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Google Wins Patent For Data Center In A Box

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InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Oct 11, 2007

Editor's Note

iPhone Bricking Aftermath: Techies Will Tinker, No Matter What

The hue and cry over iPhone bricking is deafening. That's why the following findings from a survey of readers might comes as a surprise: very few individuals have modified their iPhones in ways that should have voided their warranties; also, very few of those individuals have actually been bricked. Further, Apple's policies were fairly well understood.

So why all the backlash?

It can be summed up in this response to our survey: more than one in three -- or 36% (of 902 responses) -- readers say they typically modify their hardware, software or consumer electronics products and an overwhelming majority -- 92% -- of those individuals do so even if the warranty says they can't do so and retain their warranty. And 78% said they expect manufacturers will stand behind their policies of not supporting altered products.

Here's the gist of what readers are saying:
It's my stinking product, I paid for it, and I'm going to tweak it as I see fit. Warranties, policies, and Apple's vaunted product integrity be damned.

Extending the conversation to Apple, the highest percentage of survey respondents -- 48% -- say Apple does NOT have the right to void warranties or disable phones for unlocking them or adding unauthorized software. A close second -- 45% -- say it does have that right.

Interestingly, 65% of survey respondents feel manufacturers have the right to void warranties for failing to follow their policies. In Apple's case, apparently, consumers disagree with taking that policy a step further and actually disabling the device.

But there was little ambiguity about Apple's policy: 64% of respondents -- many of whom don't own iPhones -- say they were aware of Apple's restrictions.

A small percentage of users acted on their predisposition toward product modification: 18% of those with iPhones have modified them and 18% of those who've made modifications have been bricked. But Apple's approach to carrying out its policy is angering customers: 44% of readers say they are proponents of legal action against Apple, while 42% aren't.

The iPhone warranty issue has been beaten to death. The tinkering question, though, won't ever go away. What about you: Do you do full-blown software and hardware upgrades? And what are your thoughts about how companies should respond in the (hopefully rare) cases when you mess up? What do you think?

Tom Smith

Quote of The Day

"The key to being a good manager is keeping the people who hate me away from those who are still undecided." -- Casey Stengel

Top Stories

Google Wins Patent For Data Center In A Box; Trouble For Sun, Rackable, IBM?
The idea comes at a time when industry experts predict a worsening space crunch for data centers due to high performance demands and expensive real estate prices.

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White Paper

Mozilla Announces Plans To 'Rock' The Mobile Web

Mobile Firefox aims to bridge the desktop and mobile browsing experiences by allowing bookmarks, history, extensions, and other Firefox capabilities to work just as well on mobile devices.

'Auto-Connect' App Links Nokia Users Smoothly To Wi-Fi Hotspots

Devicescape Connect and similar clients are seen as major enablers for the spread of dual-mode devices and alternatives to conventional cellular service.

Dell Launches Thin Client Alternative To Traditional Desktops

Dell says its On-Demand Desktop Streaming technology can reduce IT labor costs by 56%.

Red Hat Calm In Face Of Microsoft's Renewed Patent Claims

If Red Hat takes alarm and responds to the Microsoft assertions, CEO Matthew Szulik warns it will fan the fears, uncertainty and doubt that Microsoft is hoping to exploit.

Security Researcher Warns About Citrix Vulnerability

The flaw could allow an attacker user-level access to execute remote commands on Citrix servers.

E-Health Group Unveils IT 'Blueprint' For Health-Care Industry

The 107-page report recommends a "shared vision" and timeline to guide health-care players in how to improve quality and accessibility of health care.

U.S. Patent Office Issues Rejection Guidelines Based On Court Ruling

The opinion describes how examiners should proceed when rejecting claims on the basis of obviousness.

Sprint Adding BlackBerry Pearl 8130 To Prosumer Lineup

The smartphone will operate on Sprint's EV-DO network, which typically delivers downstream data rates up to 600 Kbps.

Linus Torvalds Releases New Linux Kernel Update

Linux 2.6.23 includes a number of technical enhancements that will be of most interest to developers, including better support for Sun Microsystems' 64-bit Sparc chips and Analog Devices' embedded Blackfin processors.

Google Wins Patent For Data Center In A Box; Trouble For Sun, Rackable, IBM?

The idea comes at a time when industry experts predict a worsening space crunch for data centers due to high performance demands and expensive real estate prices.

Experts Say Google-DoubleClick Deal Likely To Win OK

Antitrust experts predict that Google's purchase of advertising company DoubleClick for $3.1 billion will be approved by U.S. regulators despite vehement opposition from competitors Microsoft and Yahoo.

FTC Sues to Stop Spam Touting Bogus Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Products

The FTC has filed a complaint against several individuals seeking to halt e-mail messages promoting weigh loss and anti-aging products.

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Have An iBrick? Blame The Hackers
A sect of hackers has split from the iPhone Dev Team and claims that AnySIM and iUnlock both had critical flaws that led to the bricking of hacked iPhones during the update to 1.1.1. They place the blame on poorly written hacks by the iPhone Dev Team and have splintered off into their own "elite" team. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Google Needs To Improve Its Mobile RSS Client
How many of you out there use Google's Reader RSS client to compile your feeds? I use it on my desktop, where it works just fine. Using the mobile version, however, is not so satisfying.

Rob Carter, CIO, FedEx: 'It's About Connectedness'
There's a very fundamental shift taking place in the world, Rob Carter told the assembled technology managers at SIMposium 2007: The rising tide of network access is lifting the boats of opportunity.

Better Video Coming To Mobile Phones
Opera sang about some new technology today that it is working on with technology partners to improve video seen on mobile phones. Not TV or movie content, but better video that is embedded in Web sites, such as YouTube. What's interesting is that the technology has nothing to do with wireless networks.

Microsoft Eyeing GPS Company Garmin?
Microsoft is reported to be looking to acquire Garmin, the navigation system company. Makes sense to me, at least technology-wise.

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