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The Complete, Unvarnished, Slightly Biased Apple Buyers' Guide

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InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Sep 13, 2007

Editor's Note

The Newb's Guide To Apple

As I wrote our Apple buyers' guide, I was directed by a single question: What do I wish I'd known when I bought my first Mac, back in February? Since then, I've had an intense self-guided study in Apple products and services. Alas, I can't put all that knowledge in a time machine and send it back to myself. But I can pass it on to you.

The result is a package of articles, an image gallery, and a chart that'll give the first-time Apple buyer the information they need to make informed decisions. And experts will find some useful information in there too.

I started with Macs. Once you've committed to buying a Mac, which Mac or MacBook should you get? Find out which Mac is right for you in our overview of the Mac product line. This comprehensive Mac comparison chart gives you a side-by-side view of the specs and pricing of all the different Macs and MacBooks, so you can compare their features and capabilities and decide which one you like best.

Next, find out where to buy your Mac and where to get support.

Learn why I'm recommending against buying an iPhone, even though I'm happy with mine.

Get the lowdown on which iPod is right for you, and the benefits and pitfalls of using iTunes.

Explore four different ways to run Windows on your Mac.

Load up your Mac with these 14 free and cheap Mac apps. This list describes great software for instant messaging, writing, password management, and more. Ten of them are free, one is donationware, and the other three are priced under $30. Also, find out why you should think twice about Microsoft Office -- it's expensive, and there are less expensive and free alternatives.

Learn about the .Mac online storage and information sharing service.

Take a look at an image gallery of Apple's products and third-party software.

Finally we scrutinize Apple in the workplace. Contributor John Welch asks: Is Apple still interested in the enterprise?

Do you use Apple for business computing? Take our poll and leave a message on the InformationWeek Blog and let us know.

Mitch Wagner

Quote of The Day

"You gotta get on the Net. That's where there's all the best conspiracy theories. Did you know that Hezbollah owns Little Dolly Snack Cakes? This stuff will rock your world." -- Homer Simpson

Top Stories

The Complete, Unvarnished, Slightly Biased Apple Buyers' Guide
Find out which Apple products and services are right for you, and how to get the most from them. An in-depth look at Macs, the iPhone, iPods, and more.

White Paper

Fair Use Worth More to Economy Than Copyright, CCIA Says

Fair use exceptions to U.S. copyright laws account for more than $4.5 trillion in annual revenue for the United States, according to the Computer and Communications Industry Association.

Interest Grows In Workforce Performance Management Software

Forecasted boost in the market drives vendor SuccessFactors to pursue a stock IPO.

U.S. Public Libraries Pressed By Public Demand For Internet Access

A survey finds the addition of new technology services is putting a strain on American libraries, whose budgets and staff sizes have generally not grown.

Presidential Candidate Thompson Surges On The Web

Republican Fred Thompson's Web site drew more that twice as many visitors as Barack Obama's site and more than three times as many as Hillary Clinton's site.

Halo 3's Master Chief Invades Tussauds' Vegas Museum

The installation of the "life-sized" wax figure in the famed Las Vegas Strip museum is the latest indication that the Xbox 360 game will smash game disc sales records.

Jobfox Brings Headhunting Services To The Masses, Tracks Resume Views

Employees and job seekers can post their resumes and obtain their own free Web page with a unique URL. Jobfox then tells users who has looked at their resumes.

Sun To Buy Lustre File System For Solaris, Linux

Sun touts the proposed purchase of Cluster File Systems' assets as a victory for its large-scale cluster computing and storage initiatives.

Sun, Microsoft Expand Partnership; Sun To Sell Windows

The former rivals will collaborate on IP television and interoperability between Windows Server and Sun's Solaris operating system.

HP Launches 'Shorty' BladeSystem For Mid-Market

The c3000 BladeSystem is an easy-to-configure data center in a box with integrated storage and can come prepackaged with business applications from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others.

Chambers Sees Virtual Teams Competing With Virtualized Resources

The Cisco CEO said future business productivity gains will be built on collaboration, virtualization, and social networking changes that "will come straight into your business with a vengeance."

Cell Phones Won't Kill Your Brain

A U.K. study finds no correlation between short-term mobile phone use and cancers of the brain and nervous system.

Firefox AdBlock Foe Calls For Mozilla Boycott

A Web designer says Internet surfers who use Firefox's AdBlock Plus utility are, in effect, stealing content from Web sites.

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AT&T Mobile Phone Service In New York City Appears To Be Down
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Palm Intros New Treo Hardware
At long last. It may not look all that svelte, but the Treo 500v, announced today for Vodafone in Europe, is a small first step for Palm in resurrecting itself.

Will NTP Sue Every Wireless Company?
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A Focused Way To Search Discussions
Israel-based startup Omgili has developed a specialized search engine that strives to helps users research topics based on Web discussions and other forms of user-generated content.

'Microtrends' Book Says Techies No Longer The Geeks
If small is still the new big, then the biggest book of the moment is "Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes" by Mark Penn, CEO of public-relations powerhouse Burson-Marsteller. Penn divines the future from the niche-ification of the present. For us tech types, one observation rises to the top: As the Internet becomes ever more dominant, geeks are now welcome at the lunch table with the cool kids.

Mobile Security 101
Want to secure your mobile employees and protect against breaches? Here are a few quick tips.

An Invitation To Technology Startups
Business-technology startups have a new channel for getting the word out about their products and services. InformationWeek will begin highlighting startups each week in a new section of the magazine called Startup City. Emerging tech companies: Tell us about your bright ideas!

Are CIOs Disappearing (Part II)? If They Don't Master Business Value, The Answer Is 'Yes'
Readers offer various explanations to the question we first posed last week, but the central theme is that too many CIOs remain overly focused on IT arcana rather than revenue growth, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage. Join the discussion.

White Paper

Path to Profit: Transform your Underwriting Processes
Join Insurance & Technology Editorial Director Kathy Burger, Cindy De Armond, Partner, Insurance Industry Practice, IBM Global Business Services, and Mark B. Gorman, Strategic Research Advisor, Insurance, TowerGroup, to gain insights into how integrating analytics and operations can transform the underwriting process.

Help Your Hospital Avoid Collisions with Administrative, Operational, and Performance Hazards
Threats to daily hospital operations are looming, with new threats constantly appearing. Your ability to identify and acclimate to those threats is significantly diminished without the proper resources. The days of simply providing quality patient care are over. This paper explains how to arm yourself with the right tools to address these threats.

ROI Case Study: SAS Business Intelligence and IBM
This ROI case study provides an ROI analysis of IBM's SAS Business Intelligence (BI) solution, outlining the various challenges, costs, and benefits that were realized throughout the SAS implementation.

Security in the Any Era: Balancing Risk, Cost, and the User Experience - VeriSign, Inc
Summary: Thanks to advances in Internet technology, people conduct business from virtually anywhere. As enterprises accommodate the demands of this "Any Era," threats to infrastructure increase. VeriSign reacts with our Layered Security solution to provide security without sacrificing user experience.

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U.S. Sentencing Commission seeking Information Technology Manager in Washington, DC

The IT Staffing Company seeking SAP HR Payroll Sr. BA in Princeton, NJ

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McFadyen Consulting seeking eBusiness Project Manager in Vienna, VA

Openlink Financial, Inc. seeking Senior Technical Consultant in Uniondale, NY

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