Microsoft Woos Gmail Users
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IW Pick
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12/13/2013 | 12:52:55 PM
You should try it, Kristin.

Gmail is a clusterf*ck compared to Outlook: Gmail has ads to add to the clutter. Outlook doesn't. Gmail has integrated chat. Outlook has integrated Skype. Gmail is a one window pane deal. Outlook has two window panes side-by-side... a column with e-mails, and when each one is highlighted, the second pane shows the e-mail in its entirety, so you don't have to click Inbox to go back. Everything is right there in front of you. Also, if you want to chat with someone on Skype, it opens up into a third window setting on the right, giving you full view of your Inbox, your selected e-mail, and your chat conversation in its entirety. It's seamless. And this is all in the initial redesign from Hotmail. It's still a new product and it's already out-performing Gmail (if you consider everything I just mentioned worthwhile, anyway).

Then there's the actual Outlook program that comes with Office. Gmail doesn't even compare to that. Comparing Gmail to the Office version of Outlook would be like comparing a Honda to a Rolls Royce. Comparing Gmail to would be like comparing that same Honda to a BMW.

However, I realize Gmail is the familiar option, so whatever makes people feel comfortable I suppose. I don't think Microsoft is grasping at straws at all. Quite the contrary, I think they're doing people a favor by giving them an easy path to what is in every way better e-mail. Sometimes people are so complacent and firmly entrenched in a way of life that they don't know something better is out there. Add to that Gmail's scanning your personal stuff... I just don't see why any intelligent, self-respecting person would choose to stay with them. I'm always seeking out the better option, but combine that with being a fan of my own privacy, I think I'll stick with Microsoft.

As for people I know, the only person I know currently who still uses Gmail is my mom, and that's because she just can't be bothered. Everyone else I'm in contact with uses Outlook or some Windows 365 corporate or university e-mail.
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12/13/2013 | 12:41:59 PM
Spam in
I have both Gmail and Hotmail accounts and I very much prefer the former. still, after all these years, has much more spam than Gmail.  With Gmail I may get a spam or phishing mail about once every couple of months.  My Hotmail is forwarded to my Gmail but I go there every once and a while to clean it out and it is filled with spam---those messages never get through the Gmail filters.

Personally, I also greatly appreciate the new inbox tab options in Gmail.  It has made finding my priority mails, and dealing with each category when I want, very easy.
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12/13/2013 | 12:18:41 PM
Google policies
Quite a few elements are coming together to paint Google in quite a poor light at the moment. Gone are the days when it was seen as the non-corporate alternative to Microsoft. Today it seems more like a data hoarder and corporate shill.
David F. Carr
David F. Carr,
User Rank: Author
12/13/2013 | 10:23:05 AM
Have you tried
Curious to hear from anyone who has adopted as their primary email client. I've seen reviews but haven't heard from anyone who has used it on an ongoing basis.
Kristin Burnham
Kristin Burnham,
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12/13/2013 | 10:15:26 AM
I get that Microsoft's angle for this is privacy considerations with the scanning Google does, but it feels like Microsoft is grasping at straws by calling Gmail outdated. I don't know anyone who would ditch Gmail in favor of Outlook -- scanning or no scanning. Perhaps targeting Yahoo customers would be more productive considering all the problems they've had recently.
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