Visualize Real-Time Streaming Data Feeds in Visual Data Analytics Dashboards

Nov 14, 2009

Download Users in many industries must make decisions based on data that is changing constantly. The ability to visualize time-critical data from multiple sources is key to making the best possible decisions. This is particularly true in the fast-moving world of financial services. This webinar explains how to use Panopticon EX data visualization software to monitor and analyze many different types of data sets, including real-time streaming stock market quote feeds. In addition to the support of real-time streaming data, Panopticon EX allows on-the- fly in-memory visual data analysis through its unique Streaming OLAP Cube StreamCube and range of interactive visualizations. These visualizations can display static, streaming and historic time series in flat and hierarchical data structures. Provided data can be enhanced through the addition of calculation fields which can additionally be time period, and time window sensitive, and screened accordingly. In the webinar we will look at stock market monitoring as an example. Other use cases would include any solution which is time sensitive, such as risk, revenues, sales, and performance monitoring. Viewers will learn: How to retrieve real-time streaming data from Excel; How to build calculated fields across both static and streaming data fields; How to define screening criteria; How to build interactive multi-visualization dashboards; How to play and pause the streaming service; How to be alerted on defined criteria.


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