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Secrets To Unified Communications & Collaboration Success
Marty Parker, Principal & Co-Founder, UniComm Consulting
These seven usage profiles will help you trace the communications activities of workers and uncover bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
By Marty Parker Principal & Co-Founder, UniComm Consulting, 8/1/2014
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SaaS: Still Not Simple-As-A-Service
Lawrence Garvin, Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds
Cost, data ownership, security, and other factors can complicate the SaaS decision.
By Lawrence Garvin Technical Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds, 8/1/2014
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Doing Business Without Handshakes
David Wagner, Community Editor
Handshakes make us feel comfortable in business settings -- and spread germs that make us sick. Perhaps it's time for a new custom.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/29/2014
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Stop Recruiting, Start Connecting
Jack Perkins, Principal, Oryx Search
Software engineers want to talk with their fellow professionals about job opportunities, not run the HR gauntlet.
By Jack Perkins Principal, Oryx Search, 7/29/2014
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IT Salary Survey 2014: Networking
InformationWeek Staff,
Data center managers make slightly more than networking professionals, with middle-aged men on the coasts faring best. Both staff and management are optimistic about their career paths.
By InformationWeek Staff , 7/28/2014
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How To Be An Office Hero: 3 Myths, Busted
David Wagner, Community Editor
You rely on a set of social assumptions to get ahead at work, but some of those assumptions don't match with science.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/28/2014
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Bubblemania: Will We Party Like It's 1999?
Doug Schade, Principal Consultant, Winter Wyman
Feverish tech activity is exciting and in many ways similar to 15 years ago. We aren't at dot-bomb levels of hysteria, but there's one big problem that may threaten growth.
By Doug Schade Principal Consultant, Winter Wyman, 7/25/2014
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Healthcare Collaboration Across 3 Generations
Susan M. Reese, Director, Healthcare Practice Group, Kronos
Patients may see 50 different hospital employees during treatment. Don't let different collaboration styles among your multigenerational staff hinder patient care.
By Susan M. Reese Director, Healthcare Practice Group, Kronos, 7/25/2014
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Where The IT Jobs Aren't: Tech
Kristin Burnham, Senior Editor,
IT jobs in the tech sector will stall while non-tech industries will drive IT job growth, impacting job geography and skills, says new report.
By Kristin Burnham Senior Editor,, 7/24/2014
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IT Leaders, You're The Cavemen Who Survived
Scott Carlson, Senior Infrastructure Architect
The ability to spot an anomaly in hundreds of lines of code isn't all that different from Neanderthal man picking out the weakest wooly mammoth -- and don't let anyone tell you different.
By Scott Carlson Senior Infrastructure Architect, 7/24/2014
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Gender Judo: Salary Negotiation Tactics For Women
Laurianne McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief,
Are good girls ambitious? Flip gender expectations on their head with these salary negotiation moves.
By Laurianne McLaughlin Editor-in-Chief,, 7/24/2014
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Agile Dev: Don't Take The Easy Way Out
Dwight Kingdon,
It's easy to lose track of Scrum principles and best practices. Do these Scrum anti-patterns affect your development process?
By Dwight Kingdon , 7/23/2014
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The IPv6 Skills Crisis
Edward Horley, Practice Manager, Cloud Solutions, Groupware Technology
As IPv6 adoption ramps up, there aren't nearly enough experts and trainers to fulfill the demand. Here's how to start educating yourself.
By Edward Horley Practice Manager, Cloud Solutions, Groupware Technology, 7/23/2014
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Government IT Priorities: Security Reigns, Cloud Crawls
Richard W. Walker,
Our new survey shows fed agencies focusing more on security, as they should, but they're still behind the times with cloud use, data center consolidation, and overall innovation.
By Richard W. Walker , 7/21/2014
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Microsoft's Productivity Story: Showtime For Nadella
Kevin Casey,
Give the Microsoft CEO credit for his articulate vision. Now comes the hard part: execution.
By Kevin Casey , 7/21/2014
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Why Enterprises Need To Adapt To Agile
Eric Reed, Chief Technology Officer, GE Capital
Today's large businesses are not too big and inflexible to be agile. Here's why.
By Eric Reed Chief Technology Officer, GE Capital, 7/21/2014
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Salary Negotiation For Women: Ask The Expert
Laurianne McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief,
InformationWeek salary survey data shows the gender pay gap remains alive and well in IT. One reason: Women walk a tricky tightrope during the negotiation process.
By Laurianne McLaughlin Editor-in-Chief,, 7/18/2014
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IT Career Advice: How To Sell
Daniel Weinfurter, Contributing Writer
IT leaders must sell ideas and projects to be successful, but few are trained in sales. Here are some tips.
By Daniel Weinfurter Contributing Writer, 7/18/2014
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Detour On The Road To ICD-10
Deborah Graham, Programmer/Analyst
How one health system is adjusting to the delayed implementation of the new ICD-10 healthcare coding standard.
By Deborah Graham Programmer/Analyst, 7/18/2014
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Geekend: Familiar Faces Can Be Friendly (Or Dangerous)
David Wagner, Community Editor
Studies show we pick our friends -- and employees -- based on visible and invisible similarities.
By David Wagner Community Editor, 7/18/2014
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2014 US Salary Survey: 10 Stats
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IT Salary Survey 2014: Networking
IT Salary Survey 2014: Networking
Data center managers make slightly more than networking professionals, with middle-aged men on the coasts faring best. Both staff and management are optimistic about their career paths.
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