Apple, Samsung Patent Slugfest Returns To Courthouse
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User Rank: Apprentice
3/31/2014 | 12:30:23 PM
Just get over yourself Apple and compete!
As the article says, Apple is now seen more as a bunch of whinners rather than innovators.  What have you done over the last couple of years to really improve your dull and boring user interface?  Not much as far as I can tell.  Don't get me wrong I do admire the quality of your hardware and software (for the most part), but the author is right, there is no wow factor now with iOS and there hasn't been for years.  You changed the color scheme a bit, big deal.

What I really don't get though is how courts can give minor value for licensing purposes to really meaningful patents that deal with being able to do WiFi, use cell phone radios, encryption, etc. but value Apple's stupid icons on a screen, moving your finger on a screen, and rounded corners type of stuff so much more highly!  Which is more important to allowing smartphones to even be worth anything?  I maintain it is the first type of meaningful patents and yet courts tell companies they have to license those features broadly for very little money while they support Apple in their stupid level of patents for much more money. 

There is something basically wrong with our patent system!  I also do not believe there should be ANY software based patents unless someone comes up with something truly meaningful such as real artificial intelligence that can act like Mr. Data from Star Trek ... anything less is just natural evolution of the craft, building on the shoulders of others over and over and should only be Copy Rightable.
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3/31/2014 | 12:32:19 PM
What a crock of
This article is completely biased against Apple under the guise of objective reasoning. Samsung is not the innovator you make it out to be. You can not discount Apple for failing to innovate because it has not changed it's form factor in some wild way. Samsung plays it's game by manufacturing for other companies and building off the innovation of others. They make quality goods, but its off the backs of others hard work and research. I am so sick and tired of all these idiot writers who never take into consideration how innovation works. Innovation is not being first to market, it is not coming out with more products faster, it is about creating a product that offers a new and usefull experience to the user. Please name one new experience that Samsung has offered its customers that has truly enhanced the lives of its customers, other than being a cheaper bigger alternative to something. That includes TVs, appliances, etc. As for the legal battle, you brought up some good points, but you really belittle the blatant theft that Samsung engages in. Samsung will put as many businesses as it can out of business if it has its way based on its current strategy of owning the supply chain and competing on cost, and Apple is the first company to actually challenge Samsungs abuse of the supply chain (using the information it gains from produceing the internal parts) with companies like Appple. I don't know why I even bother, your mind already seems made up, but hopefully I save someone the disservice of thinking that your words mean anything of relevance.
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3/31/2014 | 12:32:27 PM
Contingency Fee Lawyers Never Settle for Less than an NFL Franchise
What if the judge ruled that no patent can be worth more than FRAND payments. How would Apple like that. What if purely fashion decisions were ruled to unpatentable. Apples patent everything tactic backfires?
User Rank: Strategist
3/31/2014 | 12:36:39 PM
Stupid popups
Please remove the incredibly annoying stupid popups off this website.  It does absolutely nothing except cause people to not want to visit the website.

The one popup I got I can't even close the stupid thing, and couldn't even read the article with it taking up half the browser window.
User Rank: Strategist
3/31/2014 | 12:38:51 PM
Trash article
The artible seems a bit biased, wouldn't you say?

"The iPhone maker believes devices such as the Galaxy SII and SIII are copycat products"...
"and hopes it exposes what it views as Samsung's theft"...


Definitely not true. Fact is, multiple court cases in the U.S. and throughout the world ALREADY PROVED that Samsung DID STEAL patented technology (not just by Apple, also Microsoft and others).  And Samsung lost in its re-suits and appeals.  This case is here ONLY because Samsung is a sore loser -- Apple has to go to court to force the courts to make Samsung pay (even though Samsung lost, it is unwilling to pay).

It's easy to write such trash articles just for page hits - it shows lack of journalistic credibility.
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3/31/2014 | 12:41:38 PM
Biased article
The author seems to be in the tank for Samsung. Samsung is "innovating" while Apple only engages in "incremental" design updates. I would hardly call anything Samsung has or is doing as innovative. Smart watch was already announced by Apple - and Samsung wanted to be first to market with what everyone describes as crap. Fingerprint scannner- uh, already another Apple feature. Health cate focus- another early Apple interest. Gold color phone...Soon, Samsung will be announcing the opening up of their independent stores. They produce quickly, but generlly produce junk operated with borrowed OS...
User Rank: Strategist
3/31/2014 | 12:41:56 PM
I noticed there is other national news today about the Supreme court and patents.  It sounds like the judges are angry over all the stupid lawsuits, like this one is.
User Rank: Apprentice
3/31/2014 | 1:50:54 PM
apple/samsung screw job
samsung should just tell apple to go screw itself. walk away and ignore them and the cheap junk they make.
User Rank: Ninja
3/31/2014 | 1:51:52 PM
Is this the round corners thing again?

Love the graphic btw.
Number 6
Number 6,
User Rank: Moderator
3/31/2014 | 1:53:47 PM
Litigation vs Innovation
Good summary. Some of the commenters have missed that this is a Commentary column, so you're putting forward your opinions.

I disagree with your comment about "what Apple could create if it spent less time litigating." It's not necessarily an either-or. Different divisions of the company are likely involved with each, so there's no significant opportunity cost in pursuing litigation at the same time.

As for licensing its patent portfolio, that's a possible outcome. Real or threatened litigation is one way to bring a potential licensee to the negotiating table.
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