Red Hat On A Roll
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12/24/2013 | 6:45:52 AM
Re: Red hat PaaS Push
I agree with you there. Thanx for the post


mentale dieet plan
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12/23/2013 | 3:47:52 PM
Is that what's going on in Europe?
Red Hat's billings are up in Europe, for example. Is that a sign of Microsoft users there turning away from Windows 8 to Linux, on the server? On the desktop? I don't know that it is, but European users have always been Unix/Linux fans on the server and may be becoming more so. 
IW Pick
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12/23/2013 | 3:16:44 PM
Olympus is falling...
EOL for XP and no more Win 7 license sales? Microsoft is convinced that they can force you to use Windows 8, no matter how poorly it is designed, how vulnerable it is to attack, or how much people just don't want it. They are alienating their corporate user base by refusing to support XP, despite their customers significant investment in custom software that has not been ported to Windows 8. There are reasons for this, which have been hashed to death in forums and magazines, but Microsoft is not listening. Server 2012 pushes in your face an interface designed for a tablet... on a server... forcing admins to spend their time changing it,making it usable again as a server, or forcing you to install as server core.  They don't care that they are forcing you to waste your time. And now... Lets change your licensing "model". I work for a large university system in California. Microsoft is changing our license "model" to force us to repurchase licenses bought as perpetual licenses... for systems we already own and operate, not new installations. There is now a Microsoft "Certification" as a Microsoft licensing specialist...???... You PAY to be certified to figure out THEIR licensing??? and BTW, there is NO BENEFIT TO YOU for this "certification", no price breaks, nothing. And why would I do that??? When was the last time Microsoft asked YOU, what do you need?  How can we make our products better for YOU? Remember YOU, the customer? with the MONEY? That they want? This is not a customer oriented company, never has been. Their power is only in market share, they don't innovate, they don't build what you want, and what they do build is crap. You will be forced off of XP, and you will be faced with a choice; buy Windows 8... or buy something else.  The truth is that you will have to retrain your employees, buy new software that will look and be different, and live through those growing pains. The question is do you move to the next dysfunctional security,licensing, and support nightmare offered by Micro$oft and empty your wallets, or do you take this training and change scenario and move to something new and worthwhile? Turn this into an opportunity to free yourself from this ridiculous situation and invest in your own future, not the future of a flailing company that is forcing you to buy their next product in a desperate attempt to cling to that market share. Change is a fact, not a variable. Make it an opportunity for your organization and get off the micro-go-round. Look at the European nations... one by one they are moving away from windows and embracing operating systems like Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Suse, etc. . It can be done, with a lot less pain then you already have with Windows. You do have a choice, and the alternative is not even scary, it's just different. You're going to have to learn something different anyway, now is the time to move.
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12/20/2013 | 3:14:32 PM
Red hat PaaS Push
Red Hat is making quite a PaaS push, as Charlie has noted in previous articles. Anyone care to chime in on what Red Hat must do to seal the deal with your company on the PaaS front?
IW Pick
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12/20/2013 | 1:12:08 PM
Linux on the Desktop is also gaining marketshare
Regardless of what FUD you have read that was written by Microsoft, Linux on the Desktop is gaining a significant increase in popularity due to end of life for XP and no more Windows 7 license sales in 2014. A good example of this gain in Linux market share on the Desktop can be seen by looking at the meteoric growth of a new but highly innovative Linux Distro called Robolinux that runs Windows XP and 7 sand boxed inside it, making Windows 100% immune to viruses and malware. Too many Windows User's refuse to migrate to Windows 8 for a plethora of reasons and they are also fed up with viruses, but still need to run their Windows applications.

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