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Government IT Priorities: Security Reigns, Cloud Crawls
Richard W. Walker,
Our new survey shows fed agencies focusing more on security, as they should, but they're still behind the times with cloud use, data center consolidation, and overall innovation.
By Richard W. Walker , 7/21/2014
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NASA's Orion Spacecraft: 9 Facts
Elena Malykhina, Technology Journalist
The Orion spacecraft gives NASA a ticket to deep space. Here's how NASA is preparing the spacecraft for a mission to visit an asteroid in 2025.
By Elena Malykhina Technology Journalist, 7/19/2014
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Telemedicine Guidelines Leave Plenty Of Questions
Jeremy Johnson, Principal, Gray Plant Mooty
Federation of State Medical Boards and American Medical Association telemedicine standards provide a good starting point, but their definitions are too narrow.
By Jeremy Johnson & Catie Bitzan Amundsen , 7/17/2014
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Net Neutrality: Let's Move Beyond Class Warfare
Jonathan Feldman, CIO, City of Asheville, NC
The Hatfields say consumers will suffer if we prioritize Net traffic. The McCoys say we're headed for communism if we don't. They're both wrong: The problem is lack of broadband competition, not lack of openness and equality.
By Jonathan Feldman CIO, City of Asheville, NC, 7/17/2014
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Federal Agencies Must Get Practical About Cloud
Elaine Beeman, Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services Management Consulting
Government agencies are working through the realities of making cloud a routine mode of computing.
By Elaine Beeman Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services Management Consulting, 7/16/2014
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State Health Insurance Exchanges Limp Toward Relaunch
Ellis Booker, Technology Journalist
Oregon's exchange has shut down, sending its workload to, and at least two others are keeping this option open for the next enrollment period that starts in November.
By Ellis Booker Technology Journalist, 7/16/2014
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7 Ways To Avoid Self-Service IT Pitfalls
Jeff Brandt, Solutions Director, Randstad Technologies
Moving routine work from IT to end users can increase efficiency and save serious money. But too many projects fall flat.
By Jeff Brandt Solutions Director, Randstad Technologies, 7/16/2014
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Government Security: Saying 'No' Doesn't Work
Steve Jones, Group Strategy Director, Big Data & Analytics, Capgemini
It's time for government agencies to move beyond draconian security rules and adopt anomaly analytics.
By Steve Jones Group Strategy Director, Big Data & Analytics, Capgemini, 7/14/2014
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Predict The Future (Without Looking Like An Idiot)
E. Kelly Fitzsimmons, Co-founder, HarQen
Use these 8 tactics this coming budget season to force your planning in new directions.
By E. Kelly Fitzsimmons Co-founder, HarQen, 7/11/2014
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Microsoft Enhances Azure, Office 365
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft sets the tone for its Worldwide Partner Conference with new Office 365 plans, Azure analytics, and storage announcements.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/9/2014
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Google CEO: Fight Unemployment With Job Sharing
Thomas Claburn, Editor-at-Large
Google CEO Larry Page suggests we can reduce unemployment by dividing jobs in half.
By Thomas Claburn Editor-at-Large, 7/9/2014
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Urban Observatory Maps Comparisons Between Cities
David F Carr, Editor, InformationWeek Healthcare
Urban data map, bound for the Smithsonian by way of Esri's user conference, was created in partnership with Richard Saul Wurman, architect, graphic designer, and founder of the TED conference.
By David F Carr Editor, InformationWeek Healthcare, 7/8/2014
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Hurricane Arthur Vs. Data Visualization: Supplies Riddle
David F Carr, Editor, InformationWeek Healthcare
Humanitarian organization Direct Relief uses mapping to visualize needs and plot the logistics of distribution before disaster strikes.
By David F Carr Editor, InformationWeek Healthcare, 7/3/2014
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3 Myths Of Police Data Integration, Debunked
Wai-Ming Yu, Partner, Accenture
Databases that don't talk to each other are hurting law enforcement: If police can't connect the dots across state lines, bad guys can get away. Data integration is key.
By Wai-Ming Yu & Jody Weis , 7/3/2014
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Virtual Currencies Draw Fresh Regulator Scrutiny
William Jackson, Technology Writer
Federal regulators are paying more attention to the growing use of bitcoin and other virtual online currencies. The GAO calls for more consumer protections.
By William Jackson Technology Writer, 7/2/2014
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Windows XP Stayin' Alive
Michael Endler, Associate Editor,
Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, but 25% of PC users still use it today -- twice as many as use Windows 8 and 8.1.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor,, 7/1/2014
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Advice To Europe: Don't Strangle Tech Investment
Robert Atkinson,
To boost its lackluster productivity and economic growth, Europe must loosen its regulatory hold on information and communication technologies.
By Robert Atkinson , 7/1/2014
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7 Surprising Technologies From World War I
Curtis Franklin Jr.,
WWI marked the first time technology was widely used in war. Look back 100 years at early drones, wearables, and other technologies that had lasting influence.
By Curtis Franklin Jr. , 6/28/2014
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DARPA Robotics Challenge Gets Tougher
Patience Wait,
Robots competing in DARPA's disaster relief test must show some autonomy, will face surprise challenge.
By Patience Wait , 6/27/2014
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Commerce Dept. Partners With Private Sector On Open Data
William Welsh, Contributing Writer
Commerce Department uses meetings with private sector to improve its open data infrastructure.
By William Welsh Contributing Writer, 6/27/2014
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Our new survey shows fed agencies focusing more on security, as they should, but they're still behind the times with cloud and overall innovation.
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