Microsoft Surface Pro 3: What's Missing
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5/20/2014 | 4:33:17 PM
It's more portable than a Macbook Air.
Surface Pro, as repeated again and again, is much more appropriately compared with the Macbook Air. Similar screen size and both running full desktop OS. 

The Surface Pro 3 is MUCH lighter than the Macbook Air, even with the keyboard cover included. It also has better display both in terms of resolution and the availability of touch. These two alone would cost 200+ extra on any laptop. There's no question about it being more portable than a Macbook Air, which as Panos Panay pointed out is always carried with an iPad. 
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5/20/2014 | 4:42:14 PM
Just a nonsensical hit piece
Heh...  Talk about grasping at straws.  Show me another device, anywhere, that offers the portability, quality build and productivity of this one.  Did you expect it to be cheap??
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5/20/2014 | 4:56:28 PM
Re: It's more portable than a Macbook Air.
The article is almost myopic in its misunderstandings.  This is a hybrid device.  It does function, with a high definition pen, as a laptop that can have tablet characteristics.


The author is so obtuse as to be laughable.  A complete red-herring of muck raking jounalism.
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5/20/2014 | 5:03:09 PM
Only a few hours for the first lame review....go figure.
Did this reviewer too quickly go off the rail or what here. Unless he has some hidden agenda or is perhaps impaired, he would not write such petty commentary. It almost reads as though he was a paranoid iPad user clutching his cup of Starbucks coffee nervously looking about the room.

Adding cellular capability, as was done on an earlier model, is likely forthcoming and quite frankly, no deal breaker for most who would benefit from this clear and first ever, laptop replacement product.

And whining about price of expansion options as a "features" issue? Give us all a break. Just ask any "Apple drone" out there that enthusiacally waits in long lines at the Apple Store convinced that there is so much value in getting their hands on the latest gadget there that price or their individual time actually matters; nonsense.

If one where to actually add up the value of this drone's 2 year contract cost of their iPhone, cost of the iPad, cost of their useless apps they "impulse purchased" and most of all, the cost of all the abandoned Apple products lying about their dwelling for which they also stood in line, your grand total would be stunningly pathetic.

Sure, Microsoft is slower and not as flashy about getting innovative products into our hands, but knowing that you are using more than an over-sized entertainment oriented "Gameboy" and can actually make money with these gadgets is all anyone should be concerned with. 

Enough of the blather of the lame critics.

telle quelle
telle quelle,
User Rank: Strategist
5/20/2014 | 5:11:15 PM
Mo' better
The author complains about the price, compared to the iPad, saying a 128gb Surface is $990 but a comparable 128gb iPad is, wait for it.....$930!

They're both around $1000, how is the iPad better than the Surface 3 at that price???

Concerning the lack of 3G/4G, who cares?! Ever heard of Wifi tethering? Everyone's doing it, it's all the rage. At least in Europe, where the market is huge.

And then his conclusion that "according Apple's latest commericals, the iPad is great," clinches it, lol.
telle quelle
telle quelle,
User Rank: Strategist
5/20/2014 | 5:13:33 PM
Re: It's more portable than a Macbook Air.
If I had an extra grand right now I'd buy the new Surface in a heartbeat. As it is I'm gonna have to Crowdsource it ;-)
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5/20/2014 | 5:42:29 PM
Re: New Hybrid
Another innovative tablet and the first Windows 8.1 - Android Hybrid also launches this week -- the Ramos i10 Pro ($399) is the first Dual-boot hybrid on the market and makes it easy to switch between using the two operating systems and offers a 10-inch, full HD display, an Intel Bay Trail 64-bit processor, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 8000 mAh battery with 9 hours battery life.

One of the first sources with details on the new Ramos i10 Pro is -- iProTablet
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5/20/2014 | 5:47:40 PM
Office Apps for iPad, Surface Pro and Azure RemoteApps
Microsoft's vision appears to be so 'clouded', I get more and more confused with each announcement Deadmond (sorry:Redmond) makes.

During the last month, Microsoft has announced the introduction of Office for the iPad followed a week or two later by the announcement of Microsoft RemoteApps from the Azure cloud (office apps delivered by remote desktop by Microsoft from their Azure cloud). Why would Microsoft offer an Internet connection dependent application platform and then not offer cell connectivity for it on their latest and greatest hardware? Who's guiding this ship?

Microsoft also introduced a few months back a new remote desktop client. This client took the place of the most popular remote desktop client for the Mac and iPad, which they either bought or may have actually owned already. This new client is excellent, and the latest iteration includes a built-in connection to Microsoft RemoteApps in the Azure cloud. This last little bit is another nail in the coffin for companies which already host Microsoft applications as a service. Of note is the fact that the first iteration of this new remote desktop client was significantly easier to configure on an iPad or Mac when connecting to remote apps than the ability of Windows to do the same thing. The latest iteration levels the playing field by making the iPad and Mac configuration as difficult as Windows.  For those not familiar with connecting to RemoteApp resources, this is done through the remote desktop web gateway using a rather long URL in the form of This entire string is necessary in the RemoteApps and Desktops configuration in Windows. The previous version of the remote desktop client for Macs and iPads required only the, something much easier to pass along to users when they are trying to do this on their own. The new client for Macs and iPads now requires the entire string! Imagine that! Instead of making the Windows interface easier, they made the Mac one more difficult! Way to go Deadmond.

Another confusion with all of the new metro interfaces is the name Windows. It is no longer valid.  The name "Windows" came from the ability to open multiple applications in unlimited discreet, resizable and movable windows on your desktop. This was what made "Windows" the great OS it was. This no longer exists.  As such, the name Windows is dead. The namesake of the most successful software company the world has ever seen has been abandoned. I wonder what they're smoking out there in Deadmond?

Is anyone else confused.  Steve Ballmer isn't retiring.  He's taking his money and running and abandoning this ship of fools.
Michael Endler
Michael Endler,
User Rank: Author
5/20/2014 | 5:57:47 PM
Surface Pro 3 missing pieces
I think the Surface Pro 3 is by far the most compelling tablet Microsoft has yet produced, and the most intriguing Windows tablet I've seen, period. But Eric brings up valid points. Microsoft is basically positioning the Surface Pro 3 as a competitor to not only the iPad, but also the MacBook Air and even 13-inch MacBook Pro. The Pro 3's marketed uniqueness is going to invite all kinds of comparisons, especially with the price. It might be the tablet that replaces a laptop, but it's definitely priced the like the latter.  Here's my take on the missing pieces Eric pointed out:

1. Definitely. A mobile device isn't truly mobile if it can't get online whenever you need it to. Really wish they'd included this. Maybe later, like Microsoft did with Surface 2.

2. I'd feel okay about the prices if Microsoft would include the damn keyboard—as Eric said, the Pro 3's been priced like a laptop, and to me, that means Microsoft should include the keyboard. Even so, of all the Surface models, the Pro 3 does the best job justifying its entry high cost. When you compare what you'd get for your money today to what Microsoft wanted for the Surface RT a couple years ago, it's a pretty big leap.

3. See above.

4. We'll see about this. I'm gonna get a chance tomorrow to check out the tablet. I've talked to some people who say it handles surprisingly well. I'm curious. The Surface 2 was light, but still awkward in portrait mode. And both of the first two Pro models were pretty lousy as tablets, which made their size-related shortcomings as laptops all the more glaring. I'll be curious to see how the new aspect ratio, thinness and form factor balance out for handheld use. That said, between the Pro 3's improved laptop capabilities and pen functions, it doesn't need to match the iPad's pure tablet experience. Earlier Surfaces were too compromised, and even though this one surely has its drawbacks too, I think Microsoft has more effectively calculated where to draw lines. It's not gonna make consumers drop their iPads, but I bet business users will like it, and that Microsoft can build respectable share. Even a comparatively modest amount of enterprise market share would offer better margins than all those cheap Android devices combined.

All of the above said, if the pen delivers as advertised, I think these concerns are mitigated.
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5/20/2014 | 6:38:29 PM
Price point

I'm not sure why it is pointed out a few times that the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet at a laptops price point. You can use it as a tablet or a laptop so I don't see anything wrong with the price. The high end model has the hardware to back up the price in the form of a tablet. You can't do the same things on an iPad that you can do on a Surface Pro. That is a fact. I can see Apple is trying to spin that discussion in their favor but I'm not buying it.

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