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IRS Investigates Oracle Over Tax-Refund Claims

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InformationWeek Daily - Tuesday, Oct 16, 2007

Editor's Note

Linux Doesn't Need To Look Like Windows

After reading colleague Alexander Wolfe's piece about a Linux distro called "Vixta" that apes the look and feel of Windows Vista, I confess to having mixed feelings about the whole thing. Mostly negative ones.

Here's the big reason I feel as uneasy as I do: It's tantamount to an admission of defeat. The only way Linux can "succeed" is if it looks like Windows. And frankly, isn't there something hypocritical about railing against Microsoft for not innovating and then turning around and mimicking them, right down to the chrome on the user interface?

This comes back to a question many people have asked before. Does Linux have to look like Windows to work? Not "beat Windows at its own game," which if you ask me is a red herring, but work. Granted, the Windows UI is familiar territory for most people with at least some degree of computer use, but that doesn't mean it has to be the be-all and end-all of UI design.

I think part of the problem is that starting from absolute scratch with a UI is a terribly daunting project -- why reinvent the wheel when there's plenty of them already around? -- and I can see why that would cause someone to simply reach for what's handy and available instead of trying to break the mold.

It's a temptation that needs to be fought. Even if it's just incrementally and over time, Linux needs to step completely away from Windows as a paradigm for success and see what it can accomplish on its own.

My feeling is that if Linux users create something that is useful and attractive on its own merits -- and that doesn't slavishly owe Microsoft a debt -- it will succeed. I'd rather see more time and effort invested in making Linux the best thing it can possibly be on its own terms, not something that feels obliged to play catch-up at every turn. I want to see more diversity between OSes, not less.

Do you agree? Let us know what you think at the InformationWeek Blog.

Serdar Yegulalp

Quote of The Day

"No matter what side of the argument you are on, you always find people on your side that you wish were on the other."
-- Jascha Heifetz

Top Stories

IRS Investigates Whether Oracle Improperly Claimed Millions In Tax Refunds
The IRS is looking into whether Oracle actually sold shares in three companies and lost money on the transactions.

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Oracle Clarifies Offer After Oracle Snubs First Bid

Oracle Makes Bid To Acquire BEA Systems For $6.6 Billion

White Paper

Tata Earnings Show Offshore Outsourcing Moving Beyond Software Development

Consulting, computer infrastructure management, and business process outsourcing now make up more than 50% of Tata's revenues.

California Court Lets Class-Action Suit Against T-Mobile Go Forward

The suit seeks to prevent the carrier from collecting money for early termination fees and from locking cell phones.

Many Sprint Employees Want HQ Back In Kansas

When Sprint and Nextel merged, the executive offices were moved to Virginia, but with CEO Forsee's departure, many are lobbying to bring it back to Kansas.

Microsoft Set To Launch Unified Communications Software

The products are designed to help companies add voice, video, and instant messaging to their communications networks with minimal disruption.

Universal's 'Total Music' Plan To Challenge Apple's iTunes

Universal CEO Doug Morris is reportedly hammering out a way to provide music from Universal, Sony and possibly Warner, while incorporating the cost into cell phone charges.

Two Men Get Five Years For Sending Pornographic Spam

Spammers Kilbride and Schaffer will also forfeit over $1.1 million in illegal proceeds from their spam operation.

Ex-Qwest Chief Nacchio Says NSA Punished The Phone Company

In a court appeal, ex-Qwest executive Joseph P. Nacchio says the company was in line to get lucrative NSA work, but was rejected after Qwest raised questions about the legality of some of the agency's work.

Airbus A380 Super Jumbo Ready To Fly, Finally

The A380 was designed using state-of-the-art computer design systems. Still, development of the aircraft hit numerous snags, causing production delays of more than a year

Seagate Expands Full Disk Encryption To Data Center Hard Drives

The multipartner initiative will offer FDE technology utilizing IBM's encryption key management system.

Discovery Communications Acquires HowStuffWorks

The deal will help Discovery -- which owns more than 100 global networks, including its flagship Discovery Channel -- market its huge video library over the Internet.

Nokia Ships 8-Gbyte N95 Smartphone With Features Similar To The iPhone

The N95 offers some advantages over the iPhone, including support for 3G cellular technology called HSDPA, integrated GPS, and stereo Bluetooth.

California Bans Forced RFID Implants For Humans

A California state senator criticized the RFID industry for being AWOL on the issue and says it should have supported the legislation.

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Motorola Snaps Up Touch Screen Mobile User Interface Rights
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Symantec To Buy Vontu?
Symantec may be close to announcing the acquisition of Vontu, a company that helps businesses control information on their networks.

Given that Symentec already licenses Vontu's data loss prevention technology, the rumored deal isn't entirely unexpected.

Watching Oracle Try To Acquire BEA Beats Reruns Of Dynasty
The IT world has its own versions of young, hot celebrities (Google, the iPhone) and they often take attention away from the less flashy yet equally important world of business software. Thank goodness we've got Oracle to keep things interesting.

Do You Use Vista Or Does It Use You, Continued
Open the pod bay door, HAL. There are stories from a couple of sources about Windows Update automatically updating and rebooting users' systems even when they thought they'd disabled automatic updates. And Microsoft hasn't said anything much about why.

Mobile Gmail Just Got Better
For the free mobile e-mail lovers out there, there's good news. Google has updated its mobile Gmail client and there are a host of improvements. The killer new feature? Search, of course.

Intel Flirts With No-EMail Fridays
OK, so Intel hasn't actually asked employees to take a permanent e-mail break one day a week, but the chip giant -- like several other forward-thinking companies -- has been pilot-testing temporary moratoriums on time-wasting communications. The idea is gaining ground in Corporate America, as noted recently in The Wall Street Journal.

Intel's First 45-Nm Penryn Quad-Core Processor Due Nov. 12
More from the quad-core wars: While we're waiting for AMD to release its first Phenom desktop chips before year's end, Intel is poised to ship its hottest desktop processor ever -- and its first 45-nm part -- in the form of the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 on Nov. 12.

Web's Future Could Be Determined By The Fight Between Google And Nokia
As I have stated on Over The Air before, Google is committed to mobile as its future and the future of the global Internet. This is interesting, since Google is still focused on Microsoft as its main rival when Microsoft isn't the biggest player in the wireless market. If Google is so serious about mobile, how does it plan to fight Nokia?

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Deploying Advanced Security in an Empowered Branch
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  • How Network Admission Control (NAC) can apply to branch endpoints
  • How to deploy Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) in a branch architecture
  • How to address branch content and messaging security vulnerabilities

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