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The Social Networking Gold Rush

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007

Editor's Note

Shovels As A Service In The Social Networking Gold Rush

For this week's feature on Web 2.0 in the enterprise, we counted 17 startups that offer social networking platforms. Everyone knows that selling picks and shovels is the surest way to get rich during a gold rush, so these companies could be on to something -- or at least, they would be if so many hadn't come up with the same idea. The difference is that in keeping with the Web 2.0 fashion for online apps, most have set themselves up as Web-based service providers. Not so much selling shovels as renting them.

A service-based business model is great from the vendors' (or service-providers') point of view: It means they only need to make a sale once and can get paid over and over again. It's even better when the marginal cost of actually providing the service is close to zero.

Most important during a gold rush, it expands the market, thanks to lower costs of entry. Renting is cheaper in the short term than buying, which attracts a lot more prospectors hoping to found a data mine. That means a lot more sites, all competing with each other and with traditional publishers for the same users and ad revenue.

In the long term, social networking is becoming a standard feature of most large Web sites, not an end in itself. I think this is behind Google's relative lack of interest in the space, as well as Facebook's API and push to become a host for third-party apps. On the intranet, where requirements are slightly different (assuming that intra-corporate social networking is useful at all, which it might not be), the startups face competition from bigger vendors such as IBM and BEA. It's a feature, not a product.

Read the rest of my blog post and leave a comment.

Andy Dornan

Quote of The Day

"The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it." -- Bill Nye

Top Stories

IBM Turning Silicon Waste Into Solar Panels
By using reclaimed silicon, solar cell manufacturers can save between 30% and 90% of the energy they would have expended using new silicon materials, IBM said.

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IBM Chipset Promises HD Downloads In Milliseconds

IBM Posts 16% Jump In Third Quarter Earnings

White Paper

Imeem Strikes Deal With EMI For Free Streaming Music, Videos

EMI's global digital catalog -- including RadioHead, the Rolling Stones, the Beastie Boys, and The Beach Boys -- will be available through an ad-supported service.

Personal Home Robot Wins iRobot's Create Challenge

The winner can water plants, remind owners to take their medication, turn lights on and off, and control appliances.

Cisco And Satyam To Create Health Services Network In India

Cisco also announced that it was providing an additional $100 million in its Indian innovation program, bringing its total there to $1.1 billion.

Congress Approves Seven-Year Internet-Tax Ban

The measure now goes to President Bush, who is expected to sign it in time to meet Thursday's deadline.

Tech Products For The Holidays: Start Making A List

Flat-panel TVs, notebook computers, and digital cameras expected to top many holiday wish lists, says The NPD Group.

Cybercriminal Bets Users Will Trade Security For Sex

Trend Micro says new malware is tempting computer users to enter CAPTCHA codes to remove clothing from the image of a model.

U.S. Health Department Will Offer Some Doctors Cash To Use E-Health Records

The pilot program aims to entice more doctors, especially those in small- to medium-sized practices, to use digitized health records.

EMC Buys Voyence To Expand IT Automation Portfolio

The acquisition of Voyence will give EMC customers new capabilities around network compliance, security, and serviceability.

Google Begins 'Gmail 2.0' Rollout

The new look has been made available to about 1% of all Gmail users and is being rolled out to the rest on an ongoing basis.

Apple 'Leopard' Sales Top 2 Million In First Weekend

Leopard's sprint out of the gate could slow if Apple is unable to solve some major installation problems encountered by early adopters.

NetSuite Says Ellison To Transfer Stock

Software maker NetSuite Tuesday said its largest shareholder, billionaire Larry Ellison, would transfer more than 60% of his stake in the company into a "lockbox" company.

Two More Challenges To Microsoft Office: Glide And ThinkFree

While Google and Zoho are better-known online challengers to Office, there are at least two others that are definitely in the running.

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Eye-Fi Stuffs Wi-Fi Radio Into An SD Card, Enables Wireless Storage
You might be scratching your head wondering why on earth you want an SD card with a Wi-Fi radio, but just think of the wonderful uses. Now you can beam your pictures straight to your favorite photo sharing site without editing them first!

Google Announces That It Is Going To Make An Announcement Regarding Its Mobile Plans
Announcements about announcements crack me up. The only reason this one is worth paying attention to is because it is Google, and the subject of the announcement will be its future mobile plans. Specifically, products and services it hopes to have in the market by mid 2008.

MySpace Cofounder Lies About His Age
Tom Anderson, cofounder of MySpace, is five years older than he claims.

Join Us For GridTalk With The Creators Of The Greenies
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Broadband Providers Nix Sticks
Testimony before a House subcommittee last week reiterated what we already knew: fewer people in the United States have broadband Internet access than in several other countries, and rural areas of the United States have even less access to broadband than urban areas. They're called "the sticks" for a reason: rural America gets this one stuck to it, too, as it does on a lot of other social, economic, and technical issues.

Why Run Leopard On A PC? A Hacker Explains
In writing an article about how hackers had gotten Apple's new Leopard operating system to run on PCs, I corresponded with the individual responsible for posting a how-to-guide for creating a "hackintosh."

The person who posted the how-to-guide goes by the forum name BrazilMAC and since he responded to my query at length, it seemed appropriate to provide his reply here, mainly because it provides insight into why people hack.

Expect The Worst With Your Leopard Upgrade
When upgrading your operating system, expect the worst. Expect that your system won't boot. Expect your favorite applications won't run. Expect that your essential documents will be deleted or inaccessible. Also, your dog will get pregnant, the milk in your fridge will go sour, and you'll wake up with a big zit on your nose and run into your high-school sweetheart later that day.

Startup Makes Bold Spam-Fighting Claims
Abaca, a startup that launched at last week's Interop NY show, claims to have developed a new approach to spam filtering that guarantees a minimum of 99 percent accuracy.

White Paper

Relieving Congestion on WAN Access Links for Improved Application Performance -- StreamCore
The increasing number of remotely-accessible business applications and the consolidation of Data Centers, combined with the convergence of voice/data over IP, have turned WAN into a strategic corporate resource in constant demand. This paper explains how competition between various traffic may be detrimental to mission-critical applications.

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