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Red Hat Teams Up With Amazon To Broaden Deployment Of Linux Apps

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Amazon And Red Hat Make Computing Stretchy ... Er, Elastic

I'd been curious about the Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or "EC2" before, but I'm twice as curious now: Red Hat and Amazon have knocked heads to provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux as one of the standard offerings for EC2.

For those who haven't followed what Amazon is doing, the Elastic Compute Cloud is a kind of on-demand virtualization system.  Instead of running a virtual machine on your desktop or a given server somewhere, it's run on Amazon's "cloud" -- a big cluster of computers, not any one machine. You create a machine image, or use one of Amazon's preconfigured images, upload it to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (aka S3), and access it over the network like you would any remotely-hosted machine. The whole system's designed to be as flexible as possible -- there are no minimums for usage, so you pay for exactly what you use. Amazon's own tools for setting up an EC2 image are written in Java and so can run pretty much anywhere there's a command line and a Java port.

Red Hat's contribution to all this is in the form of a pre-configured Red Hat Enterprise Linux system image, which you can use in the cloud for a starting cost of around $19.21 a month (plus whatever usage you incur with the system itself).  The way I see it, that amounts to a support subscription for the software alone for around $230 a year.  Considering that a RHEL 1-year subscription for a two-socket system is $349, that's a pretty sweet deal, and leaves plenty of room to pay for whatever grade of computing you need from the cloud.  (There's three basic tiers of computing service, each designed to emulate a different level of machine performance; you can start small and work your way up as you need.)

Obviously, nothing's stopping anyone from not using RHEL as their platform of choice here.  In theory you could run Fedora (or some other Linux distribution) and pay nothing for the software at all.  There's even a tutorial that describes how to run a Windows Server 2003 server (using an emulator, admittedly) in the cloud.

But many people are clearly happy to pay Red Hat for their services and support, and EC2 makes for a novel way to pay for both RHEL support and the hardware to run it on.

What do you think? Will the Red Hat/Amazon deal result in a very useful service? Leave a message on the InformationWeek Blog and let us know.

Serdar Yegulalp

Quote of The Day

"Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from." -- Al Franken

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White Paper

Red Hat Teams Up With Amazon To Broaden Deployment Of Linux Apps
The 5.1 version of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux also increases support for virtualization on HP Itanium servers and for Microsoft's hypervisor.

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Microsoft Spending $1 Billion On New Data Centers

The new data centers in Chicago and Dublin are being built on an accelerated schedule; Chicago will be up and running by April.

TiVo Starts Selling Subscriber Info To Advertisers

The new service provides demographic data on subscribers, such as age, income, marital status and ethnicity; and also lets advertisers pose questions to some TiVo subscribers.

Trend Micro Offers Free Security Service For Sony PS3

Trend Micro claims that as game consoles with Web browsers proliferate, so too will security problems. To date, however, such risks remain largely theoretical.

General Motors CIO Promotes Procurement Standards

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Sony Introduces Eco-Friendly Notebooks

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New Yorkers Protest Federal Electronic Voting Machine Selection

Objectors say that the federally approved voting machines use outdated, insecure technology.

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CIOs feel mobile devices improve productivity, but say effective management of these devices is becoming increasingly difficult, according to a survey.

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A CDW straw poll found that the greatest obstacle customers face when trying to increase their IT budgets is the competing priorities for resources.

Vonage Reports A Big Loss, But Settles Major Patent Case With AT&T

Vonage reported a loss of $161.8 million for its third quarter, but continued to add new subscribers and predicted it will have an operating profit next year.

Information Builders' Software Lets Smartphones Manage BI Reports

Information Builders insists that with the release of better smart phones, such as the iPhone, access to BI from mobile devices is about to take off.

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