5 Best Practices for Improving Customer Service through Community-Based Collaboration

by InQuira

Oct 01, 2008

Download By embracing the power of social networks and collaboration tools, insurance companies are seeing a boost in customer loyalty and service levels. Discover five best practices for realizing the maximum benefit of these new tools. These new channels represent a new form of communication that, at first glance, would appear to be difficult to influence, much less control. However, as these social mediums have matured, the most progressive brand stewards have recognized that embracing social networks and collaboration tools can enhance customers� relationships with a brand, and be an invaluable resource for serving those customers better.

Social media�s role in the knowledge economy is evolving rapidly, both inside and outside the enterprise. This e-book offers insights that can help insurance companies embrace social media, harvest knowledge from the conversations in user communities, and apply that knowledge to deliver better customer service. This book sets forth the following five best practices:

1. Recognize and reward community contributions
2. Promote community conversations into knowledge assets
3. Integrate discussion forums into a seamless support experience
4. Give customers control over how they participate in the community
5. Moderate by exception