat study, he said, "There are still many people who passionately believe they need just a (plain cell phone). I would like to see them keep an open mind. Realistically, over time people will come to see their peers with smartphones and they will just want a phone -- but they also will want to have navigation and real-time traffic, e-mail, etc. Before they know it, they will have a smartphone."

Hughes also believes that smartphone penetration in other countries will outstrip adoption here in the United States. "It's hard to communicate to an American audience how computer-centric we are compared to other regions. [We focus on] big screens, full keyboards. Frankly, a PC isn't necessary in a lot of parts of the world. The net result is that we have a hard time getting our heads around the notion of using a smartphone as a laptop replacement. At the same time, [my research shows] that if it could be done well, a lot of people would be very interested in that solution. But they consider the keyboard too small and the screen too small (on current smartphones)," he said.

I think people -- and enterprises -- will overcome these limitations. Many of them already have...

Read the rest of my thoughts and post a few of your own on InformationWeek's Mobile Weblog.

Eric Zeman

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Quote of The Day

"I am in earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard." -- William Lloyd Garrison

Top Stories

Google Keeps What Ask.com Erases
Google uses AskEraser data to fight click fraud and to present contextually relevant ads, but should you be worried?

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Google Accounts For More Than 65% Of U.S. Searches

White Paper

Adobe To Open Source Data-Connection Technology For Rich Internet Apps

The source code for Adobe's messaging, data, and remote procedure call services will be packaged under a new open-source product called BlazeDS.

SIIA Offers Cash To Replace Counterfeit Software

Consumers could be eligible for up to $500 toward replacement software for turning in sellers of pirated programs.

Icahn Renews Pressure To Break Up Motorola

Wall Street financier Carl Icahn argues that breaking up Motorola would likely improve the company's long-suffering finances and stock price.

AMD's Eight-Core Server Chip 'Montreal' Due In 2009

The company lays out its two-year manufacturing schedule while apologizing to Wall Street for delays in volume production of its quad-core Barcelona processor.

eBay Plans To Appeal $30 Million Patent Ruling

A federal court upheld a decision that eBay intentionally infringed on patents held by MercExchange.

Google-DoubleClick Deal Suffers Setbacks

Privacy implications top a ranking congressman's concerns, while potential conflict of interest is on the minds of online rights groups.

Opera Hits Microsoft With European Antitrust Complaint

The requests aren't without precedent, as the EC last year forced Microsoft to detach its Windows Media Player software from Windows Vista.

Trade Commission Favors Nokia Over Qualcomm In Patent Case

Administrative Law Judge Paul J. Luckern ruled that GSM/GPRS/Edge handsets manufactured by Nokia don't infringe on three Qualcomm patents.

The New BlackBerry Store

The first BlackBerry store had its grand opening in Farmington Hills, Mich.

Red Hat Integrates Tools Into JBoss Developer Studio

The package includes the JBoss Application Server, JBoss Hibernate object-to-relational database mapping, and the JBoss Seam application development framework.

Scripps Networks Launches Online Real Estate Listing Service

The site plans to add user-provided information on areas where homes are listed to answer the question of "what it's really like to live in specific neighborhoods,"

Google Keeps What Ask.com Erases

Google uses AskEraser data to fight click fraud and to present contextually relevant ads, but should you be worried?

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Resisting Smartphones Is Futile, You Will Be Assimilated
Mobility is changing everything. Not only will sales of smartphones surpass laptops in a few years, but 1 in 8 U.S. households has cut their wireline telephone services in favor of wireless. Will enterprises ever cut the cord?

Blog Away! Movable Type 4 Goes Open Source
As of yesterday, the content-management and blogging solution Movable Type officially went open source -- in other words, free for everyone to use for any purpose, business or personal. SixApart, the maker of MT, calls it "a milestone." I couldn't agree more.

Google Takes Mobile Fight To Microsoft's Doorstep
Google's latest mobile software offering takes aim at the heart of Microsoft Exchange. Google has made it possible to sync your Gmail, applications, your own domains, and now your Google calendar with your BlackBerry's on-board calendar application. No pricey Exchange servers and licenses required.

We Need To Talk: End Users And IT Security
Another survey points to end users as the weakest of the weak links in the IT security chain. More evidence that security training is a must -- as in mandatory -- for all employees.

Is Your Computer Keyboard Dishwasher Safe?
My keyboard is pretty nasty. It just accumulates dirt. About a year ago, I made a new rule for myself: No eating at my desk. That helped a little, but my keyboard still looks like a fraternity house after homecoming weekend. So I was excited to see this news on the Internet: Most keyboards are dishwasher safe.

Will Business Use Of GPS And Location Services Go Vertical Next Year?
Location and GPS seem to be on everyone's minds these days. Seeing as it's the end of the year, it's time to break out the crystal ball and see what lies ahead. Where will GPS and location services go in 2008? Will the market for these mobile technologies fragment into vertically specific applications or will there be one set of horizontal mobile GPS apps?

Second Life CTO Leaves Amid Reports Of Falling Out With CEO
Cory Ondrejka, who was employee #4 at Linden Lab, the company that develops Second Life, either quit Tuesday, or was fired.. As with most high-level corporate departures, his going out the door was marked by a terse, vague statement by his -- former -- employers, and a great deal of discussion on blogs. The big question for the Second Life community: Will the change mean faster fixes for the stability and usability problems that plague the grid, or will Ondrejka's departure make things worse?

Nokia Goes Green
Here's yet another example of how a tech company is "going green": The world's No. 1 phone maker, Nokia, has developed an Eco Sensor Concept that involves a wearable mobile phone and a sensing device that analyzes your health and surrounding environment.

Knowing When To Change Is Half The Battle
The world of Web 2.0 can turn on a dime. And the horse you rode into this business may not always be the one you finish the race with. Just ask the pioneers behind Journalspace and Reezle, who had to adapt to the fast and fickle world of social networks or face extinction.

A Look At Google Android Running On Prototype Hardware
Still anxious to see what Google's Android will actually look like? While we've yet to see any Android-powered phones, Japanese wireless company Willcom has shown a prototype of hardware running Google's mobile OS. Check it out.

White Paper

2008 U.S. Professional CRM Certification Seminar Series
The 2008 U.S. Professional CRM Certification Seminar Series is scheduled to tour the following cities: Washington, DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia. You can join the tour as a sponsor on one or all cities on the tour. Participants attending our seminars are from the global 1000 and US government.

B2B Collaboration: Assessing the ROI of Process Integration
Business and IT leaders are under increasing pressure to improve B2B collaboration and the electronic communication capabilities of their organizations. This report looks at the key drivers for B2B collaboration in both the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash areas and provides an ROI framework to help companies assess their areas of opportunity.

A Leading Power Utility Reaches for Transactional Efficiency
A leading power utilities company had a substantial amount of money being paid out in duplicate payments and auditor's fees. The company's director of accounting services considered this a serious problem. The Oversight project originated with and was driven by finance professionals.

e-Procurement Overview: An In-Depth Look Into the Reverse Auction Process -- eDynaQuote
Many purchasing organizations have felt increased pressures to streamline and improve their current purchasing practices. The use of reverse auctions helps both purchasing organizations and their suppliers to stay current with purchasing practices. This paper explains reverse auctions and provides best practices for utilizing reverse auctions.

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Openlink Financial, Inc. seeking Quality Assurance Analyst in Uniondale, NY

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