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More Than Half Of Cell Phone Users Dissatisfied

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InformationWeek Daily - Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007

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Where Will You Get Your Entertainment In Five Years? Nokia Says From Your Peers

Nokia conducted a large study and is predicting that by 2012, 25% of all entertainment will not come from the major movie and music studios, but will have been created within one's peer group. Is the end of traditional media finally in sight?

I consider myself to be a hybrid media consumer. Yes, I download music and movies digitally via the Internet, but I also still go to local media outlets and purchase CDs and DVDs. In fact, most new music I buy is in CD form. Why? Because I am a snob and want the best quality, and MP3s and other compressed formats often don't cut it. This is a dying distribution model, however, and Nokia is predicting big changes ahead.

Not just in how we get our entertainment, but who actually creates it.

Nokia's recent study, entitled "A Glimpse of the Next Episode," carried out by The Future Laboratory, interviewed trend-setting consumers from 17 countries about their digital behaviors and lifestyles signposting emerging entertainment trends. Combining views from industry leading figures with Nokia's own research from its 900 million consumers around the world, Nokia has constructed a global picture of what it believes entertainment will look like over the next five years.

"From our research we predict that up to a quarter of the entertainment being consumed in five years will be what we call 'Circular'. The trends we are seeing show us that people will have a genuine desire not only to create and share their own content, but also to remix it, mash it up and pass it on within their peer groups -- a form of collaborative social media," said Mark Selby, Nokia's VP of multimedia, in a prepared statement.

This is happening already. For the MySpace generation, it is how new bands are getting their music out there and growing their fan base. I am a performer in my local New Jersey open-mike circuit. Many of the other musicians I meet are recording their music at home and posting it to the Internet to share with their family and friends. (Same goes with budding Spielbergs via YouTube.) I have to say, I enjoy being able to support my local businesses, and that stretches to musicians and other creative people. In fact, a growing portion of my music library is content is created by local performers.

To read more about changing entertainment purchasing patterns, and add your $0.02, visit the InformationWeek Blog.

Eric Zeman

Quote of The Day

"The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money." -- Mark Twain

Top Stories

More Than Half Of Cell Phone Users Dissatisfied: Consumer Reports Survey
Survey respondents were mainly dissatisfied with mandatory contract extensions imposed on them by wireless carriers, as well as the high cost of service.

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White Paper

IBM Hopes To Boost EPS With $1 Billion Stock Buy Back

The company said it accelerated the program to take advantage of the stock market's current dip.

Intel Foray Into Software: Let Us Help You Speed Up XML Processing

With the market for XML in service-oriented architecture on the rise, the hardware manufacturer sees competitive advantage in getting it to run faster on its platform.

Tweens More Likely To Watch TV On Cell Phones: Survey

Not only do 35% of U.S. kids between 8 and 12 surveyed own their phone, they also favor wallpapers, music, and games, a Nielsen survey found.

Western Digital Launches 320-Gbyte Portable Drive

The Passport drive comes with software for keeping files in the drive and host PC or Mac synchronized.

Microsoft Unveils Tools For Advertisers, Webmasters

AdCenter Add-in for Excel 2007 and Webmaster Center are being offered through Microsoft's Advertiser & Publisher Solutions unit.

More Than Half Of Cell Phone Users Dissatisfied: Consumer Reports Survey

Survey respondents were mainly dissatisfied with mandatory contract extensions imposed on them by wireless carriers, as well as the high cost of service.

Robot Contest Winner Gets Extra Prize From Evolution Robotics

Inventor Dahn Trinh also received a $5,000 prize from iRobot for his plant-watering robot.

Online Shopping Safety Tips For The Holidays: Protect Your ID

Before purchasing gifts online, shoppers should be sure the Web site they use has a solid privacy policy, Identity Finder suggests.

Intel, AMD Retreating In Price, Researcher Says

Both processor firms reported higher third-quarter revenue, in spite of the brutal price war that negatively affected each company's gross margins.

Qualcomm, Nortel Team On Dual-Mode Phone Service

The companies are working toward a technology to launch next year that allows mobile phones to seamlessly switch calls between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Asian Investor Targets Facebook For Early Investment

Telecom magnate Li Ka-shing's planned $60 million investment could help propel the social network's business in Asian markets.

Supreme Court Rejects Case Over Pirated Nude Pictures

Perfect 10 argued that its online adult magazine business had been hurt by foreign sites that pirated pictures of nude models.

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Who's The Child Now, Or Wii (Why) Most Adults Don't Play Video Games
I got the heck beat out of me a few months back, when commenters vehemently objected to my characterization of Xbox 360 gaming -- and by implication, PS2, Gameboy, and Wii as well -- as an activity appropriate mainly for children. ("If you're like me -- older than 14 -- you're curious as to what all the fuss is about," was how I put it.) Now, I've got some evidence to back up that opinion, in the form of a survey conducted by AOL Games and the Associated Press.

Join Us Tuesday For GridTalk With Linden Lab VP Joe Miller
Joe Miller, Linden Lab vice president, platform and technology development, will be our special guest for GridTalk, where we'll talk with him about Windlight, new Second Life technology that makes the world more beautiful and realistic.

CIO Effectiveness: Here's A Hint -- Know Your Manager
Now for another sneak peek at a small slice of our forthcoming CIO Effectiveness Survey 2007: Almost everyone agrees the CIO should report to the CEO. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different.

Last CIO Standing: Joke Contest
As I've said several times, I'm committed to passing along every CIO joke -- both by and about CIOs -- that I hear. Unfortunately, I don't have a joke this time. But I do have a little bit of insight that concerns a certain top technology executive's sense of humor -- or lack thereof.

The Incompleteness Theory Of Open Source, Continued
After my last post about how "failed" open-source projects aren't really failures at all, a colleague of mine provided me with more perspectives on that situation. The very way open source works, he claimed, is like an amortization of risk against failure in software development.

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Data De-Duplication: A Game-Changing Technology. -- Data Domain, Inc.
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