InformationWeek offers a way to get answers to your InformationWeek 500 questions. We welcome your inquiries by email at Please include your name, company name, and daytime telephone phone number on all communications. All queries will be handled as quickly as possible. Consider as your direct link to the editors and researchers behind the InformationWeek 500. You can submit any questions you have about this year's study or previous year studies using

This year InformationWeek is partnering with Executive Alliance on the survey program management, so you may receive messages and phone calls directly from Executive Alliance. All queries will be handled as quickly as possible. Simply email us at with your contact information.

To speak with someone directly, please call Executive Alliance at 678-445-1919.

For information on the InformationWeek Government IT Innovators program, please e-mail or call Heather Vallis, Managing Editor of Research for InformationWeek at 516-562-7501.