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Eliminate Downtime With Effective Application Performance Management
Date: Apr 24, 2014

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The operating environment for mission-critical IT systems continues to grow in complexity, but your tolerance for downtime cannot.

Loss of employee productivity and revenue can result from an inability to monitor end-to-end transaction performance and analyze application-related data from across your organization.

Join this webinar we share our analysis of how 230 of your peers are coping with the need to ensure that applications are effectively managed, exhibit acceptable performance, and are cost effective, including how you can:

  • Monitor and manage complex, heterogeneous systems encompassing everything from mainframe-based applications to mobile, cloud, and web apps
  • Leverage analytics to provide advanced warning and diagnosis of problems
  • Use a 360-degree view of application and business service delivery
  • Reduce workload while also enabling IT mitigate a crisis
DevOps for Dummies | Complimentary eBook + DevOps on Cloud Webinar
Date: Mar 31, 2014

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Cloud computing offers significant advantages for developers: instant access to resources, fast on-boarding for collaboration across teams and geographies, and consistent environment provisioning.

With DevOps practices, teams can make even more beneficial use if the cloud through continuous testing, deployment automation and collaborative development.

Join this webinar to discover how you can:

  • Drive benefit from leveraging the cloud to accelerate software delivery
  • Reduce risk, increase quality and governance and speed application development and deployment
  • Innovate ideas through collaborative development and testing
  • Deliver innovation by automating processes and eliminating waste

BONUS: All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of DevOps for Dummies

Expert Panel: Continuous Delivery Best Practices Revealed
Date: Mar 25, 2014

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Expert Panel: Continuous Delivery Best Practices Revealed
Habits of Highly Successful Continuous Delivery Practitioners

There is a lot of talk about Continuous Delivery as organizations strive to release better products faster. However talk is one thing; action is another. It’s time to listen to the voice of experience.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What has worked and what hasn’t in Continuous Delivery
  • Shortcuts and pitfalls 
  • Architectural considerations and cultural concerns

Register to join Forrester Principal Analyst Kurt Bittner and a panel of Perforce customers—including Intuit, Edmunds.com and Tableau Software—as they discuss their hands-on experiences with Continuous Delivery.







App Ratings: How to Drive Them Up
Date: Mar 21, 2014

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How we view the quality of a mobile application is different than traditional software.

With mobile, bug counts, defect density, and adherence to requirements take a back seat to user sentiment. What users think about an app is more critical to an app’s success, than pretty much any other measure of quality.

In this webcast we want to explore what matters most and how you can deliver apps that exceed expectations.

Join this webinar so you can:

  • Discover the latest trends in mobile app test and quality strategy
  • Uncover key steps you can take now to rapidly reduce app cycle times
  • Improve brand image, exceed user expectations, and drive strong growth through your mobile systems.

Get the secrets to rising ratings and user approval from your mobile apps that will drive your business forward. 

BONUS: All attendees will receive the whitepaper: Ten answers for mobile app testing problems

Hybrid Clouds: 5 Gotchas Revealed
Date: Mar 20, 2014

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Hybrid clouds, where IT can mix and match on- and off-site infrastructure and applications based on the best fit, are rising in popularity. Among respondents to our 2014 Private Cloud Survey, 72% of those using a private cloud and using or planning to use public cloud services favor a hybrid model. However, hybrid clouds are not without problems.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Uncover the best security tricks and tips for hosting a private cloud
  • Avoid common pitfalls of hybrid cloud setups
  • Understand the biggest risk factors when setting up a public cloud infrastructure

Register for this InformationWeek webinar to learn more about the Top 5 gotchas that plague hybrid setups, from standards to security, and best practices to maximize flexibility.

Website Optimization And How To Boost Performance And Scale
Date: Mar 19, 2014

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Performance and scale are critical in the competitive world of modern web commerce. A website that gets bogged down under high volume can result in discouraged customers and lost sales.

Being prepared for peak load is key to ensuring that customers stay happy, stay focused, and keep coming back.

By combining the robust capabilities of innovative IBM technologies, your websites can ensure a consistent and satisfying experience for your customers.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Reduce average response-times
  • Create less statistical fluctuation in response-time to generate a more consistent user experience
  • Significantly improve time to reach steady-state after full or partial site restart, by 40%
  • Simplify tuning and operational maintenance
  • Apply Elastic Caching to your existing application infrastructure to address scalability issues with database servers
How to Choose an IaaS Partner
Date: Mar 14, 2014

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Think all IaaS partners are created equal? Think again. In this InformationWeek webinar, we’ll walk through mapping your needs to key differentiators, such as VMs by API, block storage (including snapshots, restores, detaches and multiple machines connecting to a single volume). We'll also talk shop on object storage, the ability to collocate machines, and configuration management/orchestration.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn where Amazon Web Services is the best choice and where it is not;
  • Discover which features you need an IaaS provider to have (that some don’t); and
  • Achieve a successful hybrid cloud strategy.

Register for this webinar and learn about the key differentiators that can mean success for your IaaS project -- or defeat.

What’s the True ROI of Your Mobile Security Investment?
Date: Mar 13, 2014

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Does investing in mobile security really payoff? What are the benefits you can expect? Some organizations struggle to answer these questions, and as a result, fail to invest in mobile management and security solutions. However, in the world of increasingly mobile workers, a risk-rewards analysis will most likely indicate that mobile security has value.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How inefficient mobile security can lead to competitive disadvantage
  • The ROI of investing in security solutions
  • Financial implications if you don’t secure devices and apps
  • Best practices for implementing mobile security policies
  • Why security concerns should not be an impediment to your mobile computing strategy

Register for this webinar for an engaging and thought provoking discussion between Charles Kolodgy, IDC Research VP Security Products, Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of Ponemon Institute, and Sundhar Annamalai, Executive Director, Product Marketing Management, AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions as they explore the compelling ways mobile security proves its worth for organizations. Listen as they discuss how the right security solutions can help an organization reap sizable benefits and avoid unnecessary costs.

Expose Your Business to the Impact of IBM PureApplication System
Date: Mar 13, 2014

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Expose Your Business to the Impact of IBM PureApplication System

The IBM PureApplication System is a cloud application platform specifically designed and tuned for enterprise applications. IBM has developed guidance around how to optimize your organization to gain the most value from your investment in PureApplication System. We also studied its economic effects on the complete application lifecycle from design, through development and deployment, into the test and management and maintenance phases.

Join us for this webinar to:

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits provided by PureApplication System
  • Learn how to align your organization to gain the most value from PureApplication System
  • Leverage acquired IT flexibility to develop new innovations to address changing business requirements
  • Manage costs through enhanced application lifecycle management
  • Reduce risk to minimize unexpected delays

Attend to learn how adopting PureApplication System can reduce your IT costs, improve your operating efficiencies, and even allow you to take advantage of new revenue sources by allowing you to respond faster to changing business conditions.

Datavail presents: 5 Reasons to Choose a Managed Services Approach to Database Administration With Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Date: Mar 12, 2014

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With the explosion in the variety, velocity and volume of data and databases, coupled with the scarcity of DBA talent, the time is right to consider an alternative approach to managing databases. Forrester Analyst Noel Yuhanna recently conducted a survey of executives in mid to large enterprises who are using managed services to augment their in-house DBA. Yuhanna will share the results of the survey, as well as interview a Fortune 1000 executive on the results they achieved, which include:

  • Improved SLAs – in many cases, dramatically improved
  • Consistent 24x7 coverage
  • Deep expertise in areas where in-house staff needed assistance
  • Multi-platform expertise
  • Improved retention of DBAs

Join the webinar and also receive a detailed white paper sharing the findings from the survey.

Reduce Transactional System Complexities to Fund Your Next Innovation
Date: Mar 11, 2014

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Online transactions are the lifeblood of so many businesses, and even a small hiccup can have an immediate impact on revenue and a far reaching effect on brand reputation.

IBM PureData System for Transactions can deliver high availability transactional data services with radical simplicity.

Join this webinar and learn how you can:

  • Get your system up and running and ready for data within hours
  • Deploy high availability clusters and databases quickly and easily using configuration patterns
  • Apply OS, firmware and capacity upgrades with zero planned downtime
  • Support DB2 applications unchanged and Oracle Database applications with minimal change
  • Achieve predictable Service Level Agreements

Attend the webinar to learn how PureData System for Transactions can save significant time, effort and cost in deploying and managing high availability, high throughput transactional databases and applications.

BONUS: Attendees will also receive the IDC whitepaper: Delivering OLTP Database Technology Aimed at Optimal Business Outcomes Executive Summary

Oracle License Management: How to Take Control
Date: Mar 06, 2014

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When a large software vendor such as Oracle requests a license reconciliation, organizations need to be prepared. Organizations that understand this problem are faced with the reality that there is no easy, automated way to tackle this challenge—at least until today.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Accurately and consistently manage your Oracle enterprise licenses
  • Understand how HP’s solutions, combined with profession services from EWC, can help you get there
  • Enable your organization to take control of your Oracle environment so you are in the driver’s seat
  • Expand the capabilities of this solution to a broader software asset management program that drives measurable business value

Register for this webinar to learn how to develop a consistent, automated way to respond to license reconciliation processes for compliance.

How Predictive Analytics can Prevent Business Outages
Date: Mar 06, 2014

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IT organizations use BSM solutions to manage the availability and performance of their business technology. As IT management capabilities evolve, customers are finding new ways to leverage those capabilities and help the business.

In this session, Playtech’s Eli Eyal will describe how they used predictive analytics software to:

  • Analyze business and infrastructure metrics.
  • Gain insight of actual business trends.
  • Detect anomalies before the business is impacted.
  • Keep their partners and their own revenues on track.
Requirements Checklist for Creating 5-Star Mobile Apps
Date: Mar 06, 2014

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A Best Practices Guide to Building and Running Quality Mobile Applications

This four-part series is designed for those who lead mobile application initiatives for their organizations (e.g., CIOs, Applications VPs, etc. ). The goal of the series is to help you evaluate best practices and solution options for developing consistent, high quality experiences across a diverse set of mobile devices in a way that’s secure, affordable, fast and can scale. It’s for those organizations that are moving from first to second wave mobile applications. And because time is at a premium, each webcast is only 15 minutes in duration.


Requirements Checklist for Creating 5-Star Mobile Apps

Attend this 15-minute webcast to learn the key capabilities required to support 5-star mobile application development.

Join this webcast so you can:

  • Learn the key capabilities required to support 5-star mobile application development.
  • Know what’s most important to you in a mobile application development platform.
  • Be able to easily compare key mobile application platform capabilities across solutions under consideration.

Complimentary Checklist: After the webcast you can download a checklist of these key requirements to help you test the ability of any mobile application development solution to meet your mobile enterprise needs – whether you invest in a platform or build your own.

How to Accelerate Apache Hadoop Deployments
Date: Mar 05, 2014

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The transformative waves of big data are changing everything about storage and require fundamental technology innovations that bring to the market new capabilities and not just new features. It’s time to re-imagine the server to accelerate Hadoop Deployments.

Attend this webinar to learn the answer to these questions:

  • Why is a flexible data center architecture critical to the success of Hadoop deployments?
  • How does fabric computing optimize power consumption and performance?
  • Why is fabric computing the best approach to scale out architectures like Hadoop?
  • What is the best architecture for Hadoop that takes into account the varying compute, storage and network requirements?

Register for this webinar to learn why you need a server that was redesigned to meet the new requirements of web-scale storage.

Improve the Student Experience: Desktop Virtualization for Education
Date: Mar 05, 2014

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The rapid evolution of technology is changing the way we learn, work and educate. Schools at all levels can prepare students for success with instruction based on their individual needs, and empower instructors, researchers and administrators to do their best work. Students want the freedom to learn and study using the latest software or applications on any device, in the location where they feel most productive and inspired.

IT faces many challenges to provide a wide range of access and support while still maintaining security and budget requirements. It is time for a change to Cloud Client Computing. Dell’s Virtual Labs desktop virtualization solution for education can provide the freedom for instructors to be dynamic with their approaches and the freedom for students to have access from anywhere on any device.

Join Dell and Citrix to learn about how their solutions for education can allow IT to:

  • Provide the best end user experience for students, faculty and staff
  • Offer shared services with a seamless experience across any device
  • Reduce costs for IT and students
  • Ensure new technology is adopted across campus
6 Key Steps To Justify Business Continuity And Resiliency Investments
Date: Mar 05, 2014

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As a business continuity professional, your job is not only continuity and resiliency for your business, but also keeping down costs and trying to, justify investments and maintain readiness for a 'black swan' event.

Join this webinar to hear detailed insights taken from an IBM Global Study on the Economic Impact of IT Risk. Based on a recent survey of over 1,000 business continuity specialists across 37 countries this webinar and related study will help you to learn from your peers to:

  • Better understand the state of business continuity today
  • Develop action plans to help you make the case for business continuity and resiliency spending
  • Understand reputational risk as an area of growing importance

Join this webinar and learn how you can make your own business case for resiliency investment. Register Now!

Free Research Report: Attendees will also receive the research report upon which the webinar is based: Building the business case for continuity and resiliency.

The Best Way to Create ROI for Mobile Application Projects
Date: Mar 03, 2014

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A Best Practices Guide to Building and Running Quality Mobile Applications

This four-part series is designed for those who lead mobile application initiatives for their organizations (e.g., CIOs, Applications VPs, etc. ). The goal of the series is to help you evaluate best practices and solution options for developing consistent, high quality experiences across a diverse set of mobile devices in a way that’s secure, affordable, fast and can scale. It’s for those organizations that are moving from first to second wave mobile applications. And because time is at a premium, each webcast is only 20 minutes in duration.


The Best Way to Create ROI for Mobile Application Projects

What return of investment can you expect from your mobile investments?

Attend this 20-minute webcast to hear Jeff Hammond from Forrester discuss what organizations can expect to save by investing in a Mobile Application Platform.

All attendees will also receive the Forrester Consulting report: The Total Economic Impact of IBM’s Worklight Platform.


3/6: A Requirements Checklist for Creating 5-Star Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development: Respond Quickly And Deliver What Matters
Date: Feb 28, 2014

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When it comes to mobile apps, having the right tools can make the difference between building an app that captivates the user and poor ratings that ruin an organization’s image.

To build anything the least bit complex requires collaboration across the entire team, integration across the tool chain, and agile team support for rapid response to change.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The makeup of today’s most successful mobile applications
  • How simplicity in integration and automation support development teams to collaboratively design and build complex mobile apps of the highest quality
  • Real-world examples of successful mobile apps developed with IBM software.

This webcast, the first in a series on DevOps for Mobile, explores the critical role development tooling and automation plays in enabling teams to engage their users and respond rapidly to their feedback as they strive to rapidly deliver the best mobile apps possible.

Register now.

Enterprise Mobility Management from Dell: Secure, Sane and Simple Mobile Device Management
Date: Feb 27, 2014

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As organizations go mobile, and the use of employee devices in the workplace becomes the true standard, data security for these devices becomes a primary concern. Savvy IT managers have a litany of questions:

  • How do I better control mobile devices accessing the networks?
  • How do I allow end users the freedom they need to access resources, while at the same time regulating devices?
  • How do I secure critical information on personal mobile devices and personal laptops?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Streamline and accelerate cloud-based mobile device management
  • Address mobile security issues through secure containers
  • Decide which critical issues you should address to ensure essential safeguards and controls

Register for this webinar to join Dell experts for a one-hour event that will show you how Dell can help you navigate and overcome the security and management issues inherent with mobility and BYOD.

Independent Research: Top Trends for Private Cloud Computing
Date: Feb 27, 2014

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Over half of North American and European enterprises are prioritizing building a private cloud in 2014. The private cloud market is rapidly evolving, making it challenging to understand key trends, market adoption, areas where private cloud solutions will develop, and which criteria you should consider when evaluating vendors. Forrester Research recently published a report, The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Solutions, Q4 2013, which highlights their investigation in the private cloud landscape.

Register for this webinar featuring our guest, Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson, and learn some of the key findings of the report which include:

  • Key development trends in the private cloud market
  • Market data on private cloud adoption
  • Forrester’s methodology for evaluating private cloud solution providers
Demo: How To Speed, Secure and Simplify Application Development and Deployment
Date: Feb 27, 2014

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A Best Practices Guide to Building and Running Quality Mobile Applications

This four-part series is designed for those who lead mobile application initiatives for their organizations (e.g., CIOs, Applications VPs, etc. ). The goal of the series is to help you evaluate best practices and solution options for developing consistent, high quality experiences across a diverse set of mobile devices in a way that’s secure, affordable, fast and can scale. It’s for those organizations that are moving from first to second wave mobile applications. And because time is at a premium, each webcast is only 15 minutes in duration.


Demo: How To Speed, Secure and Simplify Application Development and Deployment

How do you rapidly and affordably develop, test, deploy, secure and govern a portfolio of quality enterprise mobile applications?

Attend this 15-minute demonstration to see how an open, comprehensive application platform can enable your organization to develop, deploy and manage hybrid and native applications across multiple platforms, with a special focus on application testing and governance.


3/3: The Best Way to Create ROI for Mobile Application Projects

3/6: A Requirements Checklist for Creating 5-Star Mobile Apps



You Don't Have A Data Center Strategy? Here's Why You Need One Immediately
Date: Feb 26, 2014

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Companies of all sizes are trying to trim expenses by reducing their overall data center footprint. Yet demands for more computing power continue to increase. Add in newer technologies and applications, such as cloud computing and big data analytics, and it becomes difficult for technology executives to reduce costs while responding to business needs.

Take the first step in addressing the problem by attending this informative webinar, brought to you by InformationWeek and Wall Street & Technology. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Formulate effective data center strategies for your organization
  • Identify new data center technologies available for your own use
  • Use third-party providers to develop a comprehensive and flexible data center strategy customized for your needs

Anyone looking to modernize their data center, meet growing business demands, and leverage the newest technology will benefit from joining this webcast.

IT Ops Big Data: Prepare for the Avalanche
Date: Feb 26, 2014

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An avalanche of data is racing down the mountain toward you – are you ready? Everything these days creates data and it is vital that you glean the nuggets of gold from this information before you are trapped in the avalanche.  IT Operations (Ops) Analytics can help you use this landslide of data to better support the business.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Determine how much IT ops data you’re using to help your business stay on track
  • Find a new approach to collect, store and analyze data
  • Keep everything impacting your business under the control of IT ops

Register for this webinar to learn how to address new IT challenges using an innovative approach that embraces existing methods and brings new technologies to help IT manage everything that touches IT.

Top Signs Your Apps Were Built for Today - Not Tomorrow
Date: Feb 25, 2014

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A Best Practices Guide to Building and Running Quality Mobile Applications

This four-part series is designed for those who lead mobile application initiatives for their organizations (e.g., CIOs, Applications VPs, etc. ). The goal of the series is to help you evaluate best practices and solution options for developing consistent, high quality experiences across a diverse set of mobile devices in a way that’s secure, affordable, fast and can scale. It’s for those organizations that are moving from first to second wave mobile applications. And because time is at a premium, each webcast is only 20 minutes in duration.


Top Signs Your Apps Were Built for Today - Not Tomorrow

Whether you’ve built and are running several B2C or B2E apps, or just starting down that path, are you building your mobile apps for today or tomorrow?

Attend this 20-minute webcast to evaluate whether your current mobile application development practices are sustainable. Key takeaways include:

  • Learn the difference between apps built for today versus tomorrow
  • Learn different solution types for building and running quality mobile applications
  • Learn why you may need a comprehensive solution in app platforms and services.

To build and run applications for tomorrow, you need to accelerate integration with backend systems and provide testing and security, all of which will help your business to engage customers in new and secure ways and transform your business processes to create new value.

Attendees will also receive a copy of the complete IBM Institute for Business Value study that highlights the best practices of mobile strategy leaders and how mobility delivers business value.


2/27: Demo: How To Speed, Secure and Simplify Application Development and Deployment

3/3: The Best Way to Create ROI for Mobile Application Projects

3/6: A Requirements Checklist for Creating 5-Star Mobile Apps

Beyond DDoS: Case Studies on Attack Mitigation for Financial Services
Date: Feb 19, 2014

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Attend this webinar for an update on the threat landscape and the latest approaches to mitigation.

Akamai’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) works with leading financial services firms across the globe on the design and implementation of web security defenses for DDoS, data breaches, and a host of new attack vectors.  During the last six months, the CSIRT team has seen an increase in large-scale DNS and NTP reflection attacks, account checkers, and massive RFI scanning of PHP servers.  Major events, like the Olympics, have been accompanied by increased hacktivism.  Through case studies, senior CSIRT staff will share their recent first-hand experiences.

Join this webinar with Akamai to learn:

  • Why a defense in depth approach is essential to combat a growing array of attack categories
  • How leading firms are stopping even the largest scale attacks
  • Case studies on the defending against data breach, DNS, and NTP attacks
  • The advantages of massively distributed cloud-based defenses in today’s threat environment
  • How financial firms are simultaneously  improving  security, performance, and availability
Simplify Recovery and Disaster Avoidance
Date: Feb 13, 2014

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Traditional approaches to data protection at remote and branch offices are notoriously known as expensive, complex and unreliable.

With once-a-day-backup practices, rebuilding servers and restoring data in the event of a disaster often translates to very long and unpredictable recovery times, resulting in significant loss of business for the organization.

Join Eric Carter, Director of Product Marketing at Riverbed Technology, as he discusses how you can:

  • Improve branch recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Centralize all backup operations – stop deploying backup servers in remote offices
  • Simplify disaster avoidance and eliminate downtime by temporarily moving operations from a branch to other locations

Gain a new approach to storage consolidation that enables organizations to replace distributed branch back-up processes with centralized data protection practices at the datacenter.

Analyst Insight: How CIOs Can Elevate From Technology Caretaker to Innovation Partner
Date: Feb 13, 2014

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Learn how to fund what your business needs by cutting SAP® and Oracle® maintenance costs with Independent Support 


The CIO role is changing fast and the impact of digital business disruption happening today could not be fiercer. Top CIOs are taking full advantage of these trends by finding novel alternatives to fund innovation and deliver what the business needs – faster – before the business charts its own course.

Join Constellation Research and Rimini Street as they discuss how CIOs can change the IT spend equation and move from being the chief maintenance officer to the chief innovation officer.

Walk away with actionable insights including:

  • Understand the four roles of the next generation CIO
  • Learn how digital disruption is changing your business models
  • Determine better, faster and cheaper alternatives that can be a catalyst for change
  • Identify and unlock savings opportunities to fund business innovation

CIOs willing to make this leap will not only earn recognition but also will unlock increased value for their companies.

The Time to Deploy 802.11ac is Now
Date: Feb 12, 2014

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Whether IT managers are evaluating initial 802.11ac deployments for high-capacity, high-density locations, or for the broad replacement of 802.11n and earlier Wi-Fi technologies; waiting is not an option. 802.11ac is here and it offers unprecedented levels of throughput and capacity.

Join this webinar to:

  • Review the key technology advances in 802.11ac
  • Discuss how to overcome common barriers to adoption
  • Evaluate readiness for 802.11ac, and examine the future of Enterprise Wi-Fi

Join industry-expert Craig Mathias of Farpoint Group and Gregory Martin, Director of IT Operations of Royal Caribbean Cruises as they discuss why migrating to 802.11ac for best-in-class organizations is important today and how to address emerging coverage, capacity and deployment options with Gigabit Wi-Fi.

Register now.

Accelerate DevOps Automation for Bare Metal with SeaMicro SM15000 Server
Date: Jan 30, 2014

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DevOps automation for bare metal servers requires custom development that could be difficult to maintain and scale. 

With servers that support native RESTful APIs, the automation process is accelerated and ongoing management is drastically simplified.

Join this webinar to discover how you can:

  • Accelerate data center automation with standards based RESTful APIs for bare metal servers
  • Deploy a flexible infrastructure that can quickly leverage new features from OpenStack
  • Leverage common workflows for virtualized and bare metal server environments
  • Deliver computing and storage services quickly and scale as needed to meet the needs of your customers

Come learn about the industry’s first dense server with RESTful APIs and see a live demo.

Desktop Virtualization: Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel
Date: Jan 29, 2014

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Are you considering a desktop virtualization deployment on Hyper-V? Now, you can reap the benefits of cloud client computing with a single architecture to deliver VDI (pooled and persistent), remote desktops (Sessions) and Application virtualization.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Leverage your IT department’s in-house Microsoft skills.
  • Deploy a desktop virtualization solution with Lync 2013 and Windows 8.1.
  • Choose between Traditional and Converged data center form factors.
  • Support BYOD programs as well as PC or Thin Client endpoints.

Register for this webinar to learn how a single management console allows IT to deliver the right technology to the right set of users, to maximize their user experience reducing the number of vendor components that need to be integrated and limiting the number of consoles required for management to one, in most deployments.

Eliminate Network Downtime and Achieve Total Availability
Date: Jan 29, 2014

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With apologies to John Lennon for altering his famous quote, “Life is what happens while you are busy monitoring and resolving your network issues.” 

The satisfaction of your customers, the productivity of your employees, and the overall profitability of your business depend on the health of your network—and you simply cannot carry that weight alone. 

Time and again you’ve searched for a solution that would allow you to get back those hours of the day (and night) spent worrying about network performance. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Join us for “Eliminate Network Downtime and Achieve Total Availability” a webinar, presented by Pomeroy and InformationWeek, that will show how you can:

  • Reduce downtime by 34%—and increase network availability by 15%
  • Achieve proactive 24/7 network monitoring at little or no cost
  • Conduct a simple network assessment that identifies critical gaps and needs

Let it be your 2014 goal to have a network-worry-free 2014, with accurate and continuously updated data on each device in your network, with real-time status reports and with resolutions to issues before you even know you have them. 

It won’t be long before you say “Imagine, I got my life back.”

Register Now.

Taking Storage to the Cloud
Date: Jan 29, 2014

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Easily and affordably scaling your storage infrastructure in an era of unprecedented data growth is an ongoing challenge for most enterprises.

Many see the cloud as a potential solution to the problem, but getting data there and making it accessible to users isn’t easy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the separation of storage performance from capacity allows for greater scalability and agility
  • How to easily migrate data between cloud and on-premises storage 
  • How to solve the unsustainable growth of unstructured data with pay-as-you-grow solutions using the public cloud

As enterprise faces a greater need for performance and capacity, the current method of adding on premises storage proves inadequate. Seamless integration of cloud can bring sustainability to enterprise storage infrastructure.

Register for this webinar to find out how.

Taking Storage to the Cloud
Date: Jan 29, 2014

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Easily and affordably scaling your storage infrastructure in an era of unprecedented data growth is an ongoing challenge for most enterprises.

Many see the cloud as a potential solution to the problem, but getting data there and making it accessible to users isn’t easy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the separation of storage performance from capacity allows for greater scalability and agility
  • How to easily migrate data between cloud and on-premises storage 
  • How to solve the unsustainable growth of unstructured data with pay-as-you-grow solutions using the public cloud

As enterprise faces a greater need for performance and capacity, the current method of adding on premises storage proves inadequate. Seamless integration of cloud can bring sustainability to enterprise storage infrastructure.

Register for this webinar to find out how.

Agile Software Delivery – Get Speed Without Sacrificing Quality
Date: Jan 28, 2014

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Your organization needs the latest and greatest technologies, so you’ve adopted Agile methodologies to attain the speed and velocity that are more important than ever. Yet buggy or frail software code presents the greatest danger to your Agile team’s continued ability to deliver.

As the global leader in quality and test management, we’ve learned a thing or two about how you can ensure that quality standards remain – even in this Agile world. In this Web Event we will outline a pragmatic approach to driving Agile velocity and quality in your organization.

Attendees will come away with key learnings including:

• How can existing quality tools and practices be utilized for Agile delivery?

• At what point can test automation be utilized?

• How can testing teams and developers work together to accomplish the desired outcomes?

• How can you maintain good collaboration and communication across the organization?

Privacy in the Era of Big Data
Date: Jan 23, 2014

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Safeguarding your sensitive big data from prying eyes is an essential element in meeting regulatory compliance, preventing data breach, and protecting your organization’s brand value. 

Learn the most effective methods of finding sensitive data, applying innovative data privacy techniques and maintaining a secure Hadoop environment in the era of big data. 

Register for this webinar to:

  • Understand the importance of data privacy to a wide variety of big data projects
  • Discuss typical challenges to implementing effective data privacy techniques
  • Review a methodology to maintain data privacy for compliance, data breach prevention and the protection of brand value
  • Learn how IBM InfoSphere Data Privacy for Hadoop can help you address these challenges
Common Core & Online Testing: Top Challenges Solved
Date: Jan 22, 2014

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Common Core legislation is creating challenges for schools.  Adjusting to the new curriculum can be challenging in and of itself, but many schools have been looking at particular issues with online testing such as security, management, and providing a consistently clean system.   

Attend this webinar, sponsored by Dell and Citrix, to get the answers to these questions:

  • How do you make sure that the testing SW will work consistently? 
  • How much network bandwidth do you need? 
  • How do you keep kids from getting around test security on the host machine OS?

Register for this webinar to learn about how Dell and Citrix can solve your school’s online testing challenges.

How to Dump Oracle (and other Database Success Stories)
Date: Jan 22, 2014

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Do you feel like you're sitting on the sideline with your large (and extremely expensive) relational database systems and first-generation (and extremely expensive) analytical database systems, complaining about license fees and worrying that the path out is too treacherous to attempt?  Good news!  It's time for enterprises to join the wave of startups and smaller organizations in their adoption of newer/better/cheaper database systems. In this webinar, you'll hear about examples of ways that larger organizations can streamline their database efforts and tell Oracle to hit the road.


  • You will understand the current database landscape much better than you do today.
  • You will know when to pick which distributed database.
  • You will learn the many ways that Hadoop rocks.
Gartner’s Take on Enterprise Mobility: Technology Gatekeepers or Business Enablers?
Date: Jan 21, 2014

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With the introduction of employee choice, BYOD environments, and the ever-expanding list of form factors and operating systems, IT leaders are expected to turn mobility challenges into organizational productivity. But along with business efficiencies, mobility can introduce new risks to an organization, with unprecedented challenges to corporate data, networks, and employees.  So how does IT transform from a technology gatekeeper to a key business enabler?

Attend this webinar to learn about: 

  • The top IT mobility challenges today and into the future
  • The impact of employee-owned devices and the importance of BYOD policy compliance
  • The inherent risks to corporate data as the result of a more mobile workforce

Register for this webinar to join Terry Cosgrove, Research Director at Gartner, for a look to the future, including the potential impact of the mobility challenges we face today.

Fax in the Cloud: Join The Webinar
Date: Jan 21, 2014

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Fax is something most enterprises cannot do without, but it is very costly in terms of time spent waiting at traditional fax machines and maintaining necessary infrastructure.

Cloud fax services help – freeing both fax users and IT personnel to focus on more strategic enterprise tasks.

Register for “Too Many Fax Machines, Not Enough Time,” a webinar that will show how the cloud can optimize fax operations including:

  • Streamlining and centralizing enterprise fax assets
  • Reducing expenditure in fax hardware such as machines and expensive on-premises solutions
  • Freeing IT from unnecessary troubleshooting, giving them time to drive more value added projects
  • Improving productivity by allowing users to fax directly from the applications they use the most

Fax is ubiquitous and will remain a critical enterprise function, but if not optimized it can hamper worker productivity and ROI.

A cloud fax solution is ideal for creating efficiencies that offset the process and cost bottlenecks that enterprise faxing can bring.

iPad & Android Security: Protect Corporate Apps and Data
Date: Jan 16, 2014

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Mobile workers are increasingly demanding access to mission-critical data and apps from personal smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, co-mingling of personal and business data and apps on mobile devices creates risk of business data loss and introduction of malware. What are the risks and what technologies can businesses deploy to enable productivity while protecting from these threats?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the risks introduced when personal and business data and apps co-mingle on mobile devices
  • Choose from available technologies and technology trends to address these risks

Register for this webinar to join Dell to understand the risks introduced when personal and business data co-mingle on mobile devices and technologies to consider to protect corporate data.

Intrusion Prevention Systems: What to Look for in a Solution
Date: Jan 09, 2014

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Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) feature a tightly integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS) to provide the ability to identify and block threats before they can enter your network. This webcast will detail each of the functions your IPS should be able to perform in order to provide deeper network security for your organization.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Define Deeper Network Security
  • Choose a new IPS or NGFW
  • Discover how cyber criminals attempt to evade IPS detection

Register for this webinar to learn what to look for in order to make the right choice when selecting an intrusion prevention system.

Infrastructure Challenges of Unified Communications
Date: Jan 08, 2014

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You want to move to unified communications. The organization wants to move too. What's standing in your way? Infrastructure. From upgrades to switches and cabling, you're looking at hundreds of dollars per seat. Don't despair -- UC doesn't have to break the bank. 

UC can deliver a bevy of efficiency-producing communication and collaboration tools to end users, however, it absolutely requires a solid and reliable infrastructure on which to operate.  In this webinar, we'll help you break down or avoid the infrastructure roadblocks that are standing between you and a fully-realized UC implementation.  


Attend this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Determine where UC can have the greatest benefit and work toward a targeted UC deployment
  • Recognize the additional requirements UC will place on the switching infrastructure, and why it will be important not to compromise on them
  • Understand the challenges UC can present to your cabling plant, the new technologies that will  allow you to run LAN interfaces over existing telephone wire, and strategies for deploying UC without investing in a new IP PBX system
Why Netezza Technology is a Game Changer For Analytics
Date: Dec 19, 2013

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Speed-of-thought analytics is created on a sound architecture.

Loading up data and formulating it for analysts is relatively easy, compared to making it an ongoing, operational and durable environment.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Forsake application-centric, tightly coupled front-end/back-end BI implementations
  • Embrace a decoupled-but-harnessed back-end/front-end architectural approach, preserving integrity but increasing volume and velocity
  • Empower the architects to easily extend functionality and maintain performance without disrupting the user experience
  • Isolate the end-users with a self-contained, stable and durable experience, achieving the elusive self-service-BI dream

You can now enable broad functionalities and scale to stratospheric volumes with little additional effort. 

Discover IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, that changes the game and the rules-of-play, providing the power, simplicity and agility required for effective analytics development and refactoring,  as well as automating the analytics for operationally-enabled mass consumption. 

Register for this webinar now.

Cloud Shift: Object Storage Services
Date: Dec 19, 2013

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Developments in object storage technology have made integrating inexpensive, flexible cloud storage easy for organizations of all sizes. As new options pour into the space, increasing product maturity and brand trust, we've seen improvements in performance, security, availability, and compliance.

Yet in this increasingly competitive market, only good planning and careful implementation will yield a strong ROI. Join us while we discuss how to achieve maximum benefit and cost savings from object storage while also discussing how to:

  • Improve organizational security posture with inexpensive, security certified datacenter storage.
  • Increase application availability by integrating applications with distributed storage.
  • Improve disaster recovery capabilities by leveraging API driven, inexpensive storage resources.
  • Explore simple integrations with leading object storage providers.
  • Instantly add additional tiers of storage for new projects.
  • Use novel deployment architectures to significantly cut organization capital and operational expenses.

Don't miss this opportunity to leverage object storage to cut costs and improve service delivery, risk free.

The Mobile Business Mindset
Date: Dec 18, 2013

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Mobile devices have changed how we communicate, read, shop and entertain ourselves -- and they're changing the way we do business. Tablets and smartphones with slick apps tapping into backend cloud services make existing business processes more efficient while enabling brand new ones. But mobile apps are a different breed -- you can't just reformat a desktop client for a phone or expect developers to jump from a client-server project one week to a mobile app project the next.

The differences between mobile apps and conventional Windows clients, or even web applications, are far more than skin deep. Yes, the touch-versus-keyboard interface, APIs, and programming languages are new, but that's small potatoes. In this webinar, we'll outline the attributes of mobile app functionality and development that distinguish it from traditional PC or even browser applications and what's necessary to make a business mobile ready.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of starting with a mobile strategy that guides how and where to select the best app targets.
  • How mobile app design, features and usability differs from conventional client-server or Web apps and the importance of starting with a user-centric design.
  • How to build mobile development capability through a mix of third-party mobile development specialists, new dedicated, but autonomous mobile development teams and retraining existing staff.
  • Options for building mobile apps including browser-based apps, skinned HTML 5 and native apps.
  • Common features of cross-platform mobile development platforms and the pros and cons versus native iOS and Android IDEs.
Transforming Operations - Part 1: Managing Outsourced Development in Telecommunications
Date: Dec 18, 2013

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Communications Service Providers are large users of outsourcing to help them in their software development efforts – and this trend is continuing, especially with the availability of lower-cost, overseas software development firms and crowd-sourcing.

But how do you ensure requirements are met and the software is delivered in a timely matter with the expected quality? Register today for this live discussion featuring industry experts that will:

•    Discuss some of the common challenges encountered by service providers when outsourcing?

•    Explore how to ensure that the requirements are well understood and tracked?

•    Explore best practices for organizing, planning, and tracking supplier deliverables  

Join us to learn how properly outsourced telecommunications can cut cost and expedite growth.  

Register Now

IT Budget: Getting A Seat At The Table
Date: Dec 17, 2013

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Nobody denies that there's serious technology spending happening outside of central IT.  37% of respondents from a recent InformationWeek budgeting survey say that this spending is on the rise, and 25% say that IT only gets involved when invited by business units to do so.  And, in an era where the integration of technology into all aspects of business is seriously on the rise, 14% say that IT spending is on the decline. What can IT leaders do to ensure that they are at the table when key budgeting decisions are made?  It's about the carrot, not the stick, and focusing on business units' self interest.  We'll review several key activities that IT can engage in to boost their chances of project success via a more healthy budget process.  Our guest, who has worked at the world’s second largest asset manager, will share insights about budgeting status quo both as internal IT and a consultant.

* Learn useful industry metrics that allow you to better present your case to management

* Review key IT pro activities that make IT top-of-mind during executive budget deliberations

* Gain insight about how traditional budgeting can impact business project agility and cost

Mobile Content Management
Date: Dec 17, 2013

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How effective is your mobile business environment? Interacting with content via a mobile device is the expected user paradigm; employees want to use a smartphone or tablet to interact with business content from where ever they are. But how can users access the information that they need without putting your content assets at risk? Does your business have a policy regarding the use of consumer-based fileshare services? If your business systems don't support it, your employees may be putting your assets on third-party fileshares which can cause significant risk.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Integrate your applications to a mobile work environment
  • Keep your data safe and well-managed, regardless of where the content is created
  • Support multiple business uses and content sources

Join us for a conversation around mobile enterprise content management, featuring Social Content Management experts from IBM and guest Forrester Research Analyst, Rob Koplowitz. We will discuss best practices for allowing employees working remotely to access their data while maintaining security and governance. You will also hear the results of the latest Forrester Research survey around mobile content management.

The Automation Games: Why Your Cloud Vendors are Holding You Back
Date: Dec 17, 2013

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Too many enterprises embrace cloud computing just to avoid having to allocate virtual machines manually, and then they call it a day.  Once the server is the launched, it still requires human intervention to install and configure software and get the machine running properly -- and then more human intervention every time the operating system or software needs an upgrade. Sometimes the site even needs to go down to apply a new service patch.  What is this—1995? 

Vendors want you to believe they're going to save you but they're the biggest problem -- their technology still lives in the data-center virtualization world of the past decade, and they're just trying to stay afloat -- they're not interested in helping companies implement good cloud automation strategies.  This webinar will walk through what is possible today in cloud automation, and outline how you can get there, with or without your vendors.

You will learn:

  • The three levels of cloud automation, from virtualization to orchestration;
  • The tools that you can use to orchestrate your cloud; and
  • Questions you can ask your vendors to assess their ability to help you.
The Future of BYOD: Securing the Mobile Enterprise
Date: Dec 16, 2013

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Mobile device platforms continue to infiltrate the enterprise and users are clamoring for deeper and broader access. Anytime anywhere work possibilities are multiplying and controlling access is getting more challenging. BYOD devices are directly connecting to email, associating with corporate wireless networks, and downloading files from cloud data stores on a regular basis. Beware the risks that uncontrolled mobility places on your data and your organization’s reputation…

In this webcast you’ll learn about some of the current thinking on mobility management as it relates to security, identity and resource access. In particular we’ll address:

  • What type of mobile management is appropriate for my organization
  • How can I enhance the existing network infrastructure to support mobility initiatives
  • Ways for making BYOD a success while adequately protecting corporate data

It’s not too late to get ahead of the mobility curve! Just be ready and be smart about your mobility strategy.

8 Ways Enterprises Screw Up Cloud Deployments (or Architectures)
Date: Dec 16, 2013

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Most companies cite business agility as the most important reason for moving to the cloud. But as companies migrate more and more services to the cloud (public, private, hybrid), they are failing to realize the enormous benefits of the cloud because they’re just forklifting existing applications from on-premises servers to “the cloud”. It’s like running a mainframe terminal session on an iPad – you’re missing out on key benefits of the iPad. In this webcast, we’ll talk about the 8 most common ways that Enterprises fail to realize the benefits of a cloud deployment, and explain how you can avoid them.

You will learn:

  • How hardware and software failure can be your friend
  • Why you should never again pay a sysadmin to “stand up a server”
  • The new paradigm: Servers are software

Register today to attend this December 16th webinar. Or, if you can't make it on 12/16, register today for on-demand access!

5 Reasons to Choose an Open Platform for Cloud
Date: Dec 12, 2013

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5 Reasons to Choose an Open Platform for Cloud

New Power Logo

Are you deploying applications and servers in your own cloud? Would you consider a cost-effective platform that optimizes across systems and allows you to manage your heterogeneous environment?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Build a robust, secure virtualization foundation
  • Begin with an easy to deploy, simple to use entry cloud solution
  • Find out more about the capabilities of advanced cloud

Register for this webinar to learn the current trends and best practices in the marketplace around cloud solutions.


Agile Desktop Infrastructures: You CAN Have It All
Date: Dec 12, 2013

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Technology experts agree: to achieve an optimal desktop environment – and still deliver the very best end-user experience – your transformation must begin now.  While no single point solution is likely to address all of your desktop management needs, don’t lose hope.  With the Agile Desktop Infrastructure, you CAN have it all – physical, virtual and desktop-as-a-service.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  •  Approach the management of multi-device environments, applications and content
  • Secure IP and data and ensure compliance
  • Improve cost management
  • Avoid the most common mistakes organizations make

Register for this webinar to learn how to significantly impact desktop management in your organization in 2014. Don’t miss out.

Create a Mobile First Customer Experience
Date: Dec 11, 2013

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How do you leverage mobile to connect with customers through a broader set of contextual, value-added experiences?

The session will include an overview of mobile capabilities with demonstrations of the out-of-the-box platform services, development approaches and solutions that IBM MobileFirst customers can leverage to deliver compelling, personalized multichannel solutions to rapidly growing mobile audiences.

In this webinar you will learn:

•         To think across all customer touchpoints from digital to face to face interactions
•         To optimize a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints
•         To gain visibility into the customer mobile experience

Please forward this message to your colleagues. Register Now.

BONUS: All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of IBM’s study of senior managers from hundreds of enterprises around the globe, in multiple industries, with a range of titles, who reveal their mobile strategies and current level of success.

Why Adopt DevOps? Top Reasons Revealed
Date: Dec 10, 2013

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IT departments urgently need to meet new demands from the business to bring products and services to market faster with high quality and high levels of reliability, predictability and security. Unfortunately, poor collaboration among business owners, IT operations and application-development teams makes these improvements difficult to achieve. The solution? Organizations that adopt a DevOps approach to software delivery provide highly differentiated and engaging customer experiences, achieve much quicker time to value, offer far greater global availability, and dramatically improve their capacity to innovate.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Apply DevOps lean and agile principles across your entire software delivery life cycle.
  • Use “application development as a service” to help your organization.
  • Power greater collaboration between software delivery teams with cloud-based services.
  • Drive greater innovation by utilizing DevOps and cloud services.  

Register for this webinar to learn how DevOps can help you provide a highly differentiated and engaging customer experience, achieve much quicker time to value, and dramatically boost innovation.

Sculpting Reality with Precision: Tech Secrets to Linkin Park’s Hit New Music Video Revealed
Date: Dec 10, 2013

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Deciding to make a switch to the PC is only the first step in the journey.

Learn how Ghost Town Media made a decision that some may consider brave, and others a little crazy. They switched operating systems, scrapping their Apple desktops for Precision workstations right before the start of video production for “A Light That Never Comes,” Linkin Park’s collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki, and produced a musical masterpiece that has over 2 million views on YouTube.

View the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToHo29kD9Go

Brandon Parvini, Creative Director at Ghost Town Media and Wil Braithwaite, Senior Applied Engineer at NVIDIA, will cover the following topics:

  •  Discussion of Ghost Town’s decision to move to a GPU rendering (Cinema4D with GPU-accelerated Element 3D plugin). 
  •  Leveraging the clear benefits of using the most powerful GPUs with the largest memory sizes.
  •  New technologies out now or on the horizon that Ghost Town is interested in experimenting with.

Realize how technology can produce a great musical masterpiece and gain ideas and specifics on how you can apply this out of the box knowledge to your projects.

Register now.

Social Anxiety: Why 2014 Will Make Or Break Collaboration
Date: Dec 09, 2013

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2013 saw another year of rapid growth in social collaboration redefining our relationships with friends, customers, and employees. Unfortunately, enterprises continue to lag in adopting the new options for communication. Users struggle with the jumble of options -- email, text, phone, intranets, portals, and the ever-encroaching social networks like LinkedIn and FaceBook. We’ll discuss the major trends going into 2014 and touch on the most critical components for success including:

  •  Learn why CIOs need a more complete digital strategy
  •  Discussing the shifting role of email
  •  What you need to understand about the rise of social monitoring
  •  Learn the best ways to manage your security concerns
The Only Alignment Plan You’ll Ever Need
Date: Dec 09, 2013

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Never have enough budget or manpower to complete must-do IT projects? The business keeps changing their demands? The media makes you feel inadequate for not being perfectly “aligned”? Is that what’s troubling you, bunkie? In this webcast, Michael A. Davis, trusted advisor to Fortune 500 CIOs, will provide a battle-tested, simple to execute, step-by-step plan to align IT goals with business and customer objectives and, critically, measure and monitor progress to ensure you stay on track. This webcast won’t be about MBA theories. We provide real-world case studies and processes.

This interactive webinar provides attendeess with:

  • A step-by-step plan to align IT goals with business and customer objectives
  • The 5 Metrics you need to stay aligned
  • Real world success and failure case studies in aligning IT goals
Architecting Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Best Practices Revealed
Date: Dec 06, 2013

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Successful cloud implementations not only require the best solutions, they also necessitate proper execution to realize your business objectives and yield the greatest results.Join this session to hear IBM Distinguished Engineers describe the key considerations and guidelines for architecting private and hybrid clouds. 

Attend this webinar to:

  • Hear experienced cloud experts architect innovative private and hybrid cloud solutions to realize client requirements and business outcomes
  • Discover how to securely orchestrate the development, deployment, and management of your private and hybrid clouds
  • Gain knowledge of how you can create, deploy, manage and monitor applications in the model of “Everything-as-a-Service” (EaaS)
  • Find out how cloud computing implementations realize savings, streamline business processes and improve business results

Register for this webinar to learn how to design, build and implement your cloud infrastructure using proven cloud technologies.

Mobile First Business Transformation: How To Create A World Class Strategy
Date: Dec 04, 2013

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How do you use mobile to create new business value in ways that drive growth and optimal ROI?

By transforming your business around mobile, you fundamentally change and create new value for customer, supplier and employee interaction.

Join this webinar where you will learn how you can:

•         Harness mobile capabilities to drive value in your organization
•         Build a world-class mobile strategy
•         Leverage mobility to improve organizational responsiveness
•         Create more effective mobile IT solutions

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BONUS: All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of IBM’s study of senior managers from hundreds of enterprises around the globe, in multiple industries, with a range of titles, who reveal their mobile strategies and current level of success.

IT and LOB Win When Your Business Adopts Flexible Social Cloud Collaboration Tools
Date: Dec 03, 2013

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In today’s dynamic and competitive global environment, organizations are facing a multitude of complex challenges.

  • How do you reach new markets and retain existing customers while reducing costs?
  • How can you speed time to market and deliver differentiated products without exceeding your budget?
  • How do you stay current with changing technologies and the mobile capabilities your employees demand and need for success?
  • How do you connect your geographically dispersed employees and work closely with external partners and suppliers?

Sometimes trying to solve these problems can put IT and LOB at odds. LOB wants something they can implement quickly and easily; IT needs to ensure the organization's network and data are protected. How can you enable line of business to solve their specific business problems using cloud based, flexible collaboration and social business tools, while ensuring IT feels confident that security and reliability objectives are met?

In this webinar, you will learn how social cloud technologies like real-time online document editing, community based blogs and wikis, and file sharing can meet the needs of both IT and LOB and how incorporating these technologies into your business processes can help you cut costs, improve communication and make your workforce more productive.

How to Protect Your Content and Improve Security with Cloud Client Computing and Thin/Zero Clients
Date: Dec 03, 2013

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Protecting your organization’s data is critical to your success since the loss or compromise of that data could be catastrophic. As more data is being created than ever and at a faster rate, with much of it starting its life on individual devices, having any of it residing on users’ computer hard drives can be particularly dangerous. As an IT leader you cannot afford to have any of your data at risk. A strong cloud client computing strategy that leverages desktop virtualization and thin or zero clients can offer immediate and vast improvements in protecting your digital assets by virtually eliminating most of the risks that currently confront your data.    

Join us for this informative webinar to learn how cloud client computing and thin/zero clients can vastly improve your data security.  

We will discuss:

  • How moving all apps and content from user end points to the secure data center instantly improves security and content protection
  • How thin clients and zero clients differ from traditional “fat” clients, and what security and management advantages they offer
  • The difference between thin clients and zero clients, and considerations in which can work best for you
  • How Dell Wyse thin clients based on Wyse ThinOS firmware are literally immune from viruses and malware
  • How Dell Wyse Zenith zero clients for Citrix offer unsurpassed security, performance, and ease-of-use compared with other virtual desktop end point options

Register now to discover a cloud client computing strategy with thin/zero clients.  

Accelerate Cloud Computing Success with an Open Cloud
Date: Dec 02, 2013

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To maximize the benefits of cloud, your infrastructure requires interoperability and open source to ensure seamless integration across the enterprise. Adoption of an open cloud is extremely important so you won’t have to fear vendor lock-in.  

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Reduce the risk of vendor lock-in with cloud standards and open source
  • Ensure an interoperable cloud with open source and open standards
  • Lower IT integration and switching costs

Register for this webinar to learn real-world examples of how open source can impact the design and implementation of your public, private, and/or hybrid cloud. IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer, Chris Ferris and OpenStack Chief Operating Officer, Mark Collier discuss how you can reduce the cost to integrate new IT hardware and software into the cloud now and in the future.

How to Prep and Modernize IT For Cloud Computing
Date: Nov 22, 2013

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Cloud computing reduces the cost of IT and drives innovation to facilitate business growth and increase revenue.

Register for this interactive webinar where IBM and a guest Forrester Research Principal Analyst deliver practical and detailed guidance that can
be used immediately. They will show how you can:

  • Implement cloud and improve the economics of your enterprise
  • Put cloud into action using specific examples
  • Apply cloud and learn from best practices
Join the webinar to receive key practical strategies behind successful cloud adoption.

Also, get Forrester's advice on how to be successful in the cloud: before, during and after your cloud implementation.

Please forward this message to your peers. Register now.
Developing a User-Centric Secure Mobile Strategy: It's in Reach
Date: Nov 21, 2013

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Only a few years ago mobile strategies were rudimentary at best. However, as Bring Your Own Device became more commonplace, companies are having to play catch-up, balancing the need to give users the mobile experience that they are asking for while still maintaining some semblance of security. This is key since, when IT can’t keep up, end users simply go rogue, accessing company data with their own devices. This leads to security issues across the board – on the device, in the datacenter, and on the desktop as well.

Join mobile and social content management experts Cengiz Satir and Ian Story from IBM in a roundtable discussion with Karen Bannan, Contributing Editor from InformationWeek to answer YOUR questions. Questions submitted in advance are also welcome. Send them to Mia Winn mwinn@us.ibm.com to be sure that they are answered during our live event.

During this discussion, we will touch on:

  • How to assess and manage risk in the BYOD world
  • Why it's crucial to view your mobile strategy as part of a larger enterprise content management strategy
  • How user experience drives compliance with corporate policies and procedures
  • How to translate security concerns into business-centric discussions
How To Institute A Mobile First IT Infrastructure
Date: Nov 20, 2013

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How do you plan, integrate, optimize and manage IT and communications infrastructures to securely deploy mobile?

Learn how we can help you begin, accelerate and manage your journey to becoming a mobile-first enterprise.

This webinar will show how you can:

•   View mobility as a critical business enabler for growth and competitive differentiation

•   Prioritize infrastructure to support mobile and address it strategically

•   Securely implement and deploy mobile capabilities across the enterprise

Please forward this message to your colleagues. Register Now.

BONUS: All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of IBM’s study of senior managers from hundreds of enterprises around the globe, in multiple industries, with a range of titles, who reveal their mobile strategies and current level of success.

Top Business Continuity And Resiliency Learnings
Date: Nov 19, 2013

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A strong resiliency program requires constant evolution to keep up with a changing risk landscape.

Building such a program requires resiliency for everything from disruptions caused by natural events to risks resulting from strategic growth initiatives.

Register for this interactive discussion to discover how you can:

  • Expand resiliency planning beyond disruption mitigation
  • Realize real benefits from good planning and execution of resiliency strategy
  • Obtain techniques for how you can implement a more business-centric approach to business continuity management and help reduce risk
  • Engage your C-suite executive in your business continuity budgeting & planning efforts

Interact with Paige Poore, Director of Business Continuity for IBM Global Technology Services, as she discusses key considerations for resiliency planning that you may overlook - and how you can build C-suite buy-in for improvements to your resiliency roadmap.

Please remember to share this information with your colleagues who may also be interested in business continuity best practices.

IBM Content Analytics Adds Real Business Value to Cognos
Date: Nov 14, 2013

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Content Analytics and Cognos® have nuanced ways of loading vast amounts of real business value into a single solution. To start with, Content Analytics sifts through the 80 percent of your information that is unstructured and uses the Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to extract what is most helpful.

Register for “IBM Content Analytics Adds Real Business Value to Cognos” to learn how to deliver technical value and significantly speed the development cycle — saving you money and delivering faster business results. This session will present:

  • An overview of the capabilities of IBM Content Analytics
  • How Content Analytics adds real business and technical value for Cognos customers
  • How to get started

To learn more about Content Analytics and how integrating it with Cognos can add great value and new capabilities to your organization, join us on November 14th!

Your Mobile Customer is Ready to Engage. Are you?
Date: Nov 14, 2013

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It’s no secret that companies today need a mobile strategy in order to communicate with their ever increasingly mobile audience.  But putting together an effective and cost-efficient mobile engagement strategy is no easy task.

  • Your mobile strategy must tie-in to your existing communication practices to enable true cross-channel interactions, and so that your company is speaking with one voice.  
  • Your newer front-end mobile applications technologies should work seamlessly with your more established back-end operational or transactional systems.
  • Your mobile strategy must constantly be reassessed. Mobile technology is experiencing an incredible pace of change. What might have been acceptable a year or even just six months ago, might no longer be enough.

Are you prepared? Join Message Systems and guest speaker Julie Ask, Forrester Research, Inc., and learn:

  • How mobile is changing the engagement model with customers.
  • Why, where and when mobile is effective, and what role messaging can play
  • Why highly visible front-end technologies should not overshadow back-end requirements
  • How to consolidate your email, SMS/MMS, and mobile push initiatives into a unified engagement strategy


Stop Risking Business-Critical Systems
Date: Nov 13, 2013

View archived webinar

Gain Control of IBM i Application Lifecycles: Don’t Risk Your Business-Critical Systems

Increasingly, enterprise IT and development organizations are putting their business-critical systems at risk by working across multiple platforms in an unstructured, manual and non-compliant manner.

Attend to learn how organizations using IBM i as one of their platforms can learn how to:

  • Improve visibility, coordination, and control over your multi-platform development environments
  • Enable development, operations, release and IT management to coordinate and synchronize legacy systems with today’s development environments
  • Meet your audit requirements so you can stay compliant
  • Align with DevOps processes and best practices 

Register for this webinar to hear how a large insurance company, Wright Flood used Rocket Aldon’s ALM Hub to enable development, operations and IT management to coordinate and synchronize legacy systems with today’s development environments, while managing releases in a compliant manner.

Deploying Mobile First Applications
Date: Nov 13, 2013

View archived webinar

How can you cost effectively design, develop, test, deploy and manage a portfolio of mobile applications?

Join us for this webinar to learn:  

  • How to support all mobile application development approaches (hybrid, Web, and native) to maximize development flexibility 
  • How leverage open standards to easily respond changes in devices, platforms, and operating systems
  • How to integrate comprehensive development, test, and deployment automation into mobile projects

Come see how you can take your enterprise mobile with a standards-based mobile application platform that helps you develop, connect, manage and secure mobile apps with unmatched speed and agility.  
BONUS: All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of IBM’s study of senior managers from hundreds of enterprises around the globe, in multiple industries, with a range of titles, who reveal their mobile strategies and current level of success.

Simple, Effective Patch Management: From Dilemma to Done Deed
Date: Nov 13, 2013

View archived webinar

There’s no argument that effective patch management is imperative for mitigating security threats. Patching helps ensure your networks are less vulnerable to attack by bringing intrusion points – from the operating system to the application layer – up to date with the latest security patches.  Making sure your applications are patched in a timely way can also improve application stability and performance, providing you with the most up to date features and functionality, while helping to obtain compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.  

The reality is, however, that patch management can be complex, time consuming and costly. It can also negatively impact the experiences and productivity of end users if not done thoughtfully. But the right tools and infrastructure can greatly simplify the process, benefitting both IT administrators and end users.

Register today and join Dell experts and a Dell KACE customer to learn and experience:

  • Critical tips for effective patch management
  • How a customer uses the Dell KACE appliance to simplify patch management
  • Hands-on demonstration that explains how to:
  • Automate the validation and maintenance of correct patch and configuration levels
  • Enforce different patching policies for a variety of machines, including PCs and servers
  • Maintain effective patch levels, regardless of the number of managed systems

Dell™ KACE™ Management Appliances provide one of the largest patch repositories available, including patches for Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as for a wide range of applications. KACE
saves organizations time and money by providing comprehensive and reliable patching, without the time, complexity and cost of traditional solutions.

All attendees will receive the new Dell white paper entitled, “Nine Simple (but Critical) Tips for Effective Patch Management.”  One lucky attendee will receive a Dell XPS10 tablet.
Register Today

An Innovative Foundation for Modern IT
Date: Nov 13, 2013

View archived webinar

Most enterprise IT environments are highly fragmented, containing a hodgepodge of hardware and software technologies, including proprietary systems and appliances causing an inefficient data center and lag time responding to requests.

New innovations in cloud technologies are gradually coalescing into broader features, capabilities, solutions and services that address data center issues.  Whether you need to deploy an integrated “quick start” solution, or do your own integration, IBM x86 cloud solutions can help transform your data center into a reliable, easy-to-manage, highly responsive IT environment.

Join us for “An Innovative Foundation for Modern IT” our experts will:

  • Examine how commercial cloud trends address data center challenges
  • Address the needs of customers who wish to take advantage of the promises of cloud computing.
  • Discuss real-world examples of how IBM and VMware provide visibility into pending hardware failure and resource bottlenecks

With VMware and IBM’s long term partnership and integration, the two companies’ joint solutions are an excellent fit for the needs of today’s commercial cloud.

Improve the Economics of IT: Best Practices Revealed
Date: Nov 12, 2013

View archived webinar

In today’s environment, you need to keep IT costs under control while still supporting a more robust, flexible infrastructure to extract more value and insights from data. Integrating, automating, and simplifying your IT infrastructure can result in breakthrough economics.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Hear how to optimize your workloads to better manage, retrieve, and analyze your data for better business insights
  • Learn about the importance of integrated systems and how it can improve your IT efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of delivering workloads that run your business

Register for this webinar to explore how your business can leverage smarter computing technologies to gain valuable insights faster and more economically than ever before.

Business Drivers for Adopting the Next Generation of <br>Wi-Fi
Date: Nov 05, 2013

View archived webinar

Business Drivers for Adopting the Next Generation of Wi-Fi: Why 802.11ac Now

Billions of devices and millions of apps are driving the growth for a new generation of wireless networks that are mobile, open and with high capacity. Enterprises and organizations such as education, hospitality and healthcare are at the forefront in experiencing this change.

Register for “Business Drivers for Adopting the Next Generation of Wi-Fi”, and join guest Andre Kindness from Forrester Research and Meru Networks to explore the results of new research on the benefits and challenges associated with the business reasons for adopting the new wireless standard 802.11ac.

Our experts will examine:

  • How the wireless landscape has changed
  • How enterprise networks must change to support these new challenges
  • Why 802.11ac should be considered today

Join us to discuss how leading organizations are preparing for the migration to the new standard for greater mobility, speed and capacity. Don’t be left behind. Register Now!

WinXP at the 11th Hour
Date: Oct 30, 2013

View archived webinar

Time is running out for your Windows 7 migration.

Over 50% of Windows XP organizations have yet to either start or complete the migration to Windows 7. Given the security and compliance risks facing them come April, 2014, the question is, why?

Here’s why. These organizations fall into two camps: those who have tried and failed, and those who are simply waiting it out. Fear, frustration, project complexity and lack of resources are the common showstoppers – but they need not be.

This Pomeroy-InformationWeek webcast tells you what you must know to make an effective 11th hour migration.

- What preparation and steps do you need to take now? How should you prioritize?

- What are the 5 most common mistakes and how do you avoid them?

- Can you do this yourself with internal resources and available tools?

- Your pilot failed – what do you do right now to get back on track?

- Is your budget adequate – what should you expect it to cost?

Why participate? The webcast will be facilitated by hands-on migration experts with one goal – to help you know exactly what to do for an orderly transition by next April – and how to go about it. They have been on-site with companies of all sizes, at all stages of migration – they will answer your questions live.

Whatever your stage of migration – from initial discussion to a stalled pilot – this webcast is likely to be the most important 50 minutes you spend online this year.

Register now.

Deeper Network Security: Protection Tips Revealed
Date: Oct 29, 2013

View archived webinar

Modern attacks employ several complex techniques to avoid detection as they sneak quietly into corporate networks to steal intellectual property.

Attend this interactive discussion that reveals:

  • The state of the current threat landscape
  • Next-Gen Firewalls
  • SSL decryption & inspection as part of a security strategy
  • The importance of IPS with anti-evasion
  • Workings of network-based malware protection

Join Dell SonicWALL to learn how advanced attacks work and what you can do to keep your organization safe.

Register now and you will also receive a whitepaper that describes how you can use next gen firewalls to achieve greater security in your organization.

Best Practices for Migrating from Windows XP and Protecting PCs not Migrated Before XP Support Expires
Date: Oct 24, 2013

View archived webinar

The clock is ticking on Windows XP support. With Microsoft ending support for Windows XP in a few months, migrating XP systems to Windows 7 or 8 is essential to ensure security and performance of your systems. However, most organizations find migration to be a drain on time and resources. And many will be unable to migrate all of their XP systems before Microsoft support for XP ends in April, 2014. Will your organization complete its XP migration before the end of Microsoft support?

According to a July 2013 survey by Dimensional Research, only 37 percent of the surveyed companies had completed their migration from Windows XP, and more than half of the 63 percent that were still in the process of migrating did not anticipate completion before April, 2014. The same survey also found that reimaging and redeploying a single PC with a new OS took more than an hour for most organizations (73 percent).

Register today and join industry expert Robert Young from IDC for a one-hour event that will show you how your peers are coping with migrating away from XP, provide you with best practices and automated tools for migration, and show you how to protect systems remaining on Windows XP.
In this live webinar, you will learn:

  • Top Windows XP migration issues faced by your peers
  • The right practices and tools for a successful and timely migration – from inventory rationalization and deployment to ongoing maintenance and support
  • How to protect systems remaining on Windows XP with minimal impact and cost

All attendees will receive an IDC Analyst Connection Report written by Robert Young and sponsored by Dell. One lucky attendee will receive a Dell XPS10 tablet.

Thwart off Application-Based Security Exploits: Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks, Malware, Advanced Persistent Threats
Date: Oct 22, 2013

View archived webinar

A great danger exists if administrative rights are allowed in a whitelisting model: users that retain administrative rights may attempt to bypass or uninstall application control agents, and attackers may target the whitelisting mechanism to get bad code recognized as legitimate.

Join our featured speaker, Sean Power, CIO of a prominent law firm, in this interactive webinar to learn how you can:

  • Explore the use cases for whitelisting and the removal of administrative rights. 
  • Leverage an ideal solution that removes admin rights and sets up an application control framework that allows approved applications. 
  • Protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks, malware, advanced persistent threats and other application-based exploits.
  • Utilize an automated whitelisting product that reduces the amount of time IT must spend managing the whitelist profile. 

Register for this webcast now to learn how you can close a dangerous security loophole and add a fortified level of security against advanced persistent threats.

All attendees will receive the whitepaper Layers of Cyber Security: Modern Security Threats By Leonid Shtilman.

Trends and Innovations in Cloud and Managed Services
Date: Oct 22, 2013

View archived webinar

There are many issues that face businesses today, and many can be solved with increased support, new technology, or a combination of the two.  As you consider new ways to manage your business applications and finances, many times  services can help alleviate the need for additional CAPEX costs, whether the support is delivered remotely or in the cloud.   

Register for this webinar to learn:
•    Trends in the cloud and managed service space so you can see what value these services can bring to your business.

•    The difference between private and public clouds and how these options can improve your business

•    Global standards to consider while looking at cloud delivery and support.

•    How Cloud Services can save money, reduce technology risks, simplify solutions and maximize performance of communications applications.

Attend this webinar to learn  cloud options that support optimizing  or upgrading, your applications  the use of managed services, or combinations that that may positively impact your business.

Mobile Madness - Strategies to Mitigate Mobile Security Threats
Date: Oct 22, 2013

View archived webinar

Demand for fast, easy mobile access to mission-critical business applications is on the rise.

In this session we’ll outline the mobile security threats this presents and strategies to enable mobile workers while minimizing risk to IT infrastructure.

This interactive discussion will examine mobile trends and their impact:

  • What workers are demanding access to now?
  • What security threats will this create for organizations?
  • What security strategies and technologies are available to enable mobile workers while protecting corporate infrastructure from threats?

Join us for Mobile Madness to learn the key security threats introduced by the mobile workforce and strategies to mitigate risk.

Register Now.

Big Data Analytics: Are You Ready?
Date: Oct 17, 2013

View archived webinar

Business leaders are seeking the business insights, market share, and revenue growth promised by the rise of big data analytics.  The opportunity and adoption of big data analytics presents real challenges to IT leaders as the influx of unstructured data radically increases the demand for IT resources.  Solitaire Interglobal Ltd studied 31,000+ client deployments to isolate infrastructure characteristics from both a net business effect and raw performance perspective.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How demand for IT resources increases in each stage of a big data analytics solution deployment.
  • The top metrics IT organizations use to measure the ability to handle demand, and quickly get ROI from big data projects.
  • How big data analytics infrastructure platforms compare when dealing with the alarming rise of security incursion attempts.
  • Practical big data deployment examples from Michael Kowolenko, Ph.D.,  North Carolina State University, Poole College of Management.

Register for this webinar to better understand how IT organizations are adopting, deploying, and managing the demand for big data analytics.

Innovations in Integration: Achieving Holistic Rapid Detection and Response
Date: Oct 15, 2013

View archived webinar

Detection and response times are a joke. According to the 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, 66% of reported incidents weren’t discovered until months after the fact, 69% were actually discovered by third-parties, 14% of incidents took weeks or more to contain and 22% took months or more to contain.

Lofty talk of people, processes and information sharing has its place, but we won’t see our security posture improve until weaknesses in the underlying cyber security infrastructure are addressed. Whether an organization relies on incident response services professionals or an in-house security and response team, the challenges are typically the same. The traditional cyber security infrastructure is riddled with detection, analysis and remediation gaps. This is because the industry is largely comprised of niche companies producing niche tools, and these disparate tools are juggled by several disparate teams that have no means of collaborating in real time. Such a piecemeal approach hamstrings people and their processes, inhibits information sharing, and makes rapid detection and response impossible.

Join Kevin Whartenby of HP and Jason Mical of AccessData as they review new technological advancements that make holistic rapid detection and response a reality. Whartenby and Mical will discuss how organizations and more advanced service providers are filling detection, analysis and remediation gaps by integrating critical analysis capabilities, implementing a “virtual war room” environment to enable real-time collaboration, and leveraging bi-directional integration between an integrated rapid detection and response platform and SIEM solutions, such as ArcSight ESM.

Topics discussed in this presentation include…

  • Detecting more and responding faster with integrated network, host and malware analysis
  • Automating response with bi-directional SIEM integration that provides 360-degree “threatscape” visibility
  • Using new host-based packet capture capabilities to expand your visibility into off-network laptops
  • Creating a “virtual war room environment” to achieve real-time collaboration among teams (NetSec, SOC, Malware, Forensics, Information Assurance…)
  • Assessing your service providers’ capabilities to ensure they’re able to provide holistic response services
Balancing BYOD with Security and Manageability
Date: Oct 10, 2013

View archived webinar

How can you benefit from the BYOD advantages without taking on new security exposure?     

Cloud Client Computing can create the BYOD flexibility users desire while providing the security and manageability required by the organization.  

Come learn how Cloud Client Computing solutions can help you with your end user computing strategy, including how you can:

  • Implement BYOD without sacrificing IT control
  • Leverage Cloud Client Computing to support any security or mobility requirement
  • Centralize management with options for full datacenter or client hosted solutions
  • Deliver applications to support your different users depending on specific needs and your BYOD policies
  • Free up your IT staff for more strategic projects and reduce desktop support

Cloud Client Computing can help your organization’s end user computing strategy embrace the latest trends in IT. 

OpenStack: Blueprint for Deployment Success
Date: Oct 09, 2013

View archived webinar

OpenStack is a set of applications with many different deployment options. 

Without the right blueprint, deployments can get complicated and not allow the user to fully benefit from OpenStacks capabilities.

Join this webinar and discover how you can:

  • Gain insights into server innovations that simplify the deployment and ongoing maintenance of OpenStack while dramatically reducing space and power
  • Determine the key to successful sizing for your OpenStack workloads to optimize your CAPEX and OPEX budgets
  • Design and execute a successful OpenStack cloud that is power efficient in just a single rack
  • Learn how a company facilitates trillions of ad transactions in the blink of an eye and their plans to use OpenStack to optimize their global data center deployment

This webinar provides compelling insights and learnings from real life OpenStack deployments. 


Register now! Space is limited.

Datacenter Modernization: How Customers are Standardizing in Preparation for the Future
Date: Oct 02, 2013

View archived webinar

Once every couple of decades, the IT industry goes through a technology reset, which creates a before-and-after demarcation line that divides systems, processes, applications, and even people. 

Progressive companies are modernizing their datacenters.

Join IDC analyst Al Gillen as he explains the concept of a 3rd platform, and reviews the market trends that have brought us to the threshold of the next generation of computing.

In this presentation we'll:

  • Review market trends that have brought us to the threshold of the next generation of computing.
  • Learn what progressive companies are doing today as they modernize their IT infrastructure
  • Discover the benefits these cutting edge organizations are enjoying as a result in this proactive investment. 

Space is limited. Please register right now to reserve your spot.

Solving Big Data Challenges with Simplicity & Speed
Date: Sep 30, 2013

View archived webinar

For today’s organizations to be competitive, they need to quickly, easily analyze and explore data. Achieving this successfully depends greatly on the technology chosen for the job.

A recent ITG led presentation featuring the TCO study conducted to assess the TCO of IBM PureData System for Analytics highlights the overall TCO advantages and illustrates the superiority of IBM PureData System for Analytics over its competition.

Register for this interactive webinar to discover how to overcome:

  • Slow analytics performance
  • Lack of data capacity
  • Complex infrastructures

Join us for a fact-based comparison that will illustrate how to meet Big Data Challenges with simplicity and speed to lower cost and optimize performance.   

Register and attend to receive a copy of the new ITG TCO comparison and see how IBM and Oracle stack up.

Smarter Process: Five Ways to Make Your Day-to-Day Operations Better, Faster and More Measurable
Date: Sep 27, 2013

View archived webinar

While much of the market focuses on Big Data and big decisions, it is actually the numerous routine decisions employees make every day that can cumulatively have even greater impact on your company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, these numerous small—but cumulatively high-impact—decisions are typically part of business processes that are inadequately understood and overly complex.

Fortunately, companies just like yours have found simple, cost-effective ways to improve their processes and make these frequently occurring business decisions measurably better and faster. As a result, they’ve improved their operating margins, mitigated operational risks and now deliver a competitively superior customer experience.

Join this free, insight-packed webinar to find out how you, too, can transform your company’s day-to-day business processes quickly, cost-effectively and without taking on a “boil the ocean” project. In just one well-spent hour, you’ll learn:

  • Why shadow processes remain such a major drag on business performance
  • How even basic mapping and metrics radically improve routine decision-making
  • What happens when you empower business users to write their own business rules and directly make changes to their automated processes
  • The new role of mobility in reinventing business processes
  • How to best initiate measurable, high-ROI improvement with operational decision-making and customer-centric processes

No company can afford to let its core day-to-day processes continue to languish while the rest of the business benefits from new ideas and technologies. Attend this free webinar to ensure your company doesn’t get left out of the Smarter Process revolution!

How to Improve Customer Analytics: Best Practices
Date: Sep 27, 2013

View archived webinar

There are a large number of customer analytics opportunities and challenges facing sales, marketing, and customer service decision makers. This webinar will provide recommendations for organizations looking to improve their customer analytics initiatives. We will also look at how the role of workload optimized systems, as a technology platform to enable customer analytics and how IBM's solutions, PureData System, as one of the leading workload optimized systems in the market today.

Register for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Make better sense of your data & explore insights that can drive better decisions
  • Uncover challenges organizations face when trying to configure systems to run a customer analytics workload
  • Empower employees and customers with the right information at the right time

Attend this webinar to learn how a purpose-built system for customer analytics is valuable when handling today’s big data challenges as you work to acquire, grow and retain customers.

Measuring the ROI of Virtual WAN Optimization
Date: Sep 25, 2013

View archived webinar
As data center consolidation, virtualization and cloud adoption increase but IT budgets stay level enterprises are challenged to provide IT solutions that yield a significant ROI. In this webinar you will learn how virtual WAN optimization provides ROI and TCO advantages while enabling robust BC and DR environments.

Join us September 25th for an analysis of the ROI achieved with virtualized WAN optimization software. Discover how:
  • Multiple factors influence organizational ROI
  • Flexibility provided by virtual WAN optimization supports various virtual platforms while delivering appreciable savings
  • Peers are using applications of virtual WAN optimization to solve DR and VDI challenges

You will have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A, engage with industry experts and learn how virtual WAN optimization can benefit your environment.

Register Now!
Are You Really Ready for a Software Audit?
Date: Sep 25, 2013

View archived webinar

While 64 percent of organizations have implemented varying degrees of tools, processes and reporting to at least begin the journey to effectively manage their software assets, another 31 percent still deal with software issues on an ad hoc basis. These organizations have little insight into or control over which software assets they deploy, or where and how those assets are being used.

Register for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Ensure license compliance
  • Lay the groundwork for automated management through an enterprise app store
  • Simplify, streamline and better control software requests

Attend to learn how IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure solutions drive a unified service management approach across heterogeneous environments while enabling the foundation for the enterprise app store.

Want Information Fast or Want it Right? Learn How to Have Both
Date: Sep 24, 2013

View archived webinar

Don’t confuse faster information with faster decisions. The goal should not be quicker information, but quicker decision making. The key is to get the RIGHT information faster.

The greatest potential for improvement comes from better understanding of our true information needs and in bringing more order to workplaces where disconnected processes and unstructured information have been the norm.

Join this interactive discussion to:

  • Identify the different types of decisions your organization makes
  • Explore the four types of work our decisions support
  • Determine what information needs to be available fast – and what doesn’t
  • Avoid the painpoints of gathering information
This webinar will help you focus on gathering the right information and on the best processes to deliver it.
MPS 2.0: From Managed Print Services to Better Business Processes
Date: Sep 23, 2013

View archived webinar

Managed Print Services (MPS) has been successful at helping organizations reduce cost and improve operational efficiency. Now "MPS 2.0" offers a foundation for a broader solutions-based strategy to drive process efficiency and fuel growth in a changing IT world. This solutions-based approach goes beyond typical click-based MPS offerings that focus on devices.

This next-generation model combines intelligent devices with smart process applications customized to specific industries. MPS 2.0 bridges the gap between your business systems and the content, processes and assets that remain locked out of the workflow. MPS 2.0 also addresses the new IT platforms of cloud, mobility, and social business.

Knowledge to Benefit Your Business

Register for this webinar to discover how MPS 2.0 can take you from cost reduction to business optimization and future flexibility. You'll learn how MPS 2.0:

  • Goes beyond cost reduction and device consolidation to better manage information across your organization.
  • Provides a foundation for continued productivity improvements and process optimization.
  • Helps employees get work done with fewer bottlenecks and gain more time for customers and business.
  • Turns fleets of hardcopy devices, tablets and smartphones into productivity tools for better information access and more productive processes
  • Scales with software, not by adding people
Growth Imperatives Focus The Business On Point-Of-Service Workers
Date: Sep 23, 2013

View archived webinar

The battle for market share is fierce. In order to differentiate themselves from the competition and grow their business, leading organizations are focusing their attention and resources on delivering a winning customer experience. On the frontlines of this battle are point-of-service workers. They are the customer-facing team in the field and in the back office that answers questions, cultivates up selling and cross selling opportunities, and ultimately creates satisfied customers. Even with this new focus, few organizations have the proper processes and solutions in place to quickly gather the information these workers require to be successful.

Register for this Webcast today to learn about the latest research in point-of-service trends and gain key insight on the solutions that can help deliver the critical content your frontline and back office workers are seeking to keep your business on top.

Analyze This: What Kind of Storage Makes Good Business Sense?
Date: Sep 19, 2013

View archived webinar

Organizations are increasingly finding value in running analytics workloads. But what's the kind of storage that will rise to the task, letting analytics do their sweet job of helping conceive new ways to improve your business bottom line and yet without hitting up that bottom line... and your storage team's productivity?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Get analytics done efficiently with an enterprise storage system
  • Reduce loan default calculation time from 96 hours to just 4 hours and project processing time by 90%
  • Increase data throughput by 400% for deeper, more sophisticated analyses

Register to find out how SAS is a sweet spot for XIV® and hear about specific customer use cases as to how that can translate for you into good business dollars and "sense."

Risky Business: What every IT professional needs to know to lead and succeed
Date: Sep 18, 2013

View archived webinar

As an IT risk professional, are you challenged to obtain budget to meet the needs of the business? New research can help you build the case for continuity and security investments.

Join this InformationWeek webinar led by Larry Ponemon, founder and chairman of the Ponemon Institute, a research think tank dedicated to advancing privacy and data-production practices. You'll hear the findings of a new, ground-breaking global study on risk management. This new Ponemon Institute study finds that risk management is one of the most critical investments a company can make to support its reputation and profitability. Join this webinar, and you will also receive:

  • Data that shows the ROI on continuity and security investments.
  • Information that demonstrates the value of preventative action.
  • Insights that indicate how and why the risk role is becoming more crucial in the enterprise.
  • What you can do now to take advantage of this new research and thought leadership.

Are you ready to learn the latest findings on risk management — and find new ways to build a strong business case for your IT continuity and security investment?

How to Really Put Big Data to Work
Date: Sep 18, 2013

View archived webinar

It’s hard to escape the hype around “Big Data” and the big promise that all that data can generate powerful and profitable intelligence. But marketers struggle with the complexities of centralizing data in order to understand customers and execute compelling campaigns.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Impact the customer experience at the point of interaction
  • Get more from analytics investments with complete insight across channels
  • Understand customers and execute compelling personalized campaigns

Register for this webinar to learn how to put data to work. Find out why the big buzz around big data is justified as Best-in-Class companies enjoy the benefits of behavior-based segmentation and targeting along with real-time offer management.

Enterprise Application Evolution: Hybrid Apps and the Cloud
Date: Sep 18, 2013

View archived webinar
Complex multi-tier enterprise applications that have been under development for decades assume reliable hardware and typically have dependencies on underlying operating systems, hardware configurations, and network topologies. The boundary between one application or service and another is often fuzzy, with many interdependencies, which shows why the evolution of enterprise apps will be hybrid.
Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Evolve complex multi-tier enterprise applications to leverage public cloud resources
  • Architect your application development and testing environments to maximize efficiencies
  • Enable self-service to development teams providing Agile infrastructure
  • Maintain resource utilization visibility and control over public cloud resources
Register now to gain insights from Brad Schick, CTO of Skytap, into why the evolution of enterprise applications will be hybrid applications that will opportunistically take advantage of cloud based services.

Mobility in the Government: Best Practices
Date: Sep 18, 2013

View archived webinar

While mobility gives your employees much needed access whenever and wherever, it involves keeping them aware of a new set of security responsibilities and liabilities that come with newfound workplace flexibility. In government, the infrastructure and protections to meet exploding mobility services lag demands, posing significant culture and technologies challenges for both providers and users.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Determine what is necessary to enable mobility’s effective deployment and use in government
  • Examine workforce mobility needs and opportunities along with recommendations for worker toolsets and potential productivity gains
  • Identify risks and liabilities to entrusting decentralized government information to individual workers

Register for this webinar to learn why in order to realize mobility's full potential, both government services providers and users must recognize the full challenges of capitalizing on this opportunity and how to begin proactively securing it.

The Business of Going Digital
The Business of Going Digital
Digital business isn't about changing code; it's about changing what legacy sales, distribution, customer service, and product groups do in the new digital age. It's about bringing big data analytics, mobile, social, marketing automation, cloud computing, and the app economy together to launch new products and services. We're seeing new titles in this digital revolution, new responsibilities, new business models, and major shifts in technology spending.
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