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Microsoft Fires Its CIO After Investigation

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Nov 7, 2007

Editor's Note

Sick And Tired Of Xenophobia In Offshore Outsourcing Discussion

It's inevitable. We post a story about offshore outsourcing, and the comments section quickly fills with several or more postings about those damn foreigners taking our jobs. My multi-story package on entering the second decade of offshore outsourcing has attracted quite a few.

"I'm sick of talking to foreigners about my problems on a support line & hearing the apathy in their voices," says one post. Says another: "am I the last sane human on the planet here, or has the bar really been lowered so low that we'd outsource to the mentally challenged if their price was right? Hey, I hear dolphins & whales are pretty smart & they work for fish! Surely, dolphin's ability to read/write/speak English is about at the same level as most of the Chinese tech workers. Well!? It's true."

Im sick--sick and tired--of such xenophobic comments, which are pretty easy to hide behind when using a made-up user name. Typically they loop back to a common theme: foreigners taking away jobs from Americans. But in-between the hateful barbs I do pick out a few comments that actually have some logic, like this one: "[we should] stop rewarding greedy corporations for their total insensitivity & lack of concern about the quality vs. the quantity." If a company hires inexpensive yet poor quality customer service help--whether it's poor because of a language barrier with the company's customers, rudeness, or inability to understand the problem--than the customer should seriously consider taking her business elsewhere. Only then will a company learn. As one post says, "If there is a thinking that 'customer service' in a company exists because of morality or ethics, I can only call it 'nave'. 'customer service' is a competitive weapon to increase profits, not an 'ethics' or 'moral' responsibility. If and when that competitiveness depletes, irrespective of the ethics or morals, companies will move away from outsourcing or offshoring." You'll see in my story, for example, an instance of a company moving some call-center work back from India to the U.S. because it wasn't working for them.

Indeed, anyone who believes any U.S.-based company owes them a job simply because they were born in America is delusional. First off, the term "globalization" is real: more U.S. companies are becoming multinational and selling to more regions throughout the world, and hiring and contracting more people globally. Of course they are going to look for the lowest cost resources they can. But that doesn't make them bad companies. I like the analogy in this post: "If the supermarket on one corner of your block sells you your weekly groceries at 10% less than the one on the other corner, where are you going to go? At 10% cheaper, you may also consider issues of quality, variety etc when deciding - but what happens when there's a 20%+ difference?"

Read the rest and leave your $0.02 at the InformationWeek Blog.

Mary Hayes Weier

Quote of The Day

"Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind." --
Marston Bates

Top Stories

Microsoft Enters Enterprise Search Market
With Search Server and Search Server Express based on SharePoint, the company hopes to bridge the gap between free and expensive corporate search products.

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Google's Enterprise Hardware Gets Universal Search

Microsoft Adds Web 2.0 Enhancements To SharePoint

Microsoft Enters Local Search Market With 'Live Search 411'

White Paper

Microsoft Fires Its CIO After Investigation

Microsoft General Manager Shahla Aly and Alain Crozier, a Microsoft VP in charge of the company's CFO, sales, marketing and services group will take over Stuart Scott's duties.

Intel Launches Storage Platform For SOHOs

The company said its Celeron-based SS4200-EHW is ideal for manufacturers building storage systems based on Microsoft's Windows Home Server.

Understaffed Data Centers Threaten Service Agreements, Study Finds

More than half of the respondents to a Symantec survey admitted their data centers are currently understaffed, and 86% say they have difficulty finding qualified applicants.

Facebook And MySpace Monetize Friendship With Targeted Ads

Facebook and MySpace, the two largest social networks, are giving advertisers better tools to reach their predominantly youthful audience.

Lenovo Unveils First Workstations

The D10 and S10 ThinkStations are designed for professionals in data and graphics intensive environments.

Gamers Help Supercomputing Project Break World Record

About 200,000 PCs and gaming consoles helped give the Folding@home distributed network about one-quarter of a petaflop worth of computing power.

Alltel Offers App To Identify Chemical, Biological Threats

HazMasterG3 from Alluviam offers information on more than 118,000 chemical, biological, and radiological agents, trade names, and explosives.

File-Sharing Pirates Attempt New Software Standard

A Swedish Web site that promotes trading of pirated movies is developing a new software standard for Internet downloads.

LG Launches iPhone-Like Smartphone In Europe

The company's new KS20 has 128 Mbytes of memory, weighs 3.4 ounces, and has a battery life of four hours of talking and 400 hours on standby.

Google's Android Is Creating Some 'Strange Bedfellows'

CTIA and Public Knowledge, normally on opposite sides on wireless issues, are each hailing Google's mobile phone brainchild -- for very different reasons.

NASA To Strut Its Supercomputing Stuff At SC07

The space agency is expected to show how its computing resources help with studies of planet formation, stars, and black holes.

U-Debate Encourages One-On-One Interactive Video Debates

The company launched the first online community for one-on-one video debating Tuesday, letting users argue about anything.

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Microsoft (Almost) Mum On CIO Departure
Stuart Scott was let go for "violation of company policies;" two executives tapped to assume his responsibilities in the interim.

Nokia To Embrace Android After All?
Of the seamingly few companies not included in yesterday's Android invasion was the world's largest maker of cell phones, Nokia. Yesterday, the company said it didn't think the new open mobile platform from Google was a threat. Today it changed its tune a bit.

What Does Google's Android Mean For IT?
Yesterday my colleague, Eric Zeman, chimed in with his thoughts about Google's Android announcement and what it will mean for enterprise IT. In a move to expand the discussion, I sat down earlier today with Maribel Lopez, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, to talk about the impact of Google's mobile initiative on the business mobility market.

Microsoft's CIO Out
Stuart Scott, Microsoft's most recent CIO, has been let go from the company, according to a report.

Mac Software Bug Can Lead To Massive Data Loss
The blog TomKarpik.com reports that you can experience "horrendous data loss" if you move data from one volume to another, and the destination volume disappears midway. Karpik says he first encountered it in Samba, but it also occurs no matter the type of destination -- local USB, Firewire, network, etc. -- and that the bug dates back all the way to Panther and affects Leopard.

Report: Apple Developing Tablet PC
One of the perennial rumors of the Apple community is coming around again. This time, it's a CNET blog reporting that Apple is developing a tablet PC Really. Not kidding this time.

Has Muni Wi-Fi Gone With The Wind?
There are a number of "pie in the sky" dreams that have fallen by the wayside in the last few years. One of those is the idea of free, attainable municipal Wi-Fi.

Here's Hoping Google Can Fix The Phone UI Problem
Google's "vapor-phone" announcement (as some people have branded it) has me hoping they can do something about the mobile phone market that so far only Apple, of all people, has done anything about: Make the phones less of a clumsy eyesore.

An Ode To IP v 6?
Interesting things happen when Internet engineers have too much time on their hands. Hear for yourself.

Entrenched Wireless Players Not Concerned About Google's Android
The big guys of the modern cellular industry were all quick to weigh in on Google's Android platform. The consensus? A mix between stifled yawns, indifference and a lack of real concern that Google threatens their modern mobile empires. Is that a safe attitude?

Google's Android: The Greatest Vaporware Smartphone Ever
Google's announcement of the new, "Android" smartphone platform had less substance than a fashion show at a nudist colony. It's a non-existent smartphone, codeless software, and an alliance of major mobile phone players that leaves out most of the major phone vendors.

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Get Better Results from your IT investments
In today’s environment, you need to get the most out of your assets and people … all the while serving the strategic needs of your business and dealing with growth and acquisition issues. In addition, it is critically important to quantify results of those investments for leadership and accurately track service level agreements.

ECM Finally Comes to the SMB Market: New Market Trends & Research
Until recently, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) was an expensive technology reserved for large corporations – and large budgets. Join industry expert Dan Elam as he shares some new research for Kodak on the SMB market for ECM and provides insight and commentary about the findings.

Unified Communications: Building the Modern and Mobile Workforce
A new generation of Unified Communications products is changing the way people work. By integrating voicemail, email, IM, presence and other technologies, employees can collaborate more effectively. Is your strategy in motion?

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Xilinx seeking Senior Staff Circuit Designer in San Jose, CA

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