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Internet Evolution: Don't Fight New Wave Of Digital Content

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InformationWeek Daily - Monday, Oct 15, 2007

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Internet Evolution: Don't Fight The New Wave Of Digital Content

The U.S. Department of Defense earlier this year banned access to YouTube, MySpace, Photobucket, StupidVideos, MTV, and a bunch of other Web sites by soldiers stationed abroad. It makes sense. We're at war, and soldiers shouldn't be playing around on the Internet, sucking up bandwidth, and opening up the military network to security compromises.

But what about your employees? Does access to social networking, video-sharing, and other new media online capabilities mean wasted time and lost productivity or are there legitimate business reasons they might be on those sites? Site blocking is the Defense Department's quick and easy answer to the proliferation of rich media applications. But it's not the only solution and may not be the best one for companies trying to take advantage of all the creative energy surging around online communities and digital content sites. With the right infrastructure and controls, it's possible to keep access open to the many new applications that already are making people more connected and productive.

This is the topic of the first story in our Internet Evolution series. Aditya Kishore, a senior analyst at InformationWeek's sister organization Heavy Reading, examines the forces driving the new online ecosystem and ways that companies can capitalize on it. This series is being done in conjunction with internetevolution.com, our new Web site devoted to investigating the future of the Internet.

For more Internet prognosticating, check out Internet Evolution's ThinkerNet blog of more than 65 Internet contributors, including Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, global futurist and author Jack Uldrich, and General Motors CIO Ralph Szygenda. You'll also find videos, Webinars, news, and more at internetevolution.com.

Stacey Peterson

Quote of The Day

"An ostentatious man will rather relate a blunder or an absurdity he has committed, than be debarred from talking of his own dear person." -- Joseph Addison

Top Stories

The New Media Ecosystem: Resistance Is Futile (And Could Even Be Fatal)
Gamers, YouTubers, and MySpace cadets are sitting in the next cubicles. Stop fighting them and, instead, welcome them into your corporate network.

White Paper

Red Hat, Novell Sued Over Linux Patents

Acacia Research, whose subsidiary filed the suit, recently hired Brad Brunell, who previously was Microsoft's general manager for intellectual-property licensing.

Spirit Of Innovation Celebrated At Control Data Corp. 50th Anniversary

Some 700 alumni stage a reunion in Minneapolis to honor the company that helped bring supercomputing and hard drive technology to the mainstream.

Acacia Research, Linux Patent Adversary, Has Long Litigation History

As of the company's most recent quarterly earnings, Acacia counts 33 lawsuits to which it or one of its 50 subsidiaries is a party.

Oracle Plans Patches To Fix 51 Security Issues Next Week

The update includes 27 security fixes for the Oracle database, 11 for the Oracle Application Server, and 8 for the Oracle E-Business Suite.

BEA Rejects Oracle's $6.7 Billion Takeover Bid

BEA's board of directors appears to think it can get a better offer if it negotiates or rejects Oracle's initial bid.

Lifetime TV Network Boosts Online Traffic With Chat

The cable network expands its relationship with social networking site Paltalk to augment clairvoyant Lisa Williams' Life Among the Dead show.

Russian Spammer Murder Story Deemed A Hoax

Security professionals and bloggers suggest a hacker going by the name Alexey Tolstokozhev may never have existed.

I-Mate's 'Jama' Smartphones Roll With Windows Mobile 6

The devices are intended for mobile professionals, providing features like "push" wireless e-mail, Windows Live Messenger, Excel Mobile, IE Mobile, and PDF viewer.

Microsoft Windows Live Gets Event Planning Tool

The service lets users add graphical templates and maps to slickly formatted event invitations they can e-mail to friends and associates.

Review: Three Weeks With The iPhone As My Primary Computer

While traveling without a laptop, our reviewer used the iPhone as his main computer and Internet device for almost three weeks. He came away with a greater appreciation of the iPhone -- and increased frustration at its limitations.

House Committee Considers Broadband Census, E911 For VoIP

The 911 Modernization and Public Safety Act aims to ensure that people using VoIP can reach 911 operators, while the Broadband Census of America Act would require a detailed census of broadband availability.

Oracle Offers BEA $6.7 Billion; A Hostile Takeover?

A possible intervention by German applications rival SAP can't be ruled out.

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Latest InformationWeek Blog Posts

The Coming Of The iPhone Clones
As we head into the end of 2007 it's time to start thinking about all the new smartphones for 2008. Not surprisingly, DigiTimes claims that there are bunch of iPhone clones being prepared for the new year.

Brief Cell-Phone Use Can Cause Cancer-Related Brain Changes, Scientists Say
Given the high level of anxiety and controversy that surrounds the question of whether cell phones can cause cancerous brain tumors, it's surprising that this new study, from scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, hasn't gotten more attention in this country. Though not quite accurate, this headline from London's Daily Mail gives you the gist: "Only ten minutes on a mobile could trigger cancer."

All-You-Can-Eat IT Service
Sinu provides IT service and tech support to small businesses for a flat monthly fee, regardless of how much time is spent fixing technology problems.

Funny Song: Let's Join A Social Network Just For Two
Ze Frank is back! The author of a hilarious and witty videoblog that ran, by design, for only one year, has returned to the interwebs with a spoof of social networks. Give it a listen; it's just 1:29 long.

The Enemy Within: Disgruntled IT Employee Trashes Payroll Records And Could Get 10 Years
Just when you thought your to-do list already was too long comes the news that a disgruntled IT worker who had bungled his resignation process was convicted of later hacking into and wiping out the company's payroll and personnel files. So we must ask: How prepared is your team for locking out employees in transition?

iPhone Unbricked, But Apple Still Locked
The penultimate chapter in Apple's sad iBricking saga has begun, with news that "good" hacker Erica Sadun has led a team that's come up with a way to have your iPhone cake and eat it, too. Their "jailbreak" procedure lets users unlock their phone and download third-party apps, without getting bricked. (The final chapter will be written if, and only if, Apple opens the iPhone. Don't hold your breath.)

RIAA File-Sharing Verdict Delays Day Of Reckoning On Downloading
I'm sorry to disappoint the record companies, but the Recording Industry Association of America's legal victory against Jammie Thomas, who was ordered by a Minnesota court to pay $220,000 in damages for sharing songs over Kazaa, changes nothing. Kids still steal most of their music, and the recording industry hasn't accepted the reality that it has to bag both the CD and DRM before it has a prayer of reviving itself.

Mobility Needs To Embrace Innovation And Ditch The Demand For Stability And Control
While reading the Bits blog of The New York Times earlier today, it struck me that the wireless industry is still stuck at the same impasse it's been at for years. Isn't it time to ditch the old demands of stability and embrace open technologies and user-driven innovation?

The Debate Over SEO Automation
Some readers take issue with Yield Software's claim that it can automate much of the manual work associated with search engine optimization. Is Yield blowing smoke? Or are SEO experts who make a living on consulting worried about their business prospects?

White Paper

Independent Research Firm Uncovers BPM Trends You Shouldn't Miss
Join this interactive web seminar hosted by BEA Systems, featuring Forrester Analyst Colin Teubner as we explore why organizations are seeking to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and strategic value of key business processes. Find out where BPM is going next and where it can have the greatest impact across your organization.

Governance, Risk, Compliance and Beyond: The Emergence of Strategic IT Risk Management
In this Webcast, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Research Director Scott Crawford takes a look at Strategic IT Risk Management - a coherent approach to developing an enterprise risk strategy.

Best Practices in Delivering DNS/DHCP Services
Given the importance of reliable delivery of DNS/DHCP services, IT managers should be committed to implementing 'best practices' for sourcing and deploying DNS/DHCP network appliances. Best practices lead to optimal deployment; where the architecture successfully manages network complexity and preserves the network's integrity.

Buyer's Guide for Premise-Based IP PBX Systems -- Tippit, Inc
Premise-based IP PBX systems are changing how businesses implement and use their voice communications. This Buyer's Guide examines the premise-based IP PBX market and tells you what to look for in a proposed system. It provides details on what to look for, how to buy, what you can expect to pay and how to maximize your investment in VoIP.

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