Google CEO: Fight Unemployment With Job Sharing
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7/9/2014 | 12:38:46 PM
Re: Nice Joke
"Why can't they reduce reduce their FAT and ugly CEOs, CTO, CFOs and white color criminals salary and share their fat pay with 100s of people."

Companies don't decide to hire or not hire based on money. (Money is a factor but never the reason). A company hires when demand increases and labor is less money than technology to meet that demand. This is it, the bottom line. 

We are in a world where technology is much cheaper than labor and as long as that is true, labor will be in less in demand unless labor reduces its cost, which it is doing. 

Sharing makes a lot of sense, if the majority did it. People could work for basic necessities and housing. Of course wages would go down as would aggegrate demand for things like housing. But as prices go down, more people could afford. Once the market adjusts and reaches more of a homeostasis things would be better because people could have their own side business to follow their passions, including freelance and consulting work, and have a for sure income to take care of necessities. 

This could seriously reduce government subsidies and the need for government borrowing and have other major postive impacts. The hard sell is to convince those that have a lot to take less for the betterment of the whole. This is probably going to be the reason it will never happen. 
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7/9/2014 | 12:23:12 PM
Job sharing doesn't have to be 2 for 1
Why do they jump to job sharing as 50/50?  I'm sure there are departments that have 3-5 people doing the same basic work.  How about job sharing represent 3 people doing 2 jobs?  I work as a programmer and there are 12 of us that have the same base skills.  Why not have 15 people doing those 12 jobs?  I would love to work 30-35 hours per week instead of 40-50.  Happier employees = more work and more quality work.


Just my 2 cents.
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7/9/2014 | 12:21:38 PM
College Grads--Zero future
If I was an ultra rich I would make sure my home was very well guarded. I am not sure how many more graduating classes, whom have massive debt, and only find $30M a year jobs out there or part time work; are going to sit around prior to rebelling against the current system.

While they seem distracted by the internet and so on and so forth. The time will come when the Mommies and Daddies can cover them anymore due to lack of money. They will then relaize that their future is quickly being denied to them by the current greed presiding over this country.

Young people start revolutions and I don't know how many of them will abode by this toning down of their dreams.

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7/9/2014 | 12:02:43 PM
Re: Nice Joke
"I mean, people making close to, and over, a million dollars a year are already taxed close to 50%"

I'm sorry, but this is precisely the type of ignorance that keeps us facing the problems we face.  

There's been a number of prominant, wealthy individuals who have revealed that their total tax rate (that of their salary AND investemnt income) is well under what the average American pays, some as low as 11%.  

If you seriously think the wealthy are paying 50% of their income in taxes, you're a fool.  The tax rate on income over $375,000 is 35%.  But considering people at that level make a significant proportion, if not the majority, of their income from investments, NOT salary, and capitol gains taxes rates are 15-20%, their effective tax rates can be much less than 35%.  

50%... what a fool.  Keep drinking the koolaid.  
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7/9/2014 | 11:46:01 AM
Re: Disconnected...
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7/9/2014 | 11:44:57 AM
Re: Nice Joke
You don't want to share your job or your income. I don't either.

Why should CEOs be forced to? Isn't that the opposite of freedom?

I mean, people making close to, and over, a million dollars a year are already taxed close to 50% between state and federal. How much more do you want going back into the system?
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7/9/2014 | 11:34:54 AM
ancient greece
Back in ancient greece, advanced thought and philosophy was cultivated because slave labor provided non slaves with leisure time to sit around and think. With google's robot army, we could be entering a new era of leisure. This time around we will spend the free time watching kitten videos on youtube and posting pictures of our half eaten big mac on instagram.
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7/9/2014 | 11:02:39 AM
Nice Joke
Why is that always this ultra rich as holes always go behind people living to ends meets ?

Why can't they reduce reduce their FAT and ugly CEOs, CTO, CFOs and white color criminals salary and share their fat pay with 100s of people.


They can easily manage unemployment. No wonder why this country is creating United states of Poor Land of America,
Shane M. O'Neill
Shane M. O'Neill,
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7/9/2014 | 10:51:04 AM
Re: Fight Unemployment With Job Sharing
An out-of-touch billionaire thinking out loud, and not thinking very clearly. I can't tell if this is his cock-eyed utopian vision where people will be happy with just the essentials and give up half their salaries for more free time OR if it's a last ditch scramble to create half-jobs as unemployment surges and social and economic circumstances deteriorate. Either way Larry, test it out at Google and let us know how it goes.
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7/9/2014 | 10:33:15 AM
Job sharing could work in some instances
Re; Job sharing.  I make more money than I need.  I have a friend who has been mostly out of work for a year.  I could EASILY live on 2/3 of my salary.  If I job shared with my friend and she earned 1/3 of my salary, she would be thrilled as it would be as much money as she has ever earned in her life.

I'm not a millionare and I make less than 100K a year



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