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Michael Endler
Michael Endler
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Why To Buy

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is finally available. But just because you can replace your laptop with the Surface Pro 3 doesn't mean everyone will want to.

Surface Pro 3 Vs. World: Mobile Smackdown
Surface Pro 3 Vs. World: Mobile Smackdown
(Click image for larger view and slideshow.)

If you've read any reviews of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 -- mine included -- you've likely been told it's a device that will appeal to some people, but not to everyone. This raises a question: How are you supposed to know which group you're in?

It's difficult to answer, because there are two distinct angles from which would-be buyers can approach Microsoft's new tablet, which hit stores Friday. Some think of the Pro 3 in terms of other devices. They might ask how it competes as a laptop with the MacBook Air, or whether it's as good a tablet as an iPad. Others look beyond comparisons, because the new Surface is unlike any other device currently available.

[Want to see more on the Surface Pro 3? See Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Visual Tour.]

I'll get to the latter group in a minute, but suffice it to say that, for certain jobs and work styles, the Pro 3's unique traits could be transformative. The former group, which I'll tackle first, is trickier.

Microsoft calls the Pro 3 the tablet that can replace a laptop, which is fair. Thin, light, fairly powerful, and more ergonomically polished than any of its predecessors (if not than any other 2-in-1), the Pro 3 is undeniably a nice laptop. When using earlier Surfaces, I never forgot that I was using a small, cramped, and compromised laptop. With the Pro 3, I don't feel these distractions. I can just work.

But just because you can replace your laptop with the Surface Pro 3 doesn't mean everyone will want to. The device's kickstand-based stability didn't bother me, but the approach is still fundamentally different from the clamshell designs most of us are used to. The difference is minute if you work at a desk, but whether you'll like balancing the Pro 3 on your lap is more subjective.

The Surface Pro 3's infinitely adjustable kickstand provides solid stability, but it's not the same as a clamshell design.
The Surface Pro 3's infinitely adjustable kickstand provides solid stability, but it's not the same as a clamshell design.

The Surface Pro 3's design makes it thinner and lighter than any comparably powerful alternatives, but it's not like many people have criticized the newest Ultrabooks -- let alone the MacBook Air -- as being too thick and heavy. Eventually, thinness hits a point of diminishing returns. Depending on your budget and needs, the Pro 3 might be past that point. Moreover, even if you prioritize sleek form factors, the market will be flush by early next year with even thinner, lighter devices, thanks to Intel's next-generation Broadwell processors.

Ultimately, if someone were to say the Surface Pro 3 is one the best laptops available, I wouldn't quibble -- which is saying something. If anyone tried to similarly lionize the Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2, I'd have called that person crazy. But if people were to say the Pro 3 simply didn't "click" with their needs, I wouldn't quibble with that, either -- especially given the Surface's price.

As a tablet, meanwhile, the Pro 3 is a different animal from an iPad. That hasn't stopped Microsoft execs from making the comparison; when the new Surface was introduced, Microsoft corporate vice president Panos Panay repeatedly juxtaposed it with a MacBook Air and an iPad, implying that the Pro 3 could replace both. This might be true for individual users, but on the whole, it's wishful thinking on Microsoft's part.

Sure, the Pro 3 overlaps in places with the iPad Air, but the devices handle differently and are good at different things. It's easy to draw equivalencies between them now that Office is available on iPads, but from apps to OS to ergonomics, the devices aren't interchangeable. I could see someone owning a Surface Pro 3 in addition to an iPad, but I'm skeptical that the former is truly a replacement for the latter.

But as I mentioned previously, there's more than one way to approach the Surface Pro 3. Compare it to devices you already know and like, and you'll probably find shortcomings. But think of its unique qualities, and you might find new ways of doing things.

The Surface Pro Pen, for example, creates a new category of tablet experience. Yes, iPads have more apps, and yes,

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User Rank: Author
6/23/2014 | 3:12:38 PM
shopper report
Did you go play with the Surface pro 3 in a store this past weekend? Let's hear from you.
User Rank: Apprentice
6/23/2014 | 3:38:27 PM
Re: shopper report
Surface Pro 3 is a great machine. Way lighter than any of the Apple notebooks, even the MacAir, and has lots more capabilities and neat features than any IPAD yet designed. Thumbs up to Microsoft and wondering why Apple can't keep up with neat new computers that can compete.
User Rank: Apprentice
6/23/2014 | 3:47:00 PM
Reveal Any Compensation From Micro$oft...
These fluff articles that pop-up weeks after Micro$oft releases another failed product demands that 'reporters' reveal any and all affiliations with and compensation from Micro$oft.

Microsoft is a company in steep decline.  Put anyone you want at the helm – it's over, even if it takes two or three years.  It's over even if M$ can purchase articles to attempt to promote their failed products.

M$ brought this upon themselves.  InfoW should run a comprehensive survey of tech professionals and the average user who made the mistake of purchasing M$ products over the years.  The level of frustration, disappointment, regret and anger that is seething out there will reveal the core and essential reason M$ is in decline.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO debate with me.  I am not interested in your 'opinion'.  Your opinion is irrelevant and trivial compared to the inside world of M$ I have been living in.  Arrogant, self-serving and, yes, intentionally demonic, M$ took it a step too far and off the edge of the cliff.  RIP.  M$ will not be missed.
User Rank: Apprentice
6/23/2014 | 3:49:08 PM
Re: shopper report
This comment from 'IraMcCown' is obviously a hired-gun comment.  Disregard.  Irrelevant.
Tom Mariner
IW Pick
Tom Mariner,
User Rank: Strategist
6/23/2014 | 3:59:37 PM
Re: Reveal Any Compensation From Micro$oft...
Why would anyone attempt to "debate" with someone with such an irrational hatred?
User Rank: Apprentice
6/23/2014 | 4:06:46 PM
Surface Pro is another device for it's purpose
Personally, I don't see the point of an ipad/tablet.  Basically, large smart phones that can't make calls. Why have a macair, ipad, and a iphone....putting apple aside.

My wife an I originally bought new lighter laptops, but found they did not quite fit the need.  Tablet/ipad really didn't fit the need (wife has an ipad from work, that mostly collects dust).  the Surface pro 2 looked like the ticket, which we bought.

Keep in mind, this is a different device, treat it as such.  It fills a nitch I think the author discussed well, if not in too much detail.

True, it does lack the clamshell design, but then if Applie never made the iphone, how would we know we liked that new device?

She uses the suface pro 2 in many places, but loves it most of all at school (masters), or in the car (rider).  Sits great in the lap, and in class, the surface sits on the desk, while she uses the remote keyboard on her lap.  This does not take up much room on the desk, and allows her to be more productive.  We are looking forward to the SP3.

The question really is price.  it's a bit high, but so are apple products - Apple has a known 30+% markup on all their products.  If people can afford it, and like it, go for it.  i highly recommend the SP line, but it comes with some understanding that it is not a laptop nor a tablet.  Significantly better in most cases, lacking in others if you want it to be one of the others.  I think the MS marketing had the right idea, but executed it incorrectly.


User Rank: Apprentice
6/23/2014 | 4:09:12 PM
Re: shopper report - Microsoft Surface Pro 3
I pre-ordered and received my Surface Pro 3 and it is great. The issue regarding it an iPad replacement, why not? While the Apps store for the iPad is larger than the Windows App store, the reason for getting the Surface Pro 3 is that many of the great apps like Pandora that are not available for the Windows App store can be used by the Surface Pro 3 because it goes straight to the source. On top of that the Surface Pro 3 can access millions of PC titles that the iPad cannot.


As for the shortcomings of the keyboard and the feel on your lap. First of all I rarely use a laptop on my lap but if you do, then the answer is similar to what you would have done for the iPad - potential 3rd party accessories. Heck the Freedom Case for the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 is an amazing successful kickstarter that promises the viewing angles with stability in a product that possibly one that may come to the Surface Pro 3 form factor for those that need to use it on their lap, especially while crossing your legs as one reviewer did. Sure there is not a dearth of non-Microsoft accessories out there yet for the Surface Pro 3 but there will be.


The real issue is the environment in which you are attuned. If you have an iPad, an iPhone, a Macbook Pro, and a Mac destktop then your collective work process is dedicated to the iOs and OSX systems and yes even there you could find overlaps. The same for Android users, or you can be like me and have a foot in all of the different environments though I have recently been edging more towards Windows with the 8.1 improvements. Its not perfect but most of the maligning are by people who used Windows 8 or even more likely others who have heard other make comments about the OS that never used it, but they'll swear by their opinion. 


In another review I watch someone compare as a difference for the Surface Pro 3 OneNote vs Evernote as well as Pandora. My issue is that those types of comparisons are non-issues simply because the Surface Pro 3 can get Evernote and Pandora whether or not it is in the app store. The same goes for YouTube though Hyper Youtube app is nice, I can and have just gone straight to the site.


I got a touch screen laptop last year and eventually started to use the screen more and more. I just wished sometimes I could just yank off the keyboard and Surface Pro 3 allows me to. I have paired it with the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth mouse because I generally favor using a mouse over trackpads of any size for my day-to-day work. As for the docking station, well I can wait for the $199 docking station which would be nice, but I can just grab the USB 3.0 docking station I already have for my laptop. I generally dock while at my desk but the only USB I usually used was for my Logitech Unifying Receiver USB dongle. With the micro-SD card I can store files without using up my harddrive space which is further liberated by cloud storage for stuff like pictures. 


As for the pen, the groove in the type cover fits the clip nicely and holds it, no need to even use the additional tab to stick to the cover. Also the clicker on the pen can be reprogrammed to do other actions such as opening another program instead when clicked. I however will keep it aimed at OneNote. 


In the end its all about choices which include which OS environments you work with and how entrenched you are. If you are open or already ensconced in the Windows environment than the Surface Pro 3 should serve you well.
Shane M. O'Neill
Shane M. O'Neill,
User Rank: Author
6/23/2014 | 4:11:15 PM
Enterprise or bust
Some of the features cited here make a good case for on-the-go workers -- quick access to Office, namely OneNote, and the pen functionality. But I don't think consumers will ever buy into this and maybe that won't matter to Microsoft as long as enterprises start using it. It's priced at the same level as the MacBook Air (Surface Pro 3 is more expensive when you go head-to-head on specs) so it can't really win over consumers on price. It's a unique device but still a tough sell. The iPad comparisons never made sense to me.

But here's one short-term strategy that could work.

Microsoft offers $650 store credit for MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3 trade-in
Michael Endler
Michael Endler,
User Rank: Author
6/23/2014 | 4:16:03 PM
Re: Reveal Any Compensation From Micro$oft...
That's fine. I won't try to debate you, especially since your post's paucity of specific complaints leaves little to debate. But I think it's a little funny you find this article so outlandishly pro-Surface, given that it includes several paragraphs that explain why someone might prefer other devices, including the MacBook Air.
User Rank: Apprentice
6/23/2014 | 4:32:28 PM
Too expensive
I'd be lying if I didn't say this is so cool, in theory. The problem with it is missing design features, only decent specs, and a nose bleed high price tag. 


Let's start with the first: How about a telescopic stand that allows it to rest like an L where a bottom part supports the stand. I own a Surface and a laptop needs to be able to rest on, well, your lap. No luck here. It also feels very tight for touch functionality. Seriously, pushing buttons on anything but the windows screen is infuriating because it is 50/50 if it will work (or if you'll accidentally click close instead of maximize on your Chrome browser). Third that whole touch type keypad is aweful. You're constantly looking down to see if your fingers are correctly in sync with the board because you can't feel keys.

Next: The specs are average. Decent processor, small SSD, small screen, keyboard sold seprately. GPU? What GPU?

Last: The price is a joke, for the cost of a low range Pro 3 w/ keyboard you could buy a kindle fire PLUS a mid level gaming laptop. A laptop with a better SSD, i7 vs i5 (both 4th gen), bigger screen, a mid quality GPU, and more RAM. And an Android tablet that has, you know, APPS. Those things that make a tablet worth having! 

Bottom line is when you buy the Surface Pro 3 you're getting the least of both worlds.


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