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Google Vs. Zoho: Can Either Replace Microsoft Office?

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InformationWeek Daily - Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007

Editor's Note

6 Problems With Apple's Leopard OS

While Leopard is a significant improvement over previous Mac OS X releases, it has some notable shortcomings. IPhone users, database developers, people still running Classic Mac apps and folks who are obsessive about backing up will find some disappointments. Here are several of the problems I've already encountered:

Wireless backup using Time Machine: You can't use Time Machine with wireless AirPort Disks. Time Machine is Leopard's slick backup and version-control software, allowing users to roll back files, folders, or the whole system to a previous date. It stores data on an external hard drive. Pre-release versions of Leopard allowed users to connect a hard disk to the AirPort Extreme Base Station, and use that hard drive and Time Machine to back up all the machines on a local network. But that no longer works in the final release.

SuperDuper support: The popular backup software will be updated to be compatible with Leopard shortly after Leopard's release, developers say.

Synching desktop Notes to the iPhone: This has been one of my chief frustration with the iPhone -- there's no simple way to automatically synch plain text documents between the iPhone and desktop. It's a baffling shortcoming: The iPhone is otherwise such a sophisticated device, with many advanced features, and this kind of note-synching is brain-dead simple technology, available in the very first PalmPilot eleven years ago (and probably in other portable handhelds years before then). It's like finding out your cutting-edge rocket-propelled sports car lacks windshield wipers. Early indications were that Apple would fix this lack in Leopard, but now it appears Apple changed its mind.

Classic Mac OS X support: The 23-year-old OS won't even run on PowerPC machines running Leopard. It has never run on Intel Macs. Engadget quips that the only people affected by this will be "Hypercard user groups and the three printshops still running QuarkXPress 4."

Read about my two other Leopard quibbles, and give me some feedback on your experiences, on my blog.

Mitch Wagner

Quote of The Day

"Machines take me by surprise with great frequency." -- Alan Turing

Top Stories

Google Vs. Zoho: Can Either Replace Microsoft Office?
While Microsoft Office currently rules as the king of the office suites, there are at least two online contenders for the crown. Could Google or Zoho truly compete with Office? We try them both out.

White Paper

Apple Sets Two-iPhone Limit At Stores

Apple believes some iPhones have been bought for unauthorized resale, to the chagrin of some consumers.

Platinum Equity Adds Covad To Its Growing List of Telecom Acquisitions

Platinum Equity will pay $1.02 a share in cash, a 59% premium over the closing price of Covad's shares last Friday.

Apple's Leopard Hacked To Run On A PC

Hackers have also been busy opening the locks Apple closed with its most recent iPhone patch.

JPMorgan Xing Adds Electronic Procure-To-Pay Services

The Procure-to-Pay service ties companies' procurement operations and accounts payable systems onto a single platform, says JPMorgan Xing.

NBC, News Corp. Threaten Apple With Hulu

Monday's launch of the ad-supported online video service undercuts the buying of TV shows and movies through services like iTunes.

Microsoft Says Sorry (Again) For Unauthorized Installs

The glitch occurred when Microsoft updated the Windows Desktop Search tool for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP 1+.

BEA: We'll 'Immediately' Sell To Oracle For $21 Per Share

The business software maker's board still resists Oracle's $17 per share offer, despite pressure from a major shareholder to sell.

Verizon Wireless Continues To Drive Parent Firm's Growth

The joint operation with Vodafone recorded $11.3 billion in revenue with a total of 63.7 million customers in its third quarter.

Microsoft Acquires Hospital IT Software From GCS

GCS offers several health-care IT products that run on Windows, including software that automates patient record keeping, billing, regulatory compliance, and clinical workflows.

Skypephone Unveiled; No PC Needed To Make Calls

The 3 Skypephone will cost about $100 and be available in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Macau, Sweden, and the U.K.

Oracle Looking For BEA Stockholder Action?

The database company said it's happy to leave the issue of acquisition -- or hostile takeover -- to BEA's stockholders if its Board of Directors won't negotiate.

Net Gambling Rules An Unfair Burden On U.S. Banks, Group Complains

A pro-gaming group supports improved regulation instead of letting U.S. residents continue online gambling by processing their transactions through foreign banks.

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Broadband Providers Nix Sticks
Testimony before a House subcommittee last week reiterated what we already knew: fewer people in the United States have broadband Internet access than in several other countries, and rural areas of the United States have even less access to broadband than urban areas. They're called "the sticks" for a reason: rural America gets this one stuck to it, too, as it does on a lot of other social, economic, and technical issues.

Why Run Leopard On A PC? A Hacker Explains
In writing an article about how hackers had gotten Apple's new Leopard operating system to run on PCs, I corresponded with the individual responsible for posting a how-to-guide for creating a "hackintosh."

The person who posted the how-to-guide goes by the forum name BrazilMAC and since he responded to my query at length, it seemed appropriate to provide his reply here, mainly because it provides insight into why people hack.

Expect The Worst With Your Leopard Upgrade
When upgrading your operating system, expect the worst. Expect that your system won't boot. Expect your favorite applications won't run. Expect that your essential documents will be deleted or inaccessible. Also, your dog will get pregnant, the milk in your fridge will go sour, and you'll wake up with a big zit on your nose and run into your high-school sweetheart later that day.

Startup Makes Bold Spam-Fighting Claims
Abaca, a startup that launched at last week's Interop NY show, claims to have developed a new approach to spam filtering that guarantees a minimum of 99 percent accuracy.

T-Mobile Wants You To Jump At Its Shadow
T-Mobile's latest Windows Mobile smartphone bucks the utilitarian integument of other devices and dons some sharper duds. It's about the size of a BlackBerry Pearl, and should tempt enterprise and consumer users alike.

Is Facebook One Social Network Or An Aggregator Of Social Networks?
Last week The Economist took Facebook and other social networks to task, questioning their real value and their potential to scale. Is Facebook headed for a brick wall?

Want To Use That New Gift Card To Buy An iPhone? Apple Won't Let You Do That, Either
Wow, Apple must really be trying to alienate its customers. Not only can people no longer pay cash for iPhones, but you can't even bring in a stack of Apple gift cards to pay for an iPhone -- even if those gift cards were paid for by credit cards.

Behind The Scenes With 'The Office' In Second Life
Steve Nelson, an executive VP at Internet marketing company Clear Ink, took me behind the scenes last week for the TV show The Office in Second Life. The company created an elaborate Second Life sequence -- most of which ended on the cutting room floor. I'm hopeful we'll see the rest of The Office's Second Life adventures later this season.

Apple's Leopard Hacked So You Can Install It On Your PC, But Why Would You Want To?
It took a less than 24 hours for an Apple enthusiast site to weigh in with a hack recipe on how to "install Leopard on your PC in 3 easy steps." The big question is, why would anyone want to, given that Windows Vista is almost -- but not quite -- as pretty as the latest incarnation of OS X. The answer, clearly, is to see if it can be done.

Second Life Lawsuit Over Cybersex Toy Theft
You know it had to come to this eventually in the reality substitute called Second Life: Thieves are stealing virtual people's virtual crap, and reselling it to other avatars for real money. And when they're caught red-handed, they've got this great defense -- how can it be criminal, it's only a video game?

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Putting A Price On Document-Based Business Processes -- Hewlett-Packard
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