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When CIOs Crash And Burn; Inside The GPhone

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InformationWeek Daily - Tuesday, Nov 13, 2007

Editor's Note

When CIOs Crash And Burn

Stuart Scott's sudden, ignominious departure from Microsoft is just one way for CIOs to be shown the door. HR violations, lack of execution, poor judgment, failure to protect the company's vital information -- a lot can go wrong, and when it does, there are consequences.

I met Scott two months ago at InformationWeek's conference in Tucson, Ariz., where he was a featured speaker. In front of some 300 conference attendees, I interviewed Scott and Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer and, notably, Scott's boss. The two talked about the way they worked together, including regular meetings with Bill Gates to brainstorm over Microsoft's internal IT operations.

Scott and Turner presented a pleasant picture of harmony and accomplishment. They talked about how Microsoft has consolidated data centers and held IT costs flat, while directing freed-up resources into new, value-adding software development projects. Afterwards, some attendees thought it all sounded too good to be true. They were right.

Turner, the former CIO of Wal-Mart, is a no-nonsense kind of guy. One has to wonder what Scott did to bring the hammer down on himself. The father of seven seemed squeaky clean, spending his out-of-office time coaching and "leading youth groups," according to his bio. Microsoft will only say that Scott violated company policies. Not surprisingly, rumors are flying on the Web.

There are myriad ways for IT execs to get into trouble and just as many ways for them to exit. Morgan Stanley's embattled CTO Guy Chiarello recently "retired," according to one source. (I have a call into Morgan Stanley to confirm; no response yet.) If true, that's a face-saving good-bye compared with Scott's swift boot.

Read the rest of my blog at CIOs Uncensored.

John Foley

Quote of The Day

"A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight." -- Robertson Davie

Top Stories

Inside The GPhone: What To Expect From Google's Android Alliance
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Beliefnet Launches Social Networking Site

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Microsoft Adds Zunes With Colorful Tats, Custom Text

The new line of Zunes sports a range of colors and is bedecked with tattoos, custom engravings, and other artwork.

Leap Wireless Plans To Restate Its Financial Statements

The filing places the company in danger of defaulting on $890 million in loans.

Oracle Introduces Oracle VM As It Leaps Into Virtualization

The virtual machine server has been certified to work with the Oracle database, Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications.

AT&T, Costco Ink Retail Kiosk Deal

Wireless Advocates will supply the kiosks that will carry phone models from popular manufacturers, including Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola.

HP To Acquire Data Center Cooling, Energy Specialist EYP

The purchase would give HP an early entry with its cooling technology and energy-efficient storage products.

IT Training Program Helps Veterans With Skills, Jobs

The program identifies employers' hiring needs and tailors education and training for individuals to help them get skills that employers want.

Pay For Two XO Laptops, Give One Away

T-Mobile said it will offer participants of the One Laptop Per Child program a one-year complimentary subscription to its HotSpot service.

Intel's Penryn Chips Offer Speed Boost To Business Apps, Games, And Video

The 16 desktop and server processors are the first built with Intel's 45-nanometer manufacturing process.

Google Releases Android SDK, Offers $10 Million Developer Challenge

Developers will need an x86-based computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.4.8 or later, or the Linux Ubuntu Dapper Drake OS.

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Apple's Leopard Is Better 'Linux' Than Linux
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Marc Andreessen: 'Chains, Shackles, Boiling Oil' At The Gates Of Corporate IT
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Google's Schmidt: Company Will 'Definitely' Participate In Spectrum Auction
Google is having another amazing week. After all the hoopla that surrounded Open Social, Google dominated news again this week with its Android announcement. And just when you thought it was safe to turn on the weekend, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said that the search company will bid on spectrum in the upcoming 700 MHz auction. Well, sort of.

Will Clearwire Partner With Google For WiMax?
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