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Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta 1

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007

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SAP Hopes To See TomorrowNow Become YesterdayThen

So the other shoe drops. Four months after admitting one of its subsidiaries downloaded Oracle documents it didn't have legal rights to, SAP is doing everything it can to yank out and destroy that thorn in it's paw known as TomorrowNow.

I'm not surprised, since back in April, just a month after Oracle filed its lawsuit against SAP claiming "corporate theft on a grand scale," SAP CEO Henning Kagermann acknowledged concerns about TomorrowNow's innocence in the matter. "We have policies in place to ensure obligations as management," Kagermann had said during an interview at the Sapphire user conference, adding that SAP was doing its own investigation. "Nevertheless, having policies is one thing, having them enforced is another thing," he said. "We have to have a complete picture."

SAP's version of a complete picture came in July, when it filed a response to Oracle's lawsuit. SAP said personnel from TomorrowNow--a company it acquired that provides services for Oracle's JD Edwards and Peoplesoft products--had indeed downloaded thousands of documents from Oracle's site on the behalf of its customers. As buyers of Oracle products, TomorrowNow customers had rights to some of those support documents, SAP said, while admitting that TomorrowNow also had downloaded some documents related to applications not licensed by those customers, for reasons unclear. But it claimed those documents stayed in TomorrowNow's separate systems and no one from SAP got access to them.

That's a different picture from Oracle's allegation that SAP employees pretended to be Oracle customers to log on to its Web site and copy proprietary technical and customer-support data so it could provide lower-cost services to those customers, with the eventual goal of luring them over to competing SAP products.

To read more about TomorrowNow developments, and leave your $0.02, visit the InformationWeek Blog.

Mary Hayes Weier

Quote of The Day

"The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet." -- William Gibson

Top Stories

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta 1
Improvements include Web Page Forgery Protection, clearer SSL Error messages, automatic plug-in checking, and compliance with Windows Vista parental controls.

White Paper

Symantec Offers Security Software For Smartphones
Norton Smartphone Security combines anti-virus technology, a firewall, and anti-spam capabilities for phones that run the Windows Mobile or Symbian operating systems.

RIAA Piracy Fight Makes It To The Ivy League

Sixteen campuses were sent letters notifying administrators that someone used their network to download copyrighted music.

Lack of Black Tech Professionals Hurts U.S., Bill Gates Says

Microsoft is working with the National Society of Black Engineers and hiring and promoting African-American programmers and engineers.

Staples To Offer Customers Seagate Disaster Recovery Services

Under the deal, Staples customers can seek data recovery from any type of digital media, from a notebook or a desktop to portable media player.

Electronics, Flat-Panel Televisions High On Holiday Gift Lists

Nearly two in 10 consumers plan to buy a flat-panel television as a gift for the holidays or after the holidays, with 47% looking for screens that are 42" or larger.

HP Software Chief Says He's Not Interested In BEA

HP is not interested in buying software maker BEA Systems, which has rejected a takeover bid from Oracle, HP Senior VP Tom Hogan said Tuesday.

Fujitsu Unveils Lightweight Laptops For Road Warriors

The LifeBook S6510 and LifeBook S7210 notebooks are designed with lighter components for traveling professionals.

Microsoft's 'Mass Effect' Aims To Be Next Xbox 360 Hit

The game, developed by BioWare, features an advanced dialog system that allows players to interact with characters.

Yahoo, Sony BMG Team Up For User-Generated Content

The deal allows Yahoo to distribute Sony BMG content through applications and widgets that the portal's users can embed in their own Web sites.

Wal-Mart's $199 Linux PC Back In Stock

The gPC is one of the first Linux-based desktop machines to be offered for sale by a major retailer.

Google Maps Taps People Power To Improve Results

Google has added a feature that lets people correct the location marker for street addresses, businesses, and other places.

Symantec Offers Security Software For Smartphones

Norton Smartphone Security combines anti-virus technology, a firewall, and anti-spam capabilities for phones that run the Windows Mobile or Symbian operating systems.

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Hanging Up On Mobile AV
It's good to see security vendors getting in front of a problem. But when it comes to mobile malware, Symantec and McAfee are getting ahead of themselves.

Bigger Screens, Lighter Notebooks? It's Not a Paradox
Fujitsu is releasing a new laptop today that breaks one of the rules of notebook physics ? it has a bigger screen than a similar predecessor model, but it's lighter. How does that work? The reason is the change from LCD to LED screen technology.

So, Apple Is Not Spying On iPhone Users After All
Yesterday the blogosphere erupted when evidence surfaced that Apple was potentially spying on iPhone users. Now other bloggers are claiming that Apple is not spying on its users. So which is it?

Share The Love: IT Staff Feel Appreciated
Contrary to stereotyped perceptions (and Saturday Night Live skits), IT staff members aren't necessarily targets of verbal abuse, they do get positive feedback from users, and they aren't constantly surfing the Web looking for new jobs. As for CIOs ... insufficient data.

Video: Vintage Apple Lisa Commercial Stars Kevin Costner
This commercial stars the Dances With Wolves actor as a hip executive who bicycles to the office with his dog and uses a Lisa when he gets there.

T-Mobile Dumps Customers Who Roam Too Much
So much for winning all those shiny customer service awards. In a bad customer service moment that smacks of something Sprint did recently, T-Mobile decided to kick 600 customers to the curb. Their offense? Roaming in areas without T-Mobile network coverage too often.

Amazon's Kindle May Not Be About Books Alone
The more I read about Amazon's Kindle device, the more I realize Amazon's managed to sell one thing and call it another. It's not an "electronic book" -- it's a portable vending machine for syndicated content and EVDO access. And if it works, it might hint at a new way to sell high-speed wireless access to the Internet as a whole, albeit in a heavily closed-ended way.

T-Mobile Raked Over Coals For Selling iPhone With Two-Year Contracts
Vodafone is going on the offensive against competitor T-Mobile in Germany. It filed an injunction against T-Mobile claiming that the iPhone's sales terms, which require a two-year contract with T-Mobile, are a no-no. The German court sided with Vodafone and is now forcing T-Mobile to change its iPhone sales practices.

Faster AMD Phenom Quad-Cores Coming In Early 2008
If your interest in AMD's first desktop quad-core processors was piqued by Monday's announcement of the Phenom X4 9500 and 9600, then you'll like what the scrappy semiconductor maker has up its sleeve for release early next year. Three new processors are on the way, most notably a 3.0-GHz Phenom due in the second quarter of 2008.

Tomorrow's CIO
In writing my feature story about "The Evolving CIO," I interviewed M.S. Krishnan, professor of business information technology at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Here are some notes from that conversation on how CIOs can step up to the next level: of their careers, and of what their organizations are increasingly expecting of them.

Google For IT?
These days, if people have a question they turn to Google for an answer. Startup Paglo wants to become Google for IT administrators.

White Paper

Get Better Results from your IT investments
In today’s environment, you need to get the most out of your assets and people … all the while serving the strategic needs of your business and dealing with growth and acquisition issues. In addition, it is critically important to quantify results of those investments for leadership and accurately track service level agreements.

ECM Finally Comes to the SMB Market: New Market Trends & Research
Until recently, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) was an expensive technology reserved for large corporations – and large budgets. Join industry expert Dan Elam as he shares some new research for Kodak on the SMB market for ECM and provides insight and commentary about the findings.

Unified Communications: Building the Modern and Mobile Workforce
A new generation of Unified Communications products is changing the way people work. By integrating voicemail, email, IM, presence and other technologies, employees can collaborate more effectively. Is your strategy in motion?

Selecting the Right Conference Room Solution - Understanding the Next Generation Conference Phone System -- Polycom - Voice Division
This paper will discuss different kinds of voice conferencing equipment, identify some of the common environments in which they are used, and examine how to match the right device with each environment to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your conference calls.

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