2011 InformationWeek 500 | 2011 InformationWeek 500 Conference

Opening Keynote: Sir Ken Robinson - Developing People And Processes To Work At The Speed Of Global Business
Sir Ken is a renowned leader in the development of education and innovation, working with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and agencies worldwide. Sir Ken speaks with extraordinary passion, precision, and wit on how business and society must stimulate more original ideas, creativity, and ultimately innovation in this constantly changing global economy. - IW500: Ken Robinson Lays Out 3 Misconceptions About Creativity
Leaders who buy into these have a ready-made excuse for not honing employees' creative capabilities.
By Chris Murphy, InformationWeek - September 13, 2011

The Fast Track To Success
Catalina Marketing Corporation (CMC) lives Big Data like few other companies. Catalina, a global marketing firm that works with a who's who of consumer packaged goods companies and retailers, analyzes billions of rows of data so that its customers can deliver personalized coupons to shoppers at the checkout counter and across the internet. Executive VP and CIO Eric Williams discussed what's happening on the cutting edge.
- Catalina's Big Data: Redefining Business
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When the San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series, the fans were a major factor, and Giants Senior VP and CIO Bill Schlough and his team worked hard to make sure the tech-savvy AT&T Park crowd not only had a good time but could also tell the rest of the world about it. That meant a big focus on mobility; not an easy task when your customers show up 40,000 or so at a time in a confined space in a city bustling with mobile consumers. Schlough will share the work the Giants have done, and he'll discuss other innovations, like dynamic pricing, which has enabled the team to profit from its recent on-field success like never before.
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Keynote Interview: HP Chairman of the Board, Ray Lane, and EVP and Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Shane Robison
HP Chairman Ray Lane, one week prior to the ouster of HP CEO Leo Apotheker, discusses HP's vision, why it is looking to split out the PC business, get out of the mobile device business, and acquire Autonomy. Lane and CTO Shane Robison discuss the future of the company, and answer tough audience questions about feeling left behind.
- IW500: HP Chairman Defends Strategy Shifts
Ray Lane takes shots at Oracle, Microsoft, and Android while clarifying the company's mobile and information management plans.
By Doug Henschen, InformationWeek - September 12, 2011

- IW500: HP Answers Questions, But More Remain
Some CIOs were very worried about HP pulling a "Gateway" and selling the PC business to a less stable organization. This now seems far less likely--but other worries persist.
By Jonathan Feldman, InformationWeek - September 13, 2011

- IW500: Ray Lane Says HP Strategy Sound, Messaging Stinks
HP chairman says company will spin off its PC business, build a services business based on cloud models, and will stay away from low-margin businesses, while still promoting the webOS mobile operating system.
By Art Wittmann, InformationWeek - September 13, 2011

- HP Chairman Ray Lane On Vision

Keynote Interview: FedEx CIO Rob Carter And The New Era Of "Dominant Design"
In this keynote interview, Carter went into the details of FedEx's new private cloud environment and where it's delivering the biggest returns.
- IW500: 6 Lessons Learned From FedEx's Private Cloud
CIO Rob Carter describes how FedEx plunged ahead on its journey to private cloud computing, relying on observations from partners and industry leaders.
By Charles Babcock, InformationWeek - September 13, 2011

Keynote: Paul DePodesta, VP, Player Development And Scouting, New York Mets On Beyond Moneyball: The Art Of Winning An Unfair Game
Currently vice president of player development and scouting for the New York Mets and a former GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, DePodesta first made his mark as part of the Oakland A's organization in the early 2000s, where he teamed with GM Billy Beane to use a highly analytical approach called "sabermetrics" to assemble a competitive baseball team on a shoestring budget. Their work later became the subject of the Michael Lewis bestseller Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, the movie version of which will hit theaters on Sept. 23.
- IW500: 7 Lessons For Developing Real Metrics
Paul DePodesta helped build the Oakland Athletics baseball team into contenders by developing new metrics that better determined a player's true value. His advice can help business managers.
By Charles Babcock, InformationWeek - September 14, 2011

Anatomy Of A Zero-Day Attack
How would your company respond to a highly sophisticated attack on its IT infrastructure? The IT team at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was forced into action earlier this year when an advanced persistent threat compromised its network, causing the lab to take a series of emergency steps to both recover from the attack and ward off future ones. In this session, the PNNL's CIO shared an insider's perspective on how the exploit unfolded and lessons learned that can be applied by other organizations.
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- 7 Lessons: Surviving A Zero-Day Attack
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory CIO Jerry Johnson takes you inside the cyber attack that he faced down--and shares his security lessons learned.
By John Foley, InformationWeek - September 19, 2011

Additional InformationWeek 500 Conference Coverage

- David Berlind's Pre-Show Interview Notes (First Mover Advantage)
View the notes that David Berlind took when interviewing each of his panelists in advance of the First Mover Advantage Panel.

- CIO Summary: Killer Insights From The IW 500 Conference
From HP Chairman Ray Lane challenging IT to the confessions of a hacked CIO, the InformationWeek 500 Conference had plenty to make IT leaders squirm.
By Chris Murphy, InformationWeek - September 16, 2011

- Top CIO Worry: People Problems
IT leaders at the InformationWeek 500 conference talked talent, trust--and the new world where the CEO wants six new iPad 2 units on release day.
By Laurianne McLaughlin, InformationWeek - September 15, 2011

- IW500: Six Steps Satisfy Need For Speed
Whether you're a government or a corporation, six simple steps will help to make sure that your project or initiative keeps moving forward.
By Jonathan Feldman, InformationWeek - September 14, 2011