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Editor's Note

Microsoft Tight-Lipped On Unix Ownership Question

For months, I've been trying to get Microsoft to answer a few questions about the Unix technologies in its intellectual property portfolio. Microsoft agreed to an interview, then backed out. So the question remains: How much Unix code does Microsoft have its hands on?

Microsoft's Unix roots go back more than 25 years. The company developed a version of Unix called Xenix in the 1980s that was widely used in its day. Separately, Microsoft acquired and distributed a software package called Windows Services for Unix that includes a Unix subsystem, hundreds of Unix utilities, and related tools. That software layer, redubbed the Subsystem for Unix-based Applications, comes included with Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate editions and will be bundled into the soon-to-ship Windows Server 2008. It lets you run Unix apps on Windows.

Just how much Unix code does Microsoft have in its possession, either through internal development, acquisition, or license agreements with other technology companies? And where is that code being used in Microsoft's product line or by other vendors? Microsoft won't discuss it.

Back in August, I asked Microsoft's PR agency if an interview could be arranged with Microsoft's normally talkative IP department. "I can help from the 'UNIX we own and license from others' standpoint," the PR person replied. "Still trying to find a Services for Unix contact for you, but we’ll get there."

But weeks passed, and that contact went quiet. In November, I tried again and was told that meetings were likely if I could wait until after Thanksgiving, but when the holiday passed, Microsoft had a change of heart. "They don’t think that they can find a spokesperson for you to talk with right now," I was told by a second PR contact. What changed? "All I know is that they said they can't."

Why is Microsoft reticent on questions about Unix?

Read some of my theories and post your own thoughts at the InformationWeek Microsoft blog.

John Foley

Quote of The Day

"People are, if anything, more touchy about being thought silly than they are about being thought unjust." -- E. B. White

Top Stories

Image Gallery: Big Apple Store In The Big Apple
Our photographer on the scene captured the frenzied Friday night opening of Apple's newest store, in a cavernous, warehouse-like space on West 14th Street in New York City.

White Paper

Software Defined Radio Can Help Public Safety Groups Use 700 MHz Band

Software-defined radio technology can help public safety agencies and commercial interests share the 700 MHz band, one group argues.

IBM, Partners Claim Breakthrough In Chip Manufacturing

Development of a heat-resistant hafnium-based material is projected to reduce the cost of manufacturing 32-nm microprocessors.

Talks Fall Apart, Writers Continue To Strike Over New Media Rates

Both sides continue to hit the Internet hard with their respective messages including video clips and slick Web effects.

Software Vendors Accuse Prestigious Law Firm Of Piracy

The SIIA charged in a lawsuit that law firm Fox Rothschild is stealing software made by Adobe, Corel, Sonic Solutions, and Symantec.

Web Service Lets Users Try Out Mobile Phones

Mobile Complete's free TryPhone lets users take mobile devices out for a virtual test drive before they buy.

Americans Ingested Too Much Holiday E-Mail Spam, Survey Finds

Symantec also sees spammers trying new techniques, such as spamming via bot-net, audio and video spam, and spamming using protocols for IM, SMS, and online games.

Microsoft Offers Service Pack Blocker

The toolkit halts automatic delivery of OS service packs through Windows Update.

Larry Ellison Controls NetSuite's Destiny Despite IPO

Bidders will determine the actual price in an open online auction, or "Dutch auction," expected to wrap up on Dec. 19.

Internet Searchers Can't Get Enough Of The iPhone, Lycos Says

The top news stories based on searches were the execution of Sadaam Hussein, the Iran conflict, the Pakistan conflict, global warming, and the iPhone.

Imeem To Offer Universal's Music And Videos

Imeem now has deals with all four major music companies to compensate them and their artists by sharing ad revenue.

MIcrosoft Launches Ads On MSN Mobile

When mobile users visit Microsoft's MSN Mobile Web page on their cell phone and smartphone browsers, they'll see banner and text ads.

Microsoft Opens Beta Of Office Live Workspace

Office Live Workspace is not a full, online suite of Office applications, but rather a set of collaborative tools meant to work with the Office client apps.

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IT Spending: Deja Vu All Over Again
When it comes to IT budgets, CIOs are preparing to do more with less -- again. Is this a blip, or a return to the bad old days of IT penny pinching?

Has The iPhone Jumped The Shark?
While Apple's iPhone this year captured the imagination of the U.S. market and spurred a global diagoue about the future of smartphones, it's not taking Europe by fire in the sales department. In fact, if my colleague Eric Zeman is right, the iPhone could be a flop in Germany. What gives?

Should One Laptop Per Child System Run Linux Or Windows?
Microsoft stirred up controversy last week when it suggested a Linux-based laptop for children in developing nations be redesigned to accommodate Windows. Would that be a good move?

Verizon Vs. The GPL
And now Verizon seems to have run afoul of the requirements of the GPL, although I'm betting this won't play out anywhere nearly as smoothly as Asus's kerfuffle with the Eee PC's source code.

Is The iPhone A Dud In Germany?
Apparently being dubbed Times' invention of the year is not impressing the Germans. Sales of Apple's iPhone in Germany are way below predictions, with T-Mobile moving only 700 of them per day.

Redefining Rugged In Notebooks
Worldwide notebook PC sales have finally exceeded desktop PC sales with more than 100 million units sold this year. Taking your notebook with you when you travel allows all of your computing resources to go with you from home to work, to use while waiting on a flight at the airport as well as on a flight and in a hotel room. You use Wi-Fi at home, the office, and at a hotspot, and then wide area wireless (EV-DO or HSDPA) everywhere else. You get to the point that you just assume that your notebook computer is always available.

Email Application The Culprit In Palm Centro Battery Life Problems
Seems Motorola isn't the only hardware manufacturer seeing battery-related snafus of late. Users of the new Palm Centro smartphone have been experiencing horrendous battery life, with it draining in as little as 1 to 3 hours. Blame a password-related email application glitch.

Bug In AMD's Quad-Core Barcelona And Phenom May Be More Serious Than Previously Suspected
On Friday, I thought I'd identified the translation-lookaside buffer (TLB) bug which AMD said was responsible for problems it's having with its new Barcelona and Phenom quad-core processors. Now, two readers claim that the bug is more serious than I suggested. The reason is, while there is a BIOS workaround, they claim the fix results in a big performance penalty. (There's also an operating system fix with no performance hit.) This may be why heavy volume shipments don't seem to be in the cards until Q1, when updated silicon, now being readied, is available.

John Lennon, Then And Now
How did you get your news 27 years ago, on Dec. 8, 1980, the date John Lennon was gunned down in New York City?

Murphy's Law Applied To Outsourcing
Boeing's aggressive effort to outsource development of its new 787 jetliner has resulted in delays, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers and suppliers, all of which, more than likely, has a very familiar ring to many CIOs. How are all these negative lessons-learned affecting future outsourcing plans -- if at all?

AMD Bitten By Barcelona Quad-Core Bug
What AMD has here is a failure to communicate. That's the only judgment one can make, in light of the scrappy semiconductor maker's about-face Thursday regarding shipments of its Barcelona quad-core processor, launched on Sept. 10. For the past three months, AMD has downplayed reports of tight supplies and delays in ramping up manufacturing of the cutting-edge chip. Now, the company seems to be simultaneously admitting to a slow ramp while saying nothing's happening that it hadn't already said was happening. Got it?

White Paper

2008 U.S. Professional CRM Certification Seminar Series
The 2008 U.S. Professional CRM Certification Seminar Series is scheduled to tour the following cities: Washington, DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia. You can join the tour as a sponsor on one or all cities on the tour. Participants attending our seminars are from the global 1000 and US government.

B2B Collaboration: Assessing the ROI of Process Integration
Business and IT leaders are under increasing pressure to improve B2B collaboration and the electronic communication capabilities of their organizations. This report looks at the key drivers for B2B collaboration in both the purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash areas and provides an ROI framework to help companies assess their areas of opportunity.

A Leading Power Utility Reaches for Transactional Efficiency
A leading power utilities company had a substantial amount of money being paid out in duplicate payments and auditor's fees. The company's director of accounting services considered this a serious problem. The Oversight project originated with and was driven by finance professionals.

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Agilent seeking Field Technical Support Rep in Madison, WI

Integral Systems, Inc seeking Software Build Integration Lead in Lanham, MD

The MathWorks, Inc. seeking Program Manager in Natick, MA

Openlink Financial, Inc. seeking Quality Assurance Analyst in Uniondale, NY

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